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The Importance of Sharing

The world’s reaction to the pandemic will have huge negative ramifications because it hinders sharing. Sharing information is humanity’s greatest asset.  This ability to communicate in very specific, intricate, flexible detail is what sets us aside from all other living things. The book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari explains why. […] [Read The Importance of Sharing]

Beat Investing Decision Fatigue

Decision-making is hard and decisions we have to make about the current social, political and medical turmoil can make it harder for us to make decent investment decisions .  One reason we hate making decisions is we don’t have time.  Trying to wade through a swamp of fine print to understand each option wastes huge […] [Read Beat Investing Decision Fatigue]

Ecuador Estate Planning Tip

Dr. Andres Cordova shares a little known Ecuador estate planning tactic. Dr. Andres Cordova A WAY TO EASILY PASS ON PROPERTY IN ECUADOR If you are seeking to buy real estate in Ecuador and have the idea to leave it to your children or to any specific third party, there are several ways to deal […] [Read Ecuador Estate Planning Tip]

Tulum Ecological Opportunity

A reader sent this note about a special opportunity for a very private and safe life in Tulum. I am offering Lot I-12, calle colibri, a heavily, wooded, very private, pristine unspoiled, natural 5 acres in the nature lover’s paradise of Los Árboles Tulum. A Coati from the Los Árboles Tulum website Los Árboles Tulum […] [Read Tulum Ecological Opportunity]

Panama Curfew Lifts

This week, our friend Jackie Lange updates Panama’s reopening. Panama’s Curfew Lifts Jackie wrote:  On October 12, the curfew will be lifted! International flights can resume, hotels, motels, rural hostels, lodging sites and complementary services, tourist activities, non-essential transport (recreational and tourist), creative and cultural industries, music and art academies, libraries, swimming pools, and the […] [Read Panama Curfew Lifts]

Two Protections from Autumn’s Disease

Here’s two tips that can increase your health defenses this fall. Merri and I love autumn.  At our farm, the leaves change and this is the most beautiful time of the year. Yet cold winds, dry and brittle, come with the glory and splendor of the leaf change.  Viruses travel more easily in dry conditions […] [Read Two Protections from Autumn’s Disease]

How to Invest Now

Be careful.  Short term impact from pandemic stimulus can obscure a long term economic cloud. Let the month of August be a reminder… to beware. Is the year 2020 the beginning of the Roaring 20s?  Or is it the end.  The answer could have a huge and prolonged impact on your finances. For example in […] [Read How to Invest Now]

High Tech Needs Food

Modern technology has turned productivity upside down, but still depends on low tech basics like transportation and food. Internet businesses like are a marvel with so much productivity created by electrons. Yet at the end, they still depend on rubber and steel where the tires meet the road. That’s why its disturbing that the […] [Read High Tech Needs Food]

Ecuador COVID-19 Update

Dr. Andres Cordova shares updated news on new Ecuador health regulations including cannabis and COVID-19. Dr. Andres Cordova ECUADOR HEALTH NEWS & COVID-19 SNAPSHOT As of today, Wednesday August 26, 2020, Ecuador’s official pandemic response team, the COE Nacional , has tallied a total of 109,030 confirmed Covid 19 patients. Ecuador reported its first Covid […] [Read Ecuador COVID-19 Update]

Power in the Hidy Sign

Here’s a lesson about the Ashe County Wave… also referred to as the “Hidy Sign”. Do you ever encounter drivers who are a “pain in the neck”? Here’s a solution that resolves the pain in two ways. This week, I flew up from Florida just to have a dermatologist near our farm in Ashe County […] [Read Power in the Hidy Sign]