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The Best Haven Market

See why there is currently one best haven stock market. Our recent message “Danish Shares Now” looked at how Danish interest rates have dropped below zero and asked the question, should we invest in the Danish stock market now.  The chart below shows that the Danish stock index (dark blue) has outperformed the S&P 500 […] [Read The Best Haven Market]

The New Pigs

Who are the new pigs? This site’s recent article about freedom and the internet drew a lively response from readers and one reader wrote and reminded me of the novella, “Animal Farm”. From article “Why Animal Farm Still Matters” (1). That reader wrote:  You mention about there not being a problem with freedom for writers.  […] [Read The New Pigs]

Ecuador Visa With Convictions

This week our friend and Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova, shares information about getting Ecuador visas for those with criminal records. Dr. Andres Cordova CAN I GET AN ECUADOR VISA IF I HAVE A CONVICTION? The short answer to the question in reference is “it’s quite likely”. Every now and then I get an email […] [Read Ecuador Visa With Convictions]

4th of July Thought

Happy 4th of July. July is America’s celebration of independence, so as 300 million people dwell on this subject may I share this thought about freedom with you. Fireworks from Lifeimitatesdoodles Here is a excerpt from the book Passport to International Profit that I wrote in the 1970s. I believe that this idea is even […] [Read 4th of July Thought]

Panama’s Global Future

Here is one reason why Panama has a bright future in a global world. A reader who lives in Panama shared some interesting facts about the Panama Canal in response to Jackie Lange’s quote in our recent message entitled “China in Panama“. I would like to share her thinking with you. Panama Canal She wrote: […] [Read Panama’s Global Future]

Danish Shares Now?

A recent lesson at our Purposeful Investing Course (Pi) looked at the Danish stock market. Our friend Thomas Fischer at ENR Asset Management, (1) recently sent this note: “Gary, It finally happened! All Danish government bonds now have a negative yield.  Even the Swiss bonds such as the SWISS Jun-2064 bond is still trading with […] [Read Danish Shares Now?]

Holiday Eating Tip

The 4th of July holiday is just ahead.  Fireworks… parades, picnics and eating. Here is a weight control tip to help overcome excess holiday binges. Chart from the Intensive Dietary Management article “Circadian Eating” (1) Enjoy your picnic but make it in the middle of the day. 24 hour circadian rhythms are seen in virtually […] [Read Holiday Eating Tip]

How to Spot the Truth

Easier access,,, to more information…  we trust less and less.  This is a problem and an opportunity. What can we spot truth and filter out noise in the daily information barrage? How can we be eagle eyed enough to see through the deceptions, hidden agendas and lies? One powerful method of determining truth is highlighted […] [Read How to Spot the Truth]

Ecuador 7% CDs

Ecuadorian 7% CDs. This week our friend and Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova, shares information about Ecuador deposit organizations Dr. Andres Cordova HOW TO EARN 7% ON YOUR MONEY IN ECUADOR ………………………………………………………………………………. Last week I explained that as of recently there is the option to obtain a first-time investment visa in Ecuador that comes free […] [Read Ecuador 7% CDs]

Can they License Freedom or Even God?

Modern life creates many dilemmas. One dilemma is the illusion of freedom when “They” (city hall and municipalities beyond” exert more and more control over what we do. Should we have to have a license to work? In some places you even need a license to talk about God.  That seems wrong to me. Recently […] [Read Can they License Freedom or Even God?]