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Take a Breath

Take a Breath.  That’s a well known phrase. What’s not understood in the Western world is that breathing correctly is one of the most important exercises of all. Establishments of all sorts, including our health care system, are crumbling.  As they erode, they forcefully try to maintain control.  They attempt to force more, (often impotent […] [Read Take a Breath]

Freedom Thoughts

Happy 4th of July 4th of July Eagle at the Lifeimitatesdoodles blog On this day that celebrates America’s independence let’s remember that borders, walls, fences and checkpoints reduce independence as much or more than they protect. A Wall Street Journal article, “The Cost of European Borders” (1) highlights how the free movement of people has […] [Read Freedom Thoughts]

Delicious Ecuador Dishes

Dr. Andres Cordova shares some of Ecuador’s delicious foods. Dr. Andres Cordova 5 FAVORITE DISHES IN ECUADOR According to the World Food Travel Association 53% of all travelers have culinary tourism as their main objective and 80% of all tourists research food and drink while on a trip. Enjoying great food provides for a positive […] [Read Delicious Ecuador Dishes]

Broader Borders

Forceful borders do not protect us.  In fact they do us harm… often a lot of hurt. Recently I drove back from the farm to our home in Florida.  I can tell you, moving from the 70s degree weather in the Blue Ridge back to a heat index near 110 is not good. Another thing […] [Read Broader Borders]

Safe Pockets in Panama

Our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours sent us this information about safe pockets in Panama. I’m sure in the state, province or country where you live there are towns that have had very few, if any, Covid cases.  Small towns and rural areas have less Covid-19 cases.   If you’re luckily enough to be […] [Read Safe Pockets in Panama]

We Need Greater Caution Now

Spread the word… be careful of brands! Our summer Creek Cabin sits over Little Horse Creek. This is a perfect place to be during the summer heat… high in the mountains, far from the madding crowd, soothed by the creek as it sings its way down the mountain. Yet there is also fiber optics broadband […] [Read We Need Greater Caution Now]

How Do You Miss 2 Billion Dollars?

There is always something you do not know. This is my #1 Golden Rule of Investing. This fact is fortified by a two billion dollar lie that means 12.4 billion dollars are gone.  Wealth turned into dust by smoke and mirrors. Image from the Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal article  “Wirecard Files for […] [Read How Do You Miss 2 Billion Dollars?]

Hemp in Ecuador

Dr. Andres Cordova shares an update on the possibilities of hemp production in Ecuador. Dr. Andres Cordova THE HEMP REVOLUTION IN ECUADOR Keeping in line with advances on the subject in countries like Uruguay, Canada, the US, the Netherlands and others, Ecuador has embarked on a process to decriminalize some aspects of the cannabis trade. […] [Read Hemp in Ecuador]

Be a Voice!

[Read Be a Voice!]

Panama for a Better Life

Our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation Tours sent us this Panama pandemic update. Panama Answers That Need For a Better Life Why do people move to a different country? Is it because of comfort? Financial security? A sense of fulfillment? Several articles I’ve read suggests that migration is brought about by 4 factors: economic, […] [Read Panama for a Better Life]