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Ecuador Tax Reimbursement

This week Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova gives us information about Ecuador tax reimbursements. Andres sent this note. Dr. Andres Cordova TAX REIMBURSEMENT IN ECUADOR Among the many benefits for senior citizens in Ecuador we have the reimbursement of VAT tax (IVA in Ecuador) paid in the purchase of goods and services such as clothing, […] [Read Ecuador Tax Reimbursement]


Here’s a complete review of Panama real estate buying tips and seven Panama properties starting at $55,000. Our friend Jackie Lange at Panama Relocation tours sent some invaluable Panama real estate tips and amazing properties for sale. Jackie wrote: I’ve been a real estate investor for more than 25 years and have bought and sold […] [Read Panama]

The Positive Power of IONS”>Click
See how ION can bring perfection into your life. The three letters… ION can bring many thoughts to mind. Star Wars fans might think of a Jawa ION blaster (gun enthusiasts know this as the cut down Lee Enfield .303 receiver with a grenade launcher stuck on front). Natural health fans might see green forests […]
[Read The Positive Power of IONS]

Lettuce Lets Us Sleep!

We can use lettuce to let us sleep! Lettuce can be a super health food, that helps us be more mentally alert and longer lived, but not in the normal, direct, eating way. Merri and I find that growing our own organic lettuce is fulfilling and fun and brings a huge bonus. In Florida, during […] [Read Lettuce Lets Us Sleep!]

Beware of the Crichton Effect

Here’s a way to stop global warming. Turn up the heat on Russia and China and have a nuclear war.  Purportedly the fallout would create global cooling. Right? Such an insane idea won’t go far but it does give pause for thought if one reads The Wall Street Journal article “Follow Michael Crichton’s Rule” (1). […] [Read Beware of the Crichton Effect]

Ecuador Earthquake Insurance

This week Ecuador attorney Dr. Andres Cordova gives us information about Ecuador property insurance. Andres sent this note. Dr. Andres Cordova PROPERTY INSURANCE IN ECUADOR Let’s face it, regardless of where one may live and have property there is always the risk of a natural disaster. Ecuador is no exception. We don’t have hurricanes or […] [Read Ecuador Earthquake Insurance]

Gratitude Attitude

Happy Thanksgiving Decades ago I learned a meditative technique using what was called the Gratitude Attitude. That name stuck in my mind… a lot because of a shamanic lesson. I would like to share a memory to add extra spirit to this day of thanksgiving. My son and I meditating on our gratitude for warmth […] [Read Gratitude Attitude]

They Retired Early in Panama

See what happened to this couple who did not plan to retire early in Panama. See how inexpensive housing and low costs changed a couples expectations of what retirement means in the article below from our friend Jackie Lange of Panama Relocation Tours. Retiring early was not the plan!  When Nancy and Sam Clawson came […] [Read They Retired Early in Panama]

Refreshing the Investing Thought

How can we adapt our investing to changing values? We live in a turbulent world and can expect rapid change, hidden agendas and huge shifts in communication. Fortunately when we are caught in the currents of such rapid shifts, our anchors of value can help us remain steady and secure. Image from “The Baby […] [Read Refreshing the Investing Thought]

Pain Relief From Magnesium

Do you have aches & pains? Can’t sleep at night?  Try Magnesium.  Magnesium brings pain relief and much more!  Merri and I have lived and studied for decades with great healers steeped in ancient wisdom on how to have good natural health.  We try to integrate the knowledge we learned in a practical Western way… […] [Read Pain Relief From Magnesium]