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Three Prong Boomer Investing

Last Saturday’s message look at how current economic circumstances is transferring wealth from Boomers to younger generations. That message outlined how low interest rates are one of the economic conditions that shifting purchasing power away from Boomers to younger generations. A wealth transfer is good.  Our children and grandchildren need economic success too, but we […] [Read Three Prong Boomer Investing]

Wealth Transfer From Boomers

Boomer’s wealth is a growing target. There’s a huge wealth gap in America that’s tearing the country apart.  We see images of this dilemma reflected in political division, social unrest and economic turmoil.  But the root of all these tensions is a harsh reality in the gap between the rich and the poor coupled with […] [Read Wealth Transfer From Boomers]

Ecuador Social Security Medical Update

Dr. Andres Cordova provides an updated version of an article that first appeared on December 2019. Dr. Andres Cordova SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IN ECUADOR ………………………………………………………………… Very few people can do without comprehensive health insurance except, perhaps, the very well off. Catastrophic illnesses can strike at any time and the medical bills can rake up […] [Read Ecuador Social Security Medical Update]

The Value of Steady in a Storm

The silver lining in turmoil comes when we use supply and demand to maintain a steady course through it. The laws of supply and demand are among the most fundamental concepts in our society.  The roots of this laws goes deep beginning with one of nature’s most immutable realities… its abhorrence  of a vacuum. As […] [Read The Value of Steady in a Storm]

Panama Covid Test Requirements

This week, our friend Jackie Lange explains about health options in Panama as the country nears reopening its borders. Covid Testing for Travel to Panama On October 12th, Panama will allow anyone to come in to Panama who presents a negative Covid test that is not more than 96 hours old.  But which Covid test […] [Read Panama Covid Test Requirements]

Three Protections From Stress & Smoke

Protect Your Immune System! Stress, the smoke, riots, election tension, economics woes, worry about the pandemic.  All have a negative impact on our immune system, right at a time when we need extra protection. An article “Strengthen Your Gut-Lung Lining with Vitamin C + Quercitin for Immune System Support” shows a little known fact about […] [Read Three Protections From Stress & Smoke]

A Prayer for Fire Victims

Merri and I have reason to send extra prayers to the victims of the fires everywhere. Merri feels, as well as reads about, the horror.  As a young women, her home was destroyed when a real estate developer, caught over leveraged in a recession, torched property for insurance.   The fire spread to her place.   […] [Read A Prayer for Fire Victims]

Prepare for Rough Times

ENR Asset management sent an invitation to a very interesting webinar conducted Monday, September 14. You’ll want to get into this webinar because I was recently speaking with my long time friend Thomas Fischer, who lives in Copenhagen and worked with me years ago to create some portfolios that rose over 100% in a year, […] [Read Prepare for Rough Times]

Ecuador Visas Update During Covid-19

Dr. Andres Cordova provides an Ecuador visa update as of September 2020. Dr. Andres Cordova ECUADOR VISAS UPDATE For those of you looking to obtain an Ecuador visa, whether temporary or permanent, here’s an update with some information and tips we trust you find useful. Our migration offices have been slowly reopening and are managing […] [Read Ecuador Visas Update During Covid-19]

The Value of Security and Fun

Do you feel less secure in 2020? Are you having less fun… satisfaction…. fulfillment? Have events of this year taken you by surprise?  Are you more doubtful… increasingly confused? If you’re like me… there were a lot of yes answers to the questions above. Never fear! Were you surprised by the shortage of toilet paper […] [Read The Value of Security and Fun]