Really Special Ecuador Rose Deal

Here’s a way to enjoy a really special rose deal, even for an entire year if you choose.

I try to have a fresh bouquet of 24 Ecuador roses at our home all the time.? Now a special offer makes this easier and less expensive for you as well.

When I get my two dozen roses, I can normally make them last, looking good, for ten to 14 days.

Here’s what I do.? I split the 24 roses into three long stem bouquets.? After four to seven days, depending on how the roses are looking, I shorten the stems and start to separate and redo the bouquets.

The trick to keep them fresh and beautiful is to make sure each rose is getting plenty of water by shortening their stems.

I took these shots of two dozens roses, (12 Freedom Red variety and 12 Mondial Pinks) I received last week.? Sorry for the poor image quality, these were shot? with my cell phone (my Leica is on the blink).

The original long stem bouquets iopened beautifully, the pinks huge and magnificent.? By this morning they were ready for a trim.

So in our dining area I shortened the stems.? Here are part of the Mondial Pinks. They look great!


The rest of the pink roses remain in the kitchen. ? They are so huge that five of them make a really nice presentation.


Freedom Reds are my favorite so I like to scatter them around the house.

I shortened the stems on these three and they sit in our breakfast nook.


Two more reds sit behind our sofa in the main living area.


One red was suffering and required a ultra short stem to get it water.? That rose looks nice on the coffee table using a shot glass as the vase.


So when our Ecuador rose supplier Hugh Prather, sent me this note:? Gary, if you would like to offer your subscribers a one time order for 24 stems at my cost, $49.95 delivered, let me know. I would like to bring some hope and color into our lives at this time as well as help the people of Ecuador.

That’s a $21.05 reduction off the normal $71 for two dozen fresh roses price… a huge 30% savings .

I had an idea and asked Hugh if he would be able to sign up readers for a year… to receive two dozen Ecuador rose, every two weeks… always at the ultra low price of $49.95.

He said sure!

You have two options.

You can order two dozen Ecuador roses one time for $49.95 right now.? Use the coupon “rosesavingsbygary” for the one-time order.? You save $21.05.? This coupon is valid through Saturday, June 13th.? Click here.

The second option (I am taking) locks in this ultra low price of $49.95 for the next twelve months.? You’ll have fresh Ecuador roses in your home or to give as gifts, and save $505.20 over the year.

To gain the year long price guarantee, place your first order now.? You’ll get Freedom Reds in your first order and up to two other varieties if you choose.? Hugh will work with you personally by email to help you choose the colors you desire.

Every second week Hugh will charge your credit card $49.95 and send you another two dozen magnificent Ecuador roses.

He will work personally with you to choose the varieties you desire for each order as well as provide tips on how to make your roses remain beautiful for longer periods of time.

You can cancel the special orders at any time.

To lock in this wonderful 30% savings for an entire 12 months and get your first bouquet of 24 roses headed to you, Click here.

This is a win, win for everyone… to continually have beautiful roses in the home and to help Hugh assist the rose workers of Ecuador keep their jobs.