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Lose Weight With Coffee

Adding oil to your coffee may help you lose weight.   Once I had an Ayurvedic checkup.  The healer conducting the exam said: “No coffee”.   He was adamant. I should not drink one single drop of the stuff. In a later Ayurvedic checkup another healer said… “Coffee is good for you, but medicine is dose”. So […] [Read Lose Weight With Coffee]

The Big in a Little Change

Little changes can bring big benefits. For example, I love drinking decoctions of Tulsi Tea.  Tulsi provides incredible health benefits. John Douillard reviews some of the health blessings in Tulsi (1). Tulsi is an especially good winter drink so in winter, I make a little change and drink a little more tulis. I was especially […] [Read The Big in a Little Change]

Canadian Investing Value

There is only non Keppler-Top-Value stock market ETF we hold in our portfolio… Canada. We track markets in three ways… via Keppler Asset Management, ENR Asset Management and at All three of these sources suggest that the Canadian stock market has extra profit potential at this time. The Keppler Asset Management looks at every […] [Read Canadian Investing Value]

How to Earn in Ecuador

You can get a free book on Ecuador construction. Learn how to earn in Ecuador… or anywhere. Increasing numbers of readers are earning extra income by self publishing in Ecuador.  For example long time reader Joan Zook has written two Ecuador books. Joan wrote:  Hi Gary, Just wanted to let you know that due to […] [Read How to Earn in Ecuador]

The Aluminum Downside

See “the Aluminum Downside”…. why aluminum has no known function in the human body and its negative impact on human health. Merri and I lived and worked with this Ecuador Yatchak for seven years. This photo was taken after a purification ceremony at a sacred spring. One of the main ways this shaman helped restore […] [Read The Aluminum Downside]

Avoid the Terror of Mania

What’s our biggest risk?   A government shutdown… sexual assault… immigrant caravan… foreign interference in our democracy…  measles? There’s many things we can be terrified about.  But we should not be, The real fear should be of mania created by the news. Take terrorism as an example. Terrorists really cannot defeat us.  Yet, look at how […] [Read Avoid the Terror of Mania]

Rule 41 – Part 2

Here’s the second worrying step of Rule 41. Our recent message “How Far Can Rule 41 go?” said: In 2016, the US government decided to claim authority over your computer as well.  Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, which was proposed by the US Department of Justice, was approved by the US […] [Read Rule 41 – Part 2]

Valentine’s Gift 4 U

Happy Valentine’s Day Hummingbirds sing in the dew, kissing sweet hibiscus, honeysuckle and jasmine and dancing with joy. Entangled in love they embrace in a glorious waltz of life and become the vine as the flowers become the birds. This is the Valentine’s message of health and wealth as well as love. Harmony comes from […] [Read Valentine’s Gift 4 U]

Ecuador Coastal Home -$89,000 o.n.o.

Cold?  here’s a wonderful, 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, Ecuador coastal opportunity that will warm you up. Located just a short stroll from the beach, this villa in picturesque up-and-coming Puerto Cayo can be yours for just $89.000. Enjoy endless beaches, one of a kind sunsets and nice weather year-round. Whether you are looking for a […] [Read Ecuador Coastal Home -$89,000 o.n.o.]

Farm Wisdom

Simple wisdom for a complicated world. Recently I was speaking with a subscriber who has an agricultural business in Iowa. “The public has no idea of the danger that the American ag industry is in today”, he told me. A recent Wall Street Journal article “Farmbelt bankruptcies are soaring”  reveals glimpses of this truth. ‘This […] [Read Farm Wisdom]