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Ecuador Real Estate Closing Details

Dr. Andres Cordova shares an update on real estate closing costs in Ecuador. Dr. Andres Cordova CLOSING COSTS IN ECUADOR For those of you who are considering purchasing a property in Ecuador, I am providing an overview of the closing process and of the approximate closing costs involved. Closing costs are relatively low in Ecuador, […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate Closing Details]

When Truth Doesn’t Make Sense

What in the world is going on? I think that the pandemic, the riots and the trouble in North Korea are real.  They are true.  Despite, these events, the stock market appears to be rising, interest rates are near zero and where I’m looking at real estate prices are strong. None of these results makes […] [Read When Truth Doesn’t Make Sense]

Panama COVID-19 Update

Our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours sent us this Panama pandemic update. Panama Pandemic Update June 14, 2020 Panama’s borders are still closed. Tocumen International Airport was scheduled to open June 22 but yesterday President Cortizo announced that the airport cannot open with so many new cases of the virus every day. In […] [Read Panama COVID-19 Update]

Which Markets Will Perform Best

Here’s an important question concerning our future… “will the US stock market continue to outperform the rest of the world over the next ten years?” No one has an answer to this question, but a comparison of developed country stock markets versus emerging country stock markets might help us have a better feel for what […] [Read Which Markets Will Perform Best]

COVID-19 and Body Fat

A high body mass index increases the chances of needing a ventilator if you contract COVID-19. This disease can be bad enough if you are healthy.  Why would a person take steps to make it worse? Medical science has pretty well concluded that a high body mass index is detrimental to health.  Add that problem […] [Read COVID-19 and Body Fat]

Dream in Spanish

In just days, you can become so bilingual that you’ll be dreaming in Spanish. You can be speaking fluent Spanish, creating sentences and know over 4000 words almost overnight with our  Super Spanish course. That’s a pretty bold statement I know… but thousands of students we have taught Super Spanish, in countries around the world, […] [Read Dream in Spanish]

Ecuador Pandemic Update

Dr. Andres Cordova shares an update on the pandemic in Ecuador. Dr. Andres Cordova COVID UPDATE – THE CURVE Ecuador reported its first COVID19 case on February 28, 2020; a 71-year-old lady who’d arrived from Spain, falling ill soon afterward. This was the second confirmed case of COVID19 in South America, following one in Brazil […] [Read Ecuador Pandemic Update]

This Epidemic Complicates the Pandemic

One of the worst health epidemics in our civilized world is a little talked about ailment called CD.   CD makes the risks of COVID-19 more likely and worse. Insomnia can weaken our immune system and complicate COVID-19 Insomnia is often caused by CD. This health risk runs the age gamut from school kids to folks […] [Read This Epidemic Complicates the Pandemic]

Panama’s Post COVID-19 Real Estate

Our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours sent us this message about Panama’s post COVID-19 real estate. Panama Real Estate Post-Covid Because of the Covid virus, Panama’s real estate market took a nose dive. Real estate offices have been closed.. some may never open again. Most notary offices have been closed so you can’t […] [Read Panama’s Post COVID-19 Real Estate]

Market’s Rising Danger

Last week the US stock market really rose.  The lure of this upward thrust is the danger. On May 4, 2020 my article at this site said “Sideways motion kills the average investor, leading them to buy at the top, sell at the bottom, again and again. Now can be a good time to invest, […] [Read Market’s Rising Danger]