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80 Years and Anger’s a Place to Start

We are being attacked. Hostility is everywhere. Aggressive lawyers.  Bungling bureaucrats. Cheating brokers. Forceful taxmen. Lying politicians. Money grabbing health system, Tricky businesses. Fraudulent bankers. To name just a few. These attacks make us feel persecuted… and could make us angry.  In fact they probably do, but let’s use that anger as a productive, not […] [Read 80 Years and Anger’s a Place to Start]

Cotacachi Ecuador Condos

This week Dr. Andres Cordova shares information about new condos in Cotacachi Ecuador. Dr. Andres Cordova SUNSET COTACACHI CONDOS UPDATE Last week I visited Cotacachi to see the progress being made on the Sunset Cotacachi building.  The structure is up and Manuel, the developer, explained that finishings will start coming in soon, towards its delivery […] [Read Cotacachi Ecuador Condos]

US Covid Regulations from Panama

This week, our friend in Panama, Jackie Lange, provides an update on new CDC regulations for entering the US from Panama. Jackie wrote: Covid Test Required to Fly to the USA The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) announced this week that a negative Covid test will be required for international travelers to fly to the […] [Read US Covid Regulations from Panama]

Slow Developed Stock Markets For the Next Four Years

Today’s a big day with the Presidential inauguration. A big question in everyone’s mind, as the event unfolds, should be “how will the stock market react to the new administration?” Yesterday I sent Purposeful Investing Course subscribers the answer to this question in a 79 page Keppler Asset Management Quarterly Developed Market Report. This is […] [Read Slow Developed Stock Markets For the Next Four Years]

Gossip – Write the Story

Psst.  Wanna hear the latest gossip? Of course you do.  Our lives are built on a type of inner gossip. Most of the news we hear or see or read today is gossip.  “Alleged”, “supposed”, “purported” are another ways of saying… GOSSIP! However gossip is not all bad.  In fact a part of gossip may […] [Read Gossip – Write the Story]

How to Find Your Neighborhood Opportunity

Most investors run from bad times so the current turmoil creates extra opportunity. Our motto for decades has been “the sun always shines somewhere”. That has helped us spot special opportunities (that worked for us), again and again.  First in Hong Kong, then Switzerland, then London, the Isle of Man, Naples, Florida, the Dominican Republic, […] [Read How to Find Your Neighborhood Opportunity]

How to Make a Stock Market Fortune in 2021

Do you have what it takes to cash in on Wall Street? Many will say you (be careful) do. And you do (but maybe not how you think) as I’ll explain in a moment. But first, consider this? Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article “James Simons Steps Down as Chairman of Renaissance Technologies” (1) tells the […] [Read How to Make a Stock Market Fortune in 2021]

New Year Benefits in Ecuador

This week Dr. Andres Cordova shares information about the high quality of life in Ecuador. Dr. Andres Cordova QUALITY OF LIFE IN ECUADOR We are oftentimes asked what is that we want the most in life.  Answers vary from money, to power, to health.  I reflect on this question and every time come up with […] [Read New Year Benefits in Ecuador]


Survive and prosper with endurance. ore…Endurance is more important than ever let’s look at a powerful way to have more… and live longer. My business goes through times that are full of fun and profit.  Other times business is not so good. We keep plugging along, because of something Winston Churchill once said. Plus we […] [Read Endurance]

Best Places to Retire in Panama

This week, our friend in Panama, Jackie Lange, offers a guide on how to choose the best place to retire in Panama. Best Places to Retire In Panama Panama is consistently ranked as the #1 place to retire. The lower costs of living, great weather, and diversity are all big draws. Panama’s famous Pensionado Visa […] [Read Best Places to Retire in Panama]