Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer is Head of International Client Relations, Jyske Bank Private Banking, Copenhagen. He has worked for almost 25 years in the financial sector. He began his career as a foreign exchange dealer with a Danish bank before joining Marshall Ltd in London as a foreign exchange broker.

Mr. Fischer moved to Germany in 1988 and spent 10 years with Bierbaum/Intercapital GmbH as a foreign exchange broker and was promoted to head of the company's international foreign exchange spot section in 1996. During his time in Germany he studied for and successfully completed an MBA with focus on the external environment and corporate finance.

Thomas Fischer returned to Denmark in 1998 taking up a senior position in Intercapital's Copenhagen branch. He joined Jyske Bank Private Banking in September 2000 as a key account manager servicing German speaking clients. Mr. Fischer was promoted in April 2001 to his present position as Manager of International Client Relations.

Thomas Fischer
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