How to Find Your Neighborhood Opportunity

Most investors run from bad times so the current turmoil creates extra opportunity.

Our motto for decades has been “the sun always shines somewhere”.

That has helped us spot special opportunities (that worked for us), again and again.  First in Hong Kong, then Switzerland, then London, the Isle of Man, Naples, Florida, the Dominican Republic, North Carolina, Ecuador and Mt. Dora Florida.

X marks where the sun is shining now.

We did not just stumble on these places and say… “wow, this looks like a great deal”.  We moved from one place to the next, seeing similarities between one area and the next, mixed with contrasts and distortions.

This is a repeatable process.  In Merri’s and my this instance, the movement from one place to the next has involved real estate, but the process can work for anything, stocks, bonds, businesses, or any type of investment.

The image below shows how we have spotted similarities between Naples Florida and Mt. Dora Florida real estate.


The red X above shows where Merri and I lived in Old Naples Florida in the 1980s and 1990s.  The Gulf of Mexico is on the left.  Our house X was one block off the beach in Old Naples.

The map below shows the area called old Naples which I will call the “Core of Naples Branding”.   This is a mixed area of retail and residences, far away from any main roadway.  The cute, turn-of-the century bungalows in tropical colors have friendly and often quirky owners and are just a short walk to the Gulf of Mexico beach or coffee shops, cafes and chic boutiques.

Many people became enamored with the whimsical town, a haven, for those from busy cities, especially up in the frozen North.

The first key to profit in this opportunity was simply being there. Naples growth took off in the 1990s and today land and house values have risen into the stratosphere.  Anyone in Naples, with a bit of sense made extra money.

A second key was seeing areas of extra value.

The map below shows Old Naples.  The white line at the top is 5th avenue, a commercial area and the line dropping below is 3rd street, a road filled with cafes, coffee shops, boutiques and galleries.


The key extra to gaining extra value was was to recognize the difference between the “Real Old Naples” and the “New Old Naples”.  In the 1980s and 1990s, the residents there understood that  the Old Naples south of 5th Avenue (white line at the top) was the real old Naples.

The area north (above) 5th avenue was called Old Naples as well, but everyone in Naples knew it wasn’t really old.  Therefore houses in the new Old Naples was far less expensive than the land below 5th Avenue.

As outsiders moved in, the buying pressure helped Naples prices skyrocket.  The price gap between real Old Naples and new Old Naples diminished greatly because the new buyers were not so aware.  There was an extra profit boost in that area above 5th Avenue as prices became more (not fully) equal.

The map below shows “Mt. Dora’s Core of Branding”.

When Merri and I arrived we saw some remarkable similarities.

First Mt Dora is mixed area of retail and residences, far away from any main roadway, just like Naples was.  This town is also filled with cute, turn-of-the century bungalows in tropical colors have friendly and often quirky owners and are also just a short walk to the 4,475 acre Lake Dora or coffee shops, cafes and chic boutiques.

The first big contrast and distortion was in price!

What might cost a million in Naples might cost $150,000 to $250,000 in Mt. Dora.

The next similarity is how two streets, Donnelly  and 5th Avenue (white lines below) create price breaks.  Houses west of Donnelly are the equivalent of “real Old Naples” and houses east of Donnelly are the equivalent of “new Old Naples”.  Properties east of Donnelly were much less expensive that those on the west.

As Mt. Dora real estate prices are taking off (right now) that east west price divide is equalizing.

mt dora

Merri and I began buying houses on both sides of Donnelly and are seeing excellent profits already, but I believe there is still a lot of room to go.

That’s why I am writing my newest report, “The Neopolitan Effect”.  See below how to get this $49.95 report free and early.

Here are several tips that can help find your special opportunities that expand the chances of a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

#1: Expect the next boom.  Chicken Little has been around for  along time yet the sky has not fallen yet. For centuries… man’s material life has improved through a series of busts and booms.  We could consider busts as opportunities to gain in the next boom.

#2: Never say never.  Right now you may think “I’ll never come back”… or “I’ll never leave the new places where I am moving”.  Perhaps not… but then again something may come up that’s even better.  Do not close your mind to an even better lifestyle.

#3: Don’t burn bridges.  Keep your affairs in order.

#4: Expand your horizons.  If you move to a new place you’ll have new sights, smells, tastes, feelings and sounds.  This information will reform you and as a different, more experienced person you’ll have new opportunities to serve the world in new ways.  Expect to be able to have more because you can do more, because you will be more.

#5: Embrace change.  As a deeper, more experienced person you will see economic and social evolution in different ways  and you’ll have more ways to be engaged in the change a fulfilling way… so expect this benefit.

#6: Go try things.

#7: Follow the Lead. This is perhaps most important of all.  The Western world mindset teaches us to project how we expect the future to be and if it is not… we are disappointed.  Everything really is in perfect order and we all have an important role to fill (and to be fulfilled).  If we follow the steps above and are open to new ideas… new possibilities and watch for opportunity that presents itself, this process we call life gives us extra depth, excitement, beauty, wonder and abundance.   All we have to do is be open, observant and obedient to our inner voice.

One wise man we lived and worked with in the Andes for several years used to take us for walks in the mountains along narrow paths.  As the trails narrowed… the cliffs became steep.

Then he would say… “Look ahead… close your eyes and walk. Trust the path. You know where to go. Your eyes blind your vision.

So we would wind our way… along the cliffs… not seeing… but feeling where we were headed instead and knowing that the path was correct.

Let me see if I can express in words this process that cannot really be expressed… because without want or need… following paths we could not see but knew were there, led us to happiness, fulfillment but also incredible  financial success.


In 2017, I helped readers take advantage of the profit potential in Mt Dora in my report “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere”.  Plus I showed them how to use the same tactics in other locations and other types of business and investments.

“Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” shows how to spot and capitalize on “similarities, distortions, and trends” in many areas.

Order “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere”now and I’ll also send you “The Neopolitan Effect”, a $49.99 report free as soon as it’s complete and published.


Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere

How to Gain Extra Freedom – While Almost Everyone Loses Theirs.  Profit from post COVID-19 trends.

I invite you to join Merri and me in expecting the world to get better… to live and earn based on that expectation but…  to also prepare for bad times as well as good.

Just in case… the world goes sideways… we will still survive and prosper.

We do not give up anything much.  We can enjoy the good parts of the new economy, as we protect ourselves from what can be bad.

For example in my report “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere”,  you’ll see how to make your dining room table bring you more control, more time, more income and more freedom.  After all, what can be more accessible than a dining room table?


Dining room tables we worked from (and we also sold the tables for a profit).

You’ll even learn how to turn dining room tables into income and tax deductions as we have with these dining room tables we build out of local wood.

Let me be clear.  I expect that the world will get better, at least for the few who adapt and avoid the dangers that the changes from the COVID pandemic will bring. 

The wealth of the world, albeit with inequality, will continue to grow.  This collapse of the global economy will bring an incredible new opportunity for those who know what to do.  Thes profit making avenues offer enormous income potential and even work well in disaster scenarios.

Let me provide one simple, concrete example.  Ginseng.

This is a great health root.  The demand is growing especially in China.  At times good dried Ginseng sells for $1,000 a pound!  This is an incredible and easy crop to grow.   The less care you give it, the more valuable it can become.  Yet if everything goes south, the health qualities will be good to have and make it an excellent barter item.  Once you know what to do with ginseng, it’s easy to grow in your back yard.

Even better one of the best kept secrets is that ginseng and 125 other medicinal crops that are currently unsustainable but can be grown on land  that is extraordinarily cheap.

goldenseal ginseng

Ginseng we grew in our back yard.  I know about growing ginseng through experience and explain why and how in the report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere”.

Loquats are another example of an easy to grow crop that help promote natural health.


Here I am by one of the many loquat trees at our Florida farm.

Loquats are a great fruit for making jam and such, but the loquat leaf has amazing medicinal qualities.  Its is a registered medicine in China and due to its anti viral and respiratory system enhancing qualities has an especially  growing demand right now.   The images below from show that the leaves sell for about a dollar per leaf!

I have many trees on the farm but started growing loquat seedlings last year.


Loquat leaf tea has become really important during the pandemic due to its respiratory strengthening qualities.

I have been drinking a lot of home made loquat leaf tea during the pandemic.

The report “Live Anywere-Earn Everywhere” shows specific places that reduce your living expenses, easily increases your income, makes you smarter, healthier and provides tax benefits as well. 

There are specific places where property is especially inexpensive, now because previous owners do not know about the special qualities created by the pandemic.

Learn about these specific places.  More important learn what makes these places special and seven freedom producing steps that you can use to find other similar spots of opportunity.

Here are some of the experiences this report shares:

The report includes a tax and career plan broken into four age groups, before you finish school, from age 25 to 50 – age 50-to 65 and what to do when you reach the age where tradition wants you to re-tire.  (Another clue-you do not need to retire and probably should not).

The report is very specific because it is about what Merri and I, our children and even my sister and thousands of our readers have done and are doing.

Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere focuses on a system that takes advantage of living in Smalltown USA, but earning globally.

  • Learn about the magic of the north facing slope.   This is where Merri and I live almost half of our time.  North facing mountain land is some of the least expensive in the world but has hidden values that the report reveals.  There is a lot of this land and a lot of hidden value that you can tap.   When we bought our Blue Ridge farm (252 acres) I mentioned this to my Swiss banking friend.  “That’s bigger than the entire village where I live!” was his response.  Smalltown USA offers a last chance at having a lot of space.  By living in two Smalltown places there are enormous tax advantages as well.  One step in the system saves Merri and me over $28,345 in taxes a year.

The report shows how to buy cheap north facing slopes and create an income producing tiny home for $29,000 or less.

If you lack the $29,000 to invest, a start up using tents is even less.  These are tipis we put up at our farm before we built our first tiny home.  Learn how they can create tens of thousands of dollars in income for you.

Fwd: gary-scott-tipis

  • See ways that small businesses like Tipi rentals can be enhanced by the pandemic but also create BIG tax savings as well as extra income.  For more than 30 years Merri and I have enjoyed a strong six figure income, some years more, in the millions.  Yet there have been very few years when we had to pay federal income tax.  The report lays out a three structure program and how it is used when you are in school (up to age 30), then from 25 to 50, 50 to 70  and beyond 70.   Learn why Chapter C corporations and pensions can be better than the normally recommended Chapter S.  See how new mileage log rules gives you a possible opportunity to increase your tax deductions using IRS Form 4562.  Using a two-vehicle strategy you can gain $12,976 in new deductions even if you do not have to drive one mile further or spend one additional penny on your car.
  • See how a greenhouse can help you eat better and be healthier, plus provide income and a tax deduction and be funded by a government grant.


Our North Carolina greenhouse.

gary scott greenhouse

Our Florida greenhouse.

  • There are similar benefits from having a second home office defined in IRS publication 463 and IRS publication 587, even if your desk is a dining room table.  The report also shows how your dining room table can become an actual income producer as its creates a huge tax deduction at the same time, not to mention a great place to eat, work and lay out plans for a brighter, safer more lucrative and enjoyable future.
  • Living in this environment is also healthier, economically as well as physically.  You’ll see in the report how researchers at Harvard found an amazing correlation between living in conditions found on north facing slopes, longevity and mental health.  The researchers were quite surprised by this strong correlation that also extended into mental health.  In addition to feeling better, reducing stress and having more Joie de Vivre the places outlined in “Live Anywhere-Earn Everywhere” can help you avoid hospitals, high cost disease management (aka health care) and BIG pharma while providing an investment opportunity in three plants that have some of the fastest growing demand in natural health care.  These three plants are just one of seven business opportunities that can create multiple streams of income.
  • How changes in cell phone and internet technology eliminated the need to be in one place.   An old law that creates new opportunity for small business in small towns is available to everyone.
  • Use the specific search and purchase guide.  Construction plans are included that show how to generate first tier income that leads to five, second tier avenues of earnings.
  • How to pay off old debt and avoid new debt by avoiding spurts and embracing value. 
  • Learn seven skills that will always have value.  See how to turn First Aid, medicinal plants, hospitality, food, trees, alternate energy and writing to sell into everlasting, low stress wealth.

merrily farms

This pond we created at our farm brought us pleasure but also helped create a safe, healthy food supply, extra income and a tax deduction as well.

My Guarantee

This may be the most important report I have written in 50 years.  The information is certainly the most urgent.  Do not delay.  The risks are upon us right now and you’ll understand how the final steps of the alliance are taking place as you read the current news.

To take any risk out of gaining this urgent information with my full satisfaction or money back guarantee.  If you are not totally happy, simply let me know.  I guarantee you can ask for a full refund any time within 60 days and I’ll refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

You can keep the reports as my thanks for ordering it.

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