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Low Interest Rates & Real Inflation

Low interest rates rob the purchasing power of your income and wealth. We were taught to save and invest early to enjoy the power of compound interest. We were taught, “If we did that and saved enough, and we could then earn 4% interest on our capital, we would have sufficient income for our retirement […] [Read Low Interest Rates & Real Inflation]

$69,900 Condo Opportunity in Cotacachi Ecuador

This week Dr. Andres Cordova shares new information about a special condo opportunity in Cotacachi Ecuador . Dr. Andres Cordova Here are Cotacachi condos that start at $69,900 and I have negotiated special benefits for Gary Scott readers. Computer generated model of Sunset condos I first highlighted the opportunity to own and invest in beautiful […] [Read $69,900 Condo Opportunity in Cotacachi Ecuador]

Ecuador Thanksgiving Roses

Holiday Treat. [Read Ecuador Thanksgiving Roses]

Nine Reasons to Move to Panama

This week, our friend Jackie Lange outlines nine reasons why a move to Panama can be good. Now that the 2020 election for president is over there will be time for many voters who said, “If my candidate loses, I’m moving” a little extra time to daydream about becoming an expatriate. The first question is […] [Read Nine Reasons to Move to Panama]

Combine Value and Forex Shifts

Here’s why I sometimes break several of my investing rules. One rule is to invest only in good value markets. I invest instead in country ETFs that invest in the Good Value Markets outlined in the Keppler Asset Mangement analysis of 46 stock markets around the world. Yet I hold asset in this market, the […] [Read Combine Value and Forex Shifts]

Asian Stock Breakaway

Look to Asia for profit. Asian stocks are outperforming US stocks by the biggest margin in ten years. That’s relevant because the S&P 500 Index has blown away every region over the past decade with a 13.74% annualized return compared to just 1.01% per annum for the MSCI EAFE  (Europe, Asia, Far East) Index (ex.USA), […] [Read Asian Stock Breakaway]

Take a Breather

One simple breathing exercise  can dramatically improve our heath. Dusk fought a horizon of darkening finery in oranges and gold. Twilight brushed fading light with amber memories on quiet waters below. The patina of eventide’s weariness descended on the day. This photo taken by our friend Dennis Goff shows the magnificent scenery we saw on […] [Read Take a Breather]

Investments in Leisure & Travel

Investments in pandemic fatigue make sense because the weariness caused by the 2020 lockdowns is a deeply ingrained part of human nature. Recently we sent our Purposeful Investing (Pi) course subscribers the November 2020 ENR Advisory Extra bulletin (1). The Advisory is produced by ENR Asset Management for its largest clients.  This bulletin is only […] [Read Investments in Leisure & Travel]

Ayahuasca in Ecuador

This week Dr. Andres Cordova shares new information about Ayahuasca . Dr. Andres Cordova A NOTE ON VETERAN’S DAY The United States celebrated Veteran’s Day this week and I would like to belatedly join in honoring those who have served in war and peace, with so much bravery and sacrifice. Heroes like Carlos Cordova, who […] [Read Ayahuasca in Ecuador]

Veterans Benefits in Panama

Happy Veterans Day. This week, our friend Jackie Lange  explains some advantages for veterans in Panama. Jackie wrote: Veterans Medical Benefits In Panama A Veteran is anyone who has served in the United States military or the National Guard. A retired Veteran is one who served for an entire career, usually for 20 years or […] [Read Veterans Benefits in Panama]