The Five Levels of Viral Immunity

There are five ways our system fights viral infections. 

That’s why I recommend reading a rather long and somewhat complicated but vitally important article “How does the body’s immune system work against viruses?” (1).

corona virus

The ability to defend and control virus invasion in the body begins with mucus physical barriers that form the first level of immunity.

Complements in the blood form the second level of immunity. Lung epithelial cells themselves form a third level of immunity. Innate immune cells form the fourth level of immunity.  B cells and T cells form the fifth level of immunity.

The article says about the first level of immunity: When a new type of coronavirus in the air enters the body through breathing, dense nose hairs are distributed in the nasal cavity, which directly blocks the invasion of the virus into the deep. At the same time, the virus will stimulate the nerve endings of the nasal mucosa, causing the body to sneeze. The mechanical invasion will exhaust the invading virus discharge.

This can explain that when people around you sneeze, you often say “Did you catch a cold” (the cold is mainly caused by a virus infection), and the scientific basis behind it.

In particular, the surface of the trachea and bronchus is a layer of mucous membrane composed of ciliated epithelial cells, mucus-secreting goblet cells, and immune cells. The smooth muscle layer is beneath the mucosal layer.

When the virus invades, goblet cells secrete mucus on the one hand, and smooth muscles strongly contract on the other hand, which produces symptoms of cough and sputum, and expels the virus wrapped in sputum.

Each of these five aspects is important, but it is clear that their contribution is unequal, and we are not clear about the exact contribution of each aspect.

Even if we know its contribution and how to evaluate each aspect, there are currently no corresponding means and evaluation indicators.

For an individual, the thicker the nose hair and the more mucus secreted by the mucous membrane, the easier it is to expel the virus physically;

To assure the best change for a strong first level of immunity we need well balanced smooth (ring) muscles.   The mucous membranes of the brochcial tubes are lined with a  smooth muscle layer  that secretes mucus.

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ring muscle book

The discovery has changed my health for the better.   The secret has to do with ring (smooth) muscles and reaches the deepest roots of natural health.  The knowledge is so powerful, so simple and because it is absolutely free, hardly ever discussed or offered by health care professionals in Canada or the USA.

I gained the secret during one of our health secrets learning journeys.  There is a great book store in the village of Salt Springs , B.C. that we visited and there I found the book, “Secret of the Ring Muscles” by Paula Garbourg.  Ring muscles include the muscles around the eyes, the nostrils, anus, urethra, genitals, throat and the mouth.

The health secret comes from the fact that in a healthy body, all sphincters work together, contracting and relaxing simultaneously.  They also activate the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the musculoskeletal system and the urogenital system.  Ring muscles are ultimately responsible for putting all the other muscles and all the organs of the body to work.

If the ring muscles are out of balance, then it is enormously hard to keep the skeleton, muscles and organs in good health.


Ring muscle exercises are simple, easy and cost nothing!

Balancing the ring muscles can help tackle 21 health imbalances such as obesity.  I do the obesity exercise twice a day personally.  It’s as simple as “chewing in the correct way”.  The Secret of the Ring Muscles” shows 20 other imbalances that ring muscles can address below.

This exercise does not take extra time.  This does not cost a thing and anyone can do it.   Yet this is one of the most deeply profound exercises there is because not only does it jump start the toning of the entire body, but helps overcome overeating.   Overeating is a very common problem and is fundamentally a result of poor muscle tone of the oral sphincter.  When our sphincter muscles are out of balance, the body tries to restore them by chewing.

Properly balanced ring muscles can help improve immunity against viral infections.

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Haya Garbourg is the daughter-in-law of the founder and developer of the Paula Method.  She was certified by Paula Garbourg as a Paula Method practitioner in 1979.  Haya worked alongside of Paula and for several years, including visits and treatment to institution of children with disabilities and homes for the elderly.

Learn 21 Imbalances that Ring Muscle Exercises Have Helped

The Garbourg Institute reports that systematic exercising of the ring muscles strengthens weakened muscles and malfunctioning organs and limbs.  30 minutes a day of ring muscle exercises will take pain away – heal, rejuvenate and strengthen the body.  Exercising can be done while driving, watching TV, or sitting by your computer.  No exercising instruments are required!  These exercises commonly result in the curing or relief of pain and discomfort that are induced by:

Aging – Reports from people who have done ring muscle exercises suggest that it is possible to restore affected muscles to more of less competent action by means of these easy to perform exercises. Find out the type of changes you can expect in your body as you continue aging — and what you can do to promote better health.

Arthritis –  Individuals with arthritis can benefit from ring muscles exercise to prevent the joints from becoming stiff and the range of movement limited.  Ring Muscles exercises have been shown to significantly improve function, decrease pain, and delay or avoid the need for surgical intervention in advanced cases. The exercises has been shown to be more effective than medications in treating osteoarthritis of the knee. Exercise often improves muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

Hemorrhoids – Circulatory problems such as hemorrhoids are often a result of improper breathing. According to Ludwig Hofbauer, author of The Pathology and Therapy of Breathing (Springer, 1921), the act of breathing has a direct effect on the blood vessels.  One prolonged ring muscle exercise helps to flatten the spine, enables the lower sphincter to contract and relax, and helps the blood in the veins to low back as it should.

Asthma / Respiratory Problems – Many people with asthma and other respiratory ailments have reported significant improvement, even with complete normalization of their breathing as a result of doing ring muscle exercises.

Depression – Ring muscle exercises have a very beneficial effect on people suffering from depression and help healing from depression.  People who are depressed usually have a bad posture-their shoulders are slumped, their heads bowed, and the corners of their mouths pulled down.  Ring muscles exercises help the the body start self healing from depression.

Backaches -Backaches are caused by muscle and tendon strain and sprain, muscle tension, emotional stress, poor posture and many other reasons.  Not exercising is also a big reason for back pain.  Ring muscle exercises improve the body’s posture and ease the tension and eventually eliminate many backaches.  There are a number of ring muscle exercises that are beneficial for this.

Incontinence – Natural exercises of the ring muscles are a healthy and easy way to achieve incontinence control and also eliminate constipation.

Scoliosis –  Ring Muscles exercises are found to affect the body’s posture and the back position. By combining ring muscle exercises with appropriate massage, positive results and changes may be achieved.

Improved Appearance – Many people have a “sluggish” appearance caused by poor posture.  One main cause is malfunctioning of the chest muscles and diaphragms resulting from a weak front sphincter.

Road Accidents Rehabilitation – As in most ailments, also people that suffered injuries during car accident, usually require multiple treatments depending on the type of injuries.  They may have suffered Head Injuries, Neck Injuries, Back Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries,  Internal Injuries or in many cases of Psychological injury.

Flat Feet – Everyone knows what flat feet are.  But not everyone knows that they can often be brought back to a normal state.  Ring muscle exercises are used to straighten the body, these results in the lifting of fallen arches, and the feet gradually begin to work and become more flexible

Vocal Cord Problems –  Patients who engaged in ring muscle exercises regained control over their vocal cord, gained relief from pain and discomfort and problems created by Acid Reflux .

Ring muscle exercises can also help with Childbirth, Flat Feet, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Bed-wetting, Prolapse of the Uterus, Retardation, Dyslexia, Scoliosis, Speech Impediments, Autism, Digestive Problems and Road Accident Rehabilitation.

Plus as mentioned ring muscles play a vital role in the immune system.

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