The Invasion of Inconvenience

We can see the future in today.

Look at what’s going on. Reflect on hard truths.  The fog of the future will fade away.  A bit.

There is always something we do not know and we can never predict the future absolutely (who could have imagined 2020), but we can surely come up with good educated guesses.

I rely on this fact when I look through the news.  I look for the future to give me coinciding clues from different aspects of life.  I look for seemingly unrelated stories that are actually different spokes but all radiating from the same hub.   When I see this I take note.  “Maybe this is the future speaking to me?”

For example… here’s a hard truth.  “Man can achieve the impossible… send people to the moon, maybe someday even Mars and beyond.  Yet we humans cannot overcome inconvenience.

Now let’s look at three unconnected articles, one from financial news, one from arts news and one from scientific news.


The first article from the New York Times financial section, “Amazon Wants to Get Even Closer. Skintight” (1) looks at the expansion of and reflects on how much we are trading our privacy for convenience.

The article tells about Amazon’s product,  Halo, that uses a microphone and machine to learn to analyze the user’s voice and perceive the user’s mood based on his or her voice’s tone.

The device, which competes with Apple Watch and Google (which is awaiting approval of its acquisition of Fitbit), can learn to pick up on amusement, anger, joy and irritation.

The device tells the user if their voice is “stern” or “discouraged”,  “satisfied,” “afraid”, “panicked”, or “overwhelmed.” and such.

Reading this definitely scared me!

In other words Halo can allow Amazon (and whoever buys the information) know how our mood is affected by whatever we see and hear.

The article says: Amazon needs even more, and to be even closer — skintight — to understand the state of me at all times. Then the company can begin to really determine what I might need or want at any moment.

This enormous idea has been at the heart of Mr. Bezos’s dream for a long time: to suck up the data from willing participants and give them back exactly what they want, for a price. This may be perhaps the most perfect signal-to-noise ratio ever collected. Health info, entertainment likes and dislikes, and purchase data offer a panoply of insights.

Am I upset? Send the ice cream and antidepressants! Happy? Send the champagne and music! Am I sleepless? Perhaps some warm milk and a weighted blanket — only $39.99 on Amazon and delivered today.

Helpful, for sure, but the underlying concept — surveillance as a service — gets exponentially more problematic and seems even more sinister when we consider recent reports such as the one that Amazon is monitoring the labor organizing activities of its own employees.

I am already petrified by the fact that what I write on my computer or say on my phone can result in targeted advertisements being attached to everything I pull up on the internet.  Now my moods are at risk as well as my words.

Yet the hear and now is showing us even more abut the future when we read the arts section of USA Today this week.  The article “‘Oh, boy!’: ‘Superintelligence’ star Melissa McCarthy lunched with Elon Musk to talk AI and left terrified” (2) sends us even further down the AI rabbit hole.

The article tells how “Superintelligence” (streamed Thanksgiving Day on HBO Max) producer McCarthy had lunch with Elon Musk.

The article told about the future horrors she gleaned from Tesla CEO Musk, who has warned that AI is a “fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization”

Melissa McCarthy said: We wanted to talk to him about, “Is this possible?” To our surprise, and slight terror, he was like, “It’s not what if, but when.” It was eye-opening to realize we are doing this dance with technology, friend and foe. It makes our lives better and worse. It’s all up to how we use it, how we program it, even if it is to our own demise, which could possibly be our own fault. I walked out of there just like, “Oh, boy!”

This is not pie in the sky futuristic stuff!  Elon Musk’s company, Neuralink, is developing a small, robotic device that inserts tiny electrode threads through the skull into the brain to create an incredibly powerful brain-machine interface, a device with the power to handle lots of data that can be inserted in a relatively simple surgery.

The short-term goal is to build a device that can help people with specific health conditions, like loss of memory, but imagine where this will go! Imagine if you brain was connected to the internet.  With just a thought you can activate a device.

For example Musk says that Tesla owners can pull out their phones, press a button, and order their car to drive itself to the owner’s location.

This is not scifi either.  Musk’s company has already received a Breakthrough Device designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in July, and that the company is, experimenting now on animals and preparing for first human implantation soon, pending required approvals and further safety testing.

That’s the here and now telling us about the future.  If those articles are not enough to make us believers, perhaps recognizing that governments believe this is taking place is more convincing.

The MIT Technology Review article “Europe is adopting stricter rules on surveillance tech” (3) tells how the European Union has agreed to stricter rules on the sale and export of cyber-surveillance technologies like facial recognition and spyware.

 After years of negotiations, the new regulation will be announced today in Brussels. Details of the plan were reported in Politico last month.

The regulation requires companies to get a government license to sell technology with military applications; calls for more due diligence on such sales to assess the possible human rights risks; and requires governments to publicly share details of the licenses they grant. These sales are typically cloaked in secrecy, meaning that multibillion-dollar technology is bought and sold with little public scrutiny.

So what do we do?

There are positives and negatives in this future.  Some positives are that as a health device this technology may be fantastic.

Those who use it beyond healing, simply to increase their mental capacity, might improve by leaps and bounds.  The connected person may gain as many advantages over those not connected, or more, as a person with access to the internet has over those who do not.

The two obvious disadvantages are that the connections create a two way street… the privacy of our thoughts are gone and we humans tend to put most effort into weaponizing new technology rather than using it for the benefit of the world.

This is why I think this (technology) will happen.   If the USA, or China, or Russia, or Iran, or Germany or Japan or any country can have it, they’ll all want it.  The power gained will be like belonging to the “Nuclear Club”.

We can either reject this or embrace it partially or wholly.



Those who reject this technology might want to get away from society, learn how to farm and detach from the world.

That may provide temporary sanctuary.

We can turn off our computers, disconnect, give up the cell phone.

But that’s not easy.  Most of us don’t farm well nor are we good at being independent.

A quote from Yuval Harai, author of “Sapiens”explains why.

There is some evidence that the size of the average Sapiens brain has actually decreased since the age of foraging. Individual humans know embarrassingly little about the world, and as history has progressed, they have come to know less and less. A hunter-gatherer in the Stone Age knew how to make her own clothes, how to start a fire, how to hunt rabbits, and how to escape lions. We think we know far more today, but as individuals, we actually know far less. We rely on the expertise of others for almost all our needs.

So for now, maybe most of us should learn how to use the technology and take advantage of the change.

For example my daughter whose business has been clobbered by the pandemic, has started a business using algorithms to sell goods on Amazon.

We can also invest in the new technology.  Those who embraced Tesla, early on, have done well.  Ditto for Google, Apple, etc.

One step is to keep a watch at

Just as the dog (reliant on humans) has evolved to be very different from the wolf (very independent), most of us pretty well depend on the system.

The ignore or reject this technology requires us to change our lives… a lot!   And that type of shift, my friends is really inconvenient.


Half Price,Special Health Offer

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The most important asset any of us can have during this pandemic is a healthy body and strong immune system!

I was reminded of the need for natural health the when I suffered a two week bout with this viral infection.

The symptoms were nasty but fortunately over the past 40 years I have taken MDs, DOs, ODs, DCs, DVMs and DDs as well as physician and nurse practitioners, nurses and numerous other type of health care providers around the world to meet with Andean and Amazonian shamans, yatchacs, Oriental healers, acupuncturists, herbalists, Indian ayurvedic vaidyas, pulse therapists and essential oil practitioners to name a few.

I have used what we all learned.  This was of immense help these last weeks.  That’s why I plan to be wearing this new T-shirt.  What could have been a dangerous disease for a 74 year old male, was closer to an inconvenience.

gary scott

The knowledge we gleaned in these decades of research and study have been encapsulated in three natural health reports I wrote about:

#1: Nutrition

#2: Purification

#3: Exercise

In this special offer I want to send you these three reports, that reveal secrets of health and longevity, along with two additional special reports, one on the healing power of the Hogberry and another on the Golden Thread of Health.

The pandemic shows how much we are on our own.

Your have probably seen the ads.  “If you have COVID-19 symptoms, DON’T go to the hospital or Doctor’s Office”.

Simply put… the system is swamped.  There is little that can be done if you have COVID-19.  You want to have your own natural health to rely on!

Hospitals are incredibly dangerous places.  Our health and are pocketbooks are at risk when we go there.

Modern American health care was already under pressure.  Despite horrendous costs, the system has been faltering.  At times the care is more dangerous than the illness.  For example hospitals are the worst place to have a heart attack.  The University of North Carolina, did a study and found that 40% of the patients who had attacks in the hospital died before being discharged.  (The study compared that with only a 4% death rate for those who had heart attacks outside the hospital.)

Plus it was recently revealed that medical endoscopy scopes in hospitals were infecting patients with deadly drug-resistant bacteria.  The facts about this had not been previously disclosed.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that hospital-acquired infections alone kill more Americans every year than all car accidents and falls put together.

Along with the risk of hospital acquired illness and medical errors, the second huge threat to our well being… is health care costs, especially at hospitals.

A article “Total Cost of Her COVID-19 Treatment: $34,927.43” (1) shows how much our finances are at risk from COVID-19 in th hospital.

The article says: When Danni Askini started feeling chest pain, shortness of breath and a migraine all at once on a Saturday in late February, she called the oncologist who had been treating her lymphoma. Her doctor thought she might be reacting poorly to a new medication, so she sent Askini to a Boston-area emergency room. There, doctors told her it was likely pneumonia and sent her home.

Over the next several days, Askini saw her temperature spike and drop dangerously, and she developed a cough that gurgled because of all the liquid in her lungs. After two more trips to the ER that week, Askini was given a final test on the seventh day of her illness, and once doctors helped manage her flu and pneumonia symptoms, they again sent her home to recover. She waited another three days for a lab to process her test, and at last she had a diagnosis: COVID-19.

A few days later, Askini got the bills for her testing and treatment: $34,927.43. “I was pretty sticker-shocked,” she says. “I personally don’t know anybody who has that kind of money.”

The patient described was uninsured, but according to the article, even those with full insurance should expect deductibles and co-pays to run into thousands!

The way to escape the dangers of the low performance, high cost, health care system, is to not need it.  Declare health independence… and create natural good health.  There are dozens of simple, really low costs steps that can improve health… eating, purification, exercise, even the way we think and don’t think when we sleep.

Healing wisdom from around the world can help us reduce our pandemic risks.

For over 50 years my wife Merri and I have lived around the world and checked out just about every source on natural health care.  We have spent years living with natural health care insiders, and trying what they offered.  We have taken science based, western oriented healers of every type, who are interested in looking beyond the standard alleopathic model.

Since not everyone can travel the world, we have created three “Natural Health Care Reports” that can help improve your natural health.  They are concise and to the point.  In 15 minutes the first report shows exactly how to start preparing for better health and more energy.

You do not have to be alone.

You do not have to depend on the health care and health insurance monopolies for better health.

You do not have to cave into a healthcare system that can put us at risk and charge outrageous prices at the same time.

Our natural health reports provide information on how to use ancient health care systems to become more healthy –  self sufficient – providing your own good health.

Imagine… never worrying about what we eat ever again and reducing the risks of hospitalization and health care’s outrageous costs.

A few of the life balancing nutritional tips in the reports

These recipes are easy to make, delicious to eat, inexpensive but contain balanced and healthy foods, prepared in a shamanic way.

This report includes a complete list of EZ to use recipes that will immediately improve your short term energy… and your long term natural health – so that you never have to guess what foods you need (or rely on the health care establishment  to tell you the truth).

quinoa pancakes

One of the recipes is for high protein Chocolate Quinoa Pancakes.

Recipes include:

  • Carrot Cake Quinoa Brownie with Stevia

  • Thermos Quinoa Kichiri

  • High Protein Veggie Almond Savory Cottage Pie

  • Mild Turmeric Curry

  • Low Carb Quinoa Tapioca Crumble

  • Merri’s Blackberry Crumble with Quinoa and Stevia

  • Merri’s Quinoa Strawberry Shortcake

  • Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread

  • Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread Dressing

  • Quinoa Risotto With Arugula and Parmesan

  • Timbal of Quinoa topped with Ginger or Parmesan Cheese

  • Quinoa Gazpacho With a Sherbert of Coriander

  • Quinoa Taboleh

  • Mango Quinoa Salad

  • Quinoa Avocado Curry

Here are a few facts and health tools you gain in these three report:

*  The single biggest constraint you’ll face in your eating habits  – and how you can eliminate it by adding two simple recipes.

*  The best long term solution for avoiding sugar.

*  Spices that cleanse and purify.

*  The best times to eat specific foods.

*  Three teas that add a resilience to your natural health system that are easy to make and enjoy at home at a low cost.

*  Why it is good (in fact almost a requirement) to sometimes eat junk food.

All of this information is in the first of the three natural health reports.

Special and delicious, but fast and healthy recipes.

Merri received these notes from readers of the three reports:

Though I ate more than ever, my weight dropped and I lost two inches off my waist.” – S.H. Oregon

The life path altering effects from the weekend with you and Merri continue. Thank you again. I have begun to change my diet. Bless you!” – D.B. Connecticut

The technical information I gathered was most not new to me, but I like to compliment you for putting it all in the right perspective and to make it very understandable to all“. – E.V. Florida

The three reports focus on how to have good natural health so you can remain independent and avoid costly medical care.  The second report looks at purification and detoxification.

The third report is about exercise… but not the type you would think.

Unlock the Mystery of Key Muscles

For example this third report unveils one exercise that is a nutritional trick that has nothing to do with what we eat.  The trick is to energize and coordinate the digestive system by exercising a set of key muscles as we eat.  The body has a number of key muscles that regulate breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination and muscular motion.  The report  reveals an exercise you can do at the dinner table to energize these muscles which in turn coordinate every other muscle and organ in the body.  Eating in this way for example (most of the modern world does not) energizes just one key muscle that regulates part of our ability to burn sugars and fat.

The report looks at EZ to use exercises for oxygenation, coordination, purification, energy boosting, education, occupation and relaxation.

Good health is the most important asset in stressful times.  Beyond the fact that modern health intervention (ie. hospital) can destroy one’s finances, being in good health brings the energy and balance required to make sound investing and business decisions.

There are many ways to improve health naturally.


Watching the sun rise promotes good natural health for example.  Our use of color and observing the correct colors (frequencies) at the correct time are important.

We have been incorporating ideas on how natural health promotes everlasting wealth into our courses and seminars for decades and this report covers them all.

A few of the dozens of main points covered in the reports include:

#1: Three ways to integrate brain waves and be in the zone… 60 cycle sound… L- theanine and Baroque music.

#2: How dis-ease develops and is stopped with nutrition, exercise and purpose.

#3: How to use cleansings. Melon, pineapple, apples-grapes, vareshna, chelating, cinnamon-sweet pepper tea, steam and mists.  Teas: How and when to use cedron, chamomile, lemon verbena, peppermint.

#4: Ways to relax.  How to use chamomile, valerian, lettuce and milk, hot water, vata press. Ways to calm down. How to use peppermint tea, aloe, cream massage, frozen grapes.  Ways to wake up. How to use cinnamon tea, paprika, cloves, ginger, ginger-black salt and lemon juice.

#5: How to use, colors and sound to stimulate organs and glands.

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Gain Amazing Health Benefits with the Hogberry

More than 100 studies have found that physical activity can lower cancer risk and even help cure cancer.  Fortunately researchers asked why and one answer became clear.  Body fat.

Studies showed that those who were most active have a 25% lower chance of developing cancer because reduced body fat is possible pathway to lowering cancer risk.  Time Magazine has some good information on the relationship between exercise and reducing cancer.  Have a look below if you want to research more deeply (2).

intermittent fastng

Graph showing benefits of burning toxic fat.

Fortunately there is a little known way to reduce body fat that does not even require exercise  by burning fat to burn inner toxins

When you burn fat not primarily for weight loss, (though you will lose weight) but for purification, you turn on the body’s detox fuel.  There is a way of eating that helps reduce weight, improve energy and purify the body as it returns to a state of natural health.

This is why I have written a report entitled “The FAST Way to Better Health” that features one special tea so an intermittent fasting routine becomes doable and enjoyable.

The Key is in the Hogberry

I accidentally stumbled across the secret of the hogberry, that not only stops hunger but more importantly speeds up the process of switching from sugar metabolism to fat metabolism AND assists in the purifying process.

“The FAST Way to Better Health” shows how to use the hogberry  to lose weight and detoxify fat cells so you reduce risks of cancer, heart disease diabetes and senility.

More important you learn how to feel better almost from the very first day.  Reduce stress, gain smooth steady energy without 10:30am and 3:00pm  droops. Find out how to avoid being hungry right after you eat and how to make the cravings for sweets and junk food all but disappear.

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(1)  Coronavirus treatment cost

(2) Exercise & cancer


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