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Dear International Friend,

My newest service is called the International E-Club. By joining you can have access to all of my best contacts around the world at any time.

The International E-Club is a special online club where all members have the opportunity to send any question which will be shown to all the experts and their replies will be published to all Club members. These experts provide answers and we act as "integrity managers" to make sure that the experts give honest fair, impartial and sensible advice.

Work the Net

Enrol as a membership of Gary Scott's International E-Club ($99 for a year). You receive all of Gary A. Scott's reports by email as they are written. As a club member you can also communicate on the net with Gary's best banking and investing contacts around the world. (Cancel anytime not satisfied). Three exclusive benefits of club membership are immediate access to reports, access to club information not released to the general public and access to Gary's advisors, sources and contacts.

International E-Club Advisory Board

Intergity of information within Gary A. Scott's E-Club is ensured by bringing together reliable experts from various fields to answer members' questions. Our panel of experts is growing steadily...[more...]

You can join the E-Club here immediately using our secure server

"Our goal is to provide three services, #1: ease of information, #2: credibility and #3: to tie electronics together with a human touch. Our aim is to build a system where we have an advisor in every country so members and advisors can get or can have a double check on news, in a way that is not sensationalized by newsmen, whenever, wherever from totally credible sources. Our additional aim is to make sure that members and advisors have a personal contact they can trust anywhere and everywhere they go." - Gary A. Scott on the International E-Club

As a member of the International E-Club, you get:

You can join the E-Club here immediately using our secure server

Club membership is just $99 a year.

There is no way you can gain the advice of so many global investment experts in such an easy to use but concentated form. You have a world of vital timely information and have nothing to lose. Try the E-Club right now. If not entirely satisfied, simply let us know and we will refund any amount you have sent.

I look forward to welcoming you to my E-Club.

Best regards and good investing,
Gary A. Scott
Gary A. Scott

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