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Ecuador Demonstrations

This week Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova provides information about Ecuador’s current state of emergency. Andrés Córdova ECUADOR’S STATE OF EMERGENCY Earlier this month Lenin Moreno, the President of Ecuador, announced several economic measures including the elimination of the requisite for the prepayment of income taxes (something widely welcomed), the elimination of taxes on machinery, […] [Read Ecuador Demonstrations]

Working in Panama

How can you work in Panama? This week our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours explains how to earn an income in Panama. Working on the beach the modern way Jackie Wrote: “Many people need to continue working to support their lifestyle when they move to Panama. They may not have a pension or […] [Read Working in Panama]

Navigating the Achievement Maze

One of  life’s greatest forces is expectation.  For years this site has pondered two problems imprinted on the material expectations of the Western world. The first problem is tension.  The western, social economic model of working activity is filled with stress. That tension inhibits the very success we seek.  We do more and more.  Our […] [Read Navigating the Achievement Maze]

The Hardest Easy Step to Better Health

Here’s a really easy way (that’s hard) to lose weight, have better digestion and feel more relaxed in a tense world. Good nutrition is in most cases the most important factor in health care.  Few health acts are as important steps as ingesting the right food and water in the correct amounts at the right […] [Read The Hardest Easy Step to Better Health]

The 9/9 Value Dash

An explosive purchase has set value investing potential on fire. Investors made a dramatic shift from growth to global value equities starting on September 9, 2019. Value stocks worldwide have lagged growth stocks since the onset of the bull market ten years ago. I have repeatedly mentioned the difference in total returns over the last […] [Read The 9/9 Value Dash]

Ecuador’s Changing Health Care Laws”>Click
This week Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova provides information about changes in Ecuador health care. Ecuador’s boasts a modern health care system that’s showing signs of being overwhelmed at times. For years it extended its services to expats (and locals alike) without pushing for formal affiliation. Now the Ecuadorian government as happens in many other […]
[Read Ecuador’s Changing Health Care Laws]

A Turn to Value

Here is a value investing ideas. Earlier this week I sent Purposeful Investing Course (Pi) subscribers the October 2019 ENR Advisory Extra bulletin. ENR Asset Management (1) is one of the very few SEC registered investment advisors that can help US investors bank and hold assets with non US banks.  Their Advisory Extra bulletin is […] [Read A Turn to Value]

Bring Pets to Panama

Caring for Your Pet in Panama This week our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours explains how to easily bring your pets to Panama. Jacki wrote: There’s a process, but it’s easy to bring your fur babies with you when you move to Panama. Each airline has different pet policies.  Find the airline that […] [Read Bring Pets to Panama]

Oceans 5 Peril & Profit

People love the ocean. They love to be on the coast but the oceans are in peril. We can take advantage of this fact! Merri and I lived in Naples Florida, (two blocks north of Naples pier) for 20 years. In the beginning this was a perfect part of small town USA.  We walked the […] [Read Oceans 5 Peril & Profit]

Old Age Is Made Up

Old age is a state of mind that we can control.  Here’s why many commercial forces try to make us feel older than we are and what to do about it. An article at MITtechnologyreveiw, “Old age” is made up—and this concept is hurting everyone, (1) shows how and why businesses want us to feel […] [Read Old Age Is Made Up]