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Are Trillions Too Much?

Expect costs to rise and the US dollar to fall. The US government has added trillions of dollars in debt and this is causing the US dollar to fall. Our good value portfolio is gaining dramatically because all shares held are in non US dollar markets. How much money can be dumped into a national […] [Read Are Trillions Too Much?]

Ecuador Farmland Opportunity

Dr. Andres Cordova shares why Ecuador farms offer special potential now. Dr. Andres Cordova TIME TO FOCUS IN FARMLAND IN ECUADOR The dawn of farming, some 12,000 years ago brought enhanced well being and prompted the growth of civilizations. It provided 10 to 100 more calories per acre than traditional hunting and gathering with sufficient […] [Read Ecuador Farmland Opportunity]

Inflation Rips

RIP… Boomer pensions, investments and savings.  But we cannot.  Boomers cannot rest because inflation is about the rip. Numerous messages at this site have warned about the fact that the “lies, damn lies and statistics” reality has been in effect for some time.   Inflation, for a large part of the population, is much higher […] [Read Inflation Rips]

Panama Sustainable Living

This week, our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours has a message about sustainable living in Panama. Jackie wrote: Food supply! It’s something you probably have not thought much about until the pandemic which has brought food shortages to some areas. Previously you could go to the grocery store to buy what ever you […] [Read Panama Sustainable Living]

European Share Recovery

If Europe overcomes COVIS-19 quickly, there may be a double advantage to investing in European shares. A recent article in the New York Times suggests that Europe has a social advantage that can help end the pandemic more quickly. Image from New York Times article “Despite Historic Plunge, Europe’s Economy Flashes Signs of Recovery” (1). […] [Read European Share Recovery]

Sleep Aids During Stress

A good night’s sleep,  one of  the best things for good health, is often hard to fine. We lived in a high stress world before the pandemic, riots and demonstrations and increased tensions with China brought higher levels of unrest. This added stress exacerbates sleep disorders. About a third of the population were already experiencing […] [Read Sleep Aids During Stress]

Boomer’s Worst Nightmare

The last two recessions (2009 and 2020) set up Boomers, those born 1946 to 1964, for a perfect financial storm.  Boomers are running out of time because the 2010 HIRE act helped lock them into the US dollar. Now the CARE act of 2020 will reduce the purchasing power of the greenback.   This will erodes […] [Read Boomer’s Worst Nightmare]

Ecuador Consumer Rights

Dr. Andres Cordova shares details about Ecuador’s consumer rights. Dr. Andres Cordova CONSUMER’S RIGHTS IN ECUADOR Ecuador remains and will be for years to come an excellent choice for many types of investments, for relocation, for the purchase of real estate and absolutely for visiting. We have excellent values in real estate whether in the […] [Read Ecuador Consumer Rights]

Nitric Oxide & COVID-19

Studies are looking to to see if nitric oxide can help mitigate the risks of COVID-19. Nitric Oxide is a short-lived gas that acts as a signalling molecule in the body. Nitric Oxide Benefits Regulates vascular tone and blood flow Delivers oxygen to the mitochondria for energy production Supports healthy blood viscosity Supports healthy arterial […] [Read Nitric Oxide & COVID-19]

Panama Interview

This week, our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours has sent us an interview with an expat who has lived in Panama for 30 years. Jackie wrote: Carla Black moved to Panama thirty years ago. She lives about 10 minutes outside of Volcan on a property that is adorned with beautiful flowers and amazing […] [Read Panama Interview]