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Ecuador Driver’s License Quiz

This week Dr. Andres Cordova shares an Ecuador driver’s license quiz.  ECUADOR DRIVER’S LICENSE QUIZ Whether for a first-time driver’s license or it’s renovation, applicants in Ecuador undergo a 20-question, multiple choice, test in which at least 16 must be answered correctly. Most of the questions are common sense or easy to navigate. Some, however, […] [Read Ecuador Driver’s License Quiz]

Pruppie Fun & Fulfillment

My newest report (almost ready), “The Neapolitan Effect”, looks at Pruppieism, the new economic and social realism.  The report reviews pruppieism and says: Pruppies expect everything to expand.  They take advantage of every new benefit and technology they can.  Pruppies enjoy using the fruits of our ancestor’s deliberations and labors to earn in this advanced […] [Read Pruppie Fun & Fulfillment]

Spider and Snakes in Panama

This week, our friend in Panama, Jackie Lange, shows how to avoid spiders and snakes in Panama. Jackie wrote: “I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes!  Jim Stafford, the singer that sang that Number One hit in the ’70s hit the nail on the head! Generally, people do not like spiders and snakes. So the good […] [Read Spider and Snakes in Panama]

Robin Hoodie

Do not confuse values with value.  If you do, the guy with the hood can (and will) steal from you. Don’t expect Robin Hood to steal from the rich and give to the poor.  He just steals. Last week (Feb. 1) I wrote: “Small investors are cooperating through social networking communication and are winning over […] [Read Robin Hoodie]

Ecuador Valentine 2021 Roses

Tomorrow is the last day to order Ecuador fresh cut Valentine Roses. Final orders accepted at  10:00 am EST, Tuesday, February 9, 2021,  Order now and get a 10% discount. Red roses at our house You can have 24 fresh cut roses from Ecuador delivered to any zip code in the USA…including Alaska. (Shipping is […] [Read Ecuador Valentine 2021 Roses]

Infinite Problems

Infinite problems create infinite opportunity. Infinity.  We cannot de-fine, re-fine it or con-fine it. Heck, can you really even imagine it.  All I can do is not know an alternative.  What is after infinity? What is the biggest? What is the smallest?  I sure can’t come up with an answer!  Can you?   I get […] [Read Infinite Problems]

Facts About Quito

This week Dr. Andres Cordova shares information about Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. Dr. Andres Cordova Order Ecuador fresh cut Valentine Roses early to assure the color you desire and get a 10% discount. Red roses at our house You can have 24 fresh cut roses from Ecuador delivered to any zip code in the USA…including […] [Read Facts About Quito]

Civility in Communication

Today’s the day… a really important anniversary. Material affluence in human society has been rising for millennia.  However this increase comes in waves with up and down cycles. Much of the world’s population became much richer in each upwards cycle, but these changes were accompanied by turmoil caused by periods when the old order had […] [Read Civility in Communication]

Why Move to Panama Video

This week, our friend in Panama, Jackie Lange, provides the latest video of Panama benefits See the Panama video here. To help readers who want to move abroad and need to know how to generate income, Jackie wrote and provides her ebook “Fund Your Freedom Overseas” which has many different ideas about how to make […] [Read Why Move to Panama Video]

Where Do I Begin?

Due to technical issues yesterday’s Livestream interview was switched to a 1.5 hour long conference call.  You can listen in to the recording of that call here. How does one explain?  Who could have imagined? This last  month, social networking has changed the investing world, may6be more than the pandemic. Who could anticipate the rise […] [Read Where Do I Begin?]