The Importance of Agility.

Success does not come from correctly anticipating the future but from adapting to the here and now.

We used to need to be fast on our feet.  The world has shifted.  Agility of the mind is more important now.


Stephen Hawking was a super smart guy and even with ALS  he managed to live well into his 70s.  One of his quotes has always inspired me and seems especially relevant at this time.

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

The need for adaptability has never been greater than it is now. The ability for people, teams and organizations to adapt to changes in their environments, stay relevant and avoid obsolescence is the defining characteristic between success and failure, growth and stagnation, profit and bankruptcy.

Some events are so unpredictable that it is not worth trying to plan for them, but when they take place we need to focus our minds so we can adapt.

Here’s something to consider… seven habits that help create agile thinking.

#1: Agile thinkers are curious and willing to experiment.  Consider ways to be open to change, to accept how things are now, not how they were and how to always keep learning.

#2: See opportunity where others see failure.  Look for the silver lining in the clouds and the phoenix that will arise from the ashes.

#3: Adaptable people are resourceful. Develop habits that create staying power.  If we can imagine how change will affect the future and act on our beliefs, we also need the ability to hang on until our visions become real.   You can take away a person’s resources, but you can’t remove resourcefulness.  Think in terms of multiple solutions and

#4: Think ahead, but also take care of the here and now.  Always be open to opportunity, keeping looking for improvement; minor changes that can turn ordinary into extra-ordinary because they’re not married to the one-size-fits-all solution.

# 5.  Be proactive and accept that you can’t control external influences.  Adapt to things new that make sense to you and be willing to forego the old.  Adaptable people don’t fixate on the good old days but instead absorb, understand and move on.

#6:  Stay current.  The great new idea you have will soon be old!

#7:  Look for underlying causes.  Look to understand the forest rather than just a few trees.  Build a repertoire of context from which you can use as a springboard that is your platform for agility.

Most of all practice concentration because this is the most rewarded ability on earth.   The longer one can concentrate on one thing… the more one can accomplish… the more the knowing… the greater the understanding…. the wealthier the act.


This Shaolin priest shows how to get a finger on how to be extraordinary in everyday life.  This is possible only through incredible concentration and it is said that only two people in the world can do this.

None of us will probably gain this type of concentration, but there are three steps to being unbelievably smarter in a relaxed way…  #1: having correct thoughts… #2: being able to focus on these thoughts and #3: being able to stay focused on the correct thoughts.

How can we have correct thoughts in this era of fake news.  What can we really believe?

First, read, listen or watch numerous sources of information that disagree.  Second, apply logic and math to what your sources say.  Remember that most news is conjecture and opinion.., not fact.

Then how can we focus on the questions in business (and life) that are beyond logic?  Relaxed concentration can help answer the questions that our thinking minds cannot cope with.  We need to see beyond the phony data that echos through so much of the world.

Independent thinkers learn how to make decisions using intuition as well as logic since when there is no previous experience to base a premise upon.

Because we can never know the unknown, our the best way to feel ourselves forward is “gravitate towards what feels good”.   Look for that which appeals to the heart as well as the brain.

Here is one way to use relaxed concentration to super brainstorm and open our creative minds.

Write by hand for about ten minutes a list of thoughts about a question you have.

Meditate of listen to Baroque largo music for ten to twenty minutes.   Think of nothing in particular and let your thoughts flow.  At the end of this relaxation write down whatever is in your mind.

Whatever you write down after the session will contain clues that can help you feel and think your way to a good decision.

This is a system we use in our business and writing courses that helps unlock and integrate intuition with logic.

Look for the path that provides the most fulfillment and satisfaction.  There is no better way to earn than through your passion.  You can make money in infinite ways and it is not the career path you choose but your attitude to the process.

Achieving anything you desire is success. When you measure success by fulfillment, as well as finance, everything comes more easily with concentration.

The workshop described below includes a 17 minute MP3 relaxation session that uses Baroque music and visual imagery to stimulate relaxed concentration.


How to Create Mental Agility

Be smarter… more energetic…. healthier… more relaxed.

That’s the way to get ahead!

Create more income opportunity.  Reduce stress.  Improve your health.  Be naturally smarter… use Super Thinking.

You can improve your IQ in just weeks.

You might well ask… How is this possible?

Here’s how the scientists say it is possible.

A Wall Street Journal article entitled “Ways to Inflate Your IQ”(1)  show how you can be smarter and actually add matter to your brain.  The article says:

           Many people think of IQ as a genetic trait, like brown eyes or short legs: You’re born with it and you’re stuck with it.

Now, a growing body of research is showing that a person’s IQ can rise—and even fall—over the years.

Scores can change gradually or quickly, after as little as a few weeks of cognitive training, research shows.

British students were given IQ tests and brain scans at ages 12 to 16 and again about four years later.  9% of the students showed a significant change of 15 points or more in IQ scores.

The study published in Nature said that on a scale where 90 to 110 is considered average, one student’s IQ rose 21 points to 128 from 107, lifting the student from the 68th percentile to the 97th compared with others the same age. 

MRIs in this study showed changes in gray matter in areas corresponding to fluctuations in the kid’s skills.

There are practical steps people can take to see longer-term IQ changes.  New tasks stimulate the brain most.  Young adults given just one month of intense training in juggling, found an increase in the corresponding gray matter in the brain as early as seven days after the training began.

Fluctuations in IQ scores over time underscore the brain-boosting benefits of musical training and new experiences throughout a lifetime.

Music lessons are linked to higher IQ throughout life.  Six years’ lessons lifted children’s IQ scores an average 7.5 points.

 Improve the brain through music… without lessons.

Here’s the Super Thinking story…

The educational program Merri and I developed uses a form of brain wave integration that increases IQ.

Super Thinking uses frequency (in music and a number of other ways) to integrate brain waves so the process of absorbing, processing and recalling information is vastly accelerated.  The music creates the three C’s:  Calm, Clarity and Coherence.

This Super Thinking program is not a gimmick or trick… just advanced education.

Certain types of Baroque music are the base, and they make you smarter!


At least four best selling books, “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain”,  “Superlearning”, the “Mozart Effect” and “Superlearning 2000″ showed how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

This Baroque music tactic alone is so powerful that Small Business Innovation Research… an official site of the US government granted over $100,000 for the specific purpose they said was: to provide a method to remove barriers which hinder or prevent the employment of blind persons.  An innovative method, the Lozanov Learning System, is proposed to help train blind persons to become computer programmers and operators of automated equipment.

Merri was among just a few who learned this technique directly from Dr. Lozanov the time he visited the USA.

Our Super Thinking workshop enhanced this system with numerous other tactics.

We added slight alterations in nutrition that create a higher IQ.   Altered nutritional tips in Super Thinking can make anyone 25% smarter!

Baroque Music and nutrition are just part of seven, easy to use, learning techniques that make you smarter.

Gain any skill, from computers to athletics to conversational languages…in less time…two-to-five times faster.

Here’s a huge bonus.  Super Thinking also relieves stress.  Super Thinking is fun.

You can use a Super Thinking focus in everything:  health… earning… education… investing.

Super Thinking works on the learner first…the data second.  This system “grows the learner” rather than the information.

If you have 4.5 inches of information flowing through a 4 inch learning pipe, the solution is not to add another inch of information.  The answer is create a six inch IQ pipe!

Share our years of experience.

For nearly 50 years, Merri and I have conducted hundreds of courses and tours for tens of thousands, in dozens of countries (even behind the Iron Curtain).  Our Super Thinking Workshop has been one of the most profound.  Now the workshop is even better online because it condenses Super Thinking so you can increase your IQ, at home… right away.

The workshop shows how these mind expanding tactics can be applied to starting and running a business for extra income, to forex trading and investing.  Athletes of all types… golfing being one common sport benefit.  Our Super Thinking plan goes far beyond Lozanov and allows you to rapidly get smarter in every part of your life.

For example, real estate broker, Suzy Kurinsky took the workshop to help her learn Spanish.

She wrote: “You are the BEST!!! Your Seminar was fantastic! I am so excited. I had procrastinated fulfilling my continuing education for my Broker’s License and then just before my surgeries, I realized by expiration date isn’t Nov. 12th – it is Sept 12th. Prior to taking your course I had only completed 3 units of the required 45 units. I thought I would take your course and then complete my remaining 42 units over the next 2 weeks. However, I took one class exam on Saturday night, August 27th. I didn’t even take the cellophane off the required Course manuals until after I saw the two of you today less than 5 hours ago! I used your techniques and completed 39 units of continuing education today. I have now completed all 45 units. All of my test scores were in the 90.6-96% range.  My course exam information is listed below. I just wanted to let you know how valuable your course was to me. Thanks again!”

Super thinking can improve almost anything you do… faster, better, more fun and with less stress.

Another attendee to the Super Thinking Workshop sent this note.

 Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Super Learning + Spanish!  I really enjoyed the workshop and getting to know you.   I can see several ways to apply what I learned in the classes I teach.

Since I returned home, I have purchased some of the CDs of Baroque music and thought about which specific pieces will work best in different parts of my classes.  I am also reading Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra.  I found your discussion of this book to be very helpful in showing how to balance one’s life.  I have adjusted my daily schedule, and I can already notice a difference in my productivity.

Super Thinking can help improve your health. Super Thinking can make you rich and add richness to your life.

However the time, travel expense and workshop cost (delegates have paid up to $999) have prohibited many from getting this benefit.

That’s why we have created the workshop in electronic form.  Get Super Thinking online for less than fifty bucks.

You can order the online Super Thinking Workshop here ($49.95)

Relax in the Secret Rose Garden.

The workshop is divided into two parts.  Part one is the application… the sessions that tell you exactly what to do, what music to use and even includes two recorded sessions based around a secret rose garden that you can use.  We have kept this portion short and simple so you can easily start immediately.

Part two is a longer portion on theory.

Part one is enough.

Super Thinking is like jogging… giving results if you simply do it!

You do not have to know why Super Thinking works to increase your IQ.   But Part Two explains why you are getting the good results from Part One, if you want to know.

You might ask…”Will it work for me”?

The Super Thinking Workshop will help increase your IQ.

Our guarantee.

I guarantee it.  Order the Super Thinking Workshop.  Use it for two months.  If you are not totally satisfied… in any way, during that time, simply let me know and I’ll send a full refund… immediately… no questions asked.

Order the online Super Thinking Workshop here ($49.95)

Another Super Thinking workshop attendee wrote: Listening to the two of you during our time together has suddenly got me to thinking, and although some of the ideas still seem foreign to me,  I am at a point in my life now where I can say, “anything is possible”.   I am now willing to embrace and allow myself to experience the world of possibility and let it take me in directions I may have in the past resisted.  I really don’t know where all this is going to lead me but I am now willing to explore, develop and grow.   Thank you again for a wonderful four days!!

Inflation is a cheat… a crime when it comes to money.  Inflating your IQ to beat inflation is simple good sense.  Learn Super Thinking now with no risk.  Begin to increase your intelligence today.

Order the online Super Thinking Workshop  $49.95.


(1) Read Wall Street Journal article Ways to Inflate Your IQ

(2) See government grant records on teaching blind persons with the Lozanov method