Two Steps to Watch for Recovery

Watching the pandemic recovery process can help us choose a prosperity path.

Global catastrophic events are crossroads that create many types of change, some good for some, some bad for others.

Natural disasters are really not calamities.  They are simply the unfolding of creation, when humanity is not prepared.   Tragedy and adversity are nature’s tools to move us along and because we are the most adaptable creature on this beautiful blue and green planet, that’s what we do… adapt.  Not many other life forms we know can live well at the equator as well as the north and south poles, in desert and surrounded by sea, in hot and cold, at below sea level and breathless altitude, in city and wilderness.  We adapt to them all.

We can personally turn the results of this pandemic into a positive result if we look for ways to help others prepare and adjust to life as it will now be.

First we need to understand that this is not a terminal event, so we should ask ourselves and and get ready for… “what’s next?”


This storm will pass.  We just cannot see where its winds will take us… yet.

To start formulating ideas on how a post COVID-19 society will evolve, we can begin by watching for how society recovers.

There are two paths of recovery.

In one case, we’ll pretty well eradicate the disease (as with small pox and polio).   If this is the case, being involved in the viral destruction might be a pretty good thing!

The other road to recovery is, that we (mankind) get over the fear, adapt, accept the consequences of a regular occurrence of COVID-19 and move on.

The information, products, services and attitudes that will unfold in each scenario will be quite different.

There is an excellent read in the Financial Times, an article by history professor Yuval Noah Harari, “The world after coronavirus”.   This is worth a read.

His first point is crucial to know… he says: “This storm will pass. But the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come.”

Then Harari warns us of two very important issues, privacy and nationalism.  They’ll have a major impact on post COVID-19 life so watching to see how these issues evolve can help us anticipate what society and the economy will be.

The article says: Many short-term emergency measures will become a fixture of life. That is the nature of emergencies. They fast-forward historical processes. Decisions that in normal times could take years of deliberation are passed in a matter of hours. Immature and even dangerous technologies are pressed into service, because the risks of doing nothing are bigger.

In this time of crisis, we face two particularly important choices. The first is between totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment. The second is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity.

He points out that when it comes to privacy, governments can monitor people, and punish those who break rules because technology now makes it possible to monitor everyone all the time.

The technology can be effective but “would give legitimacy to a terrifying new surveillance system”.

Asking people to choose between privacy and health is, in fact, the very root of the problem. Because this is a false choice. We can and should have both privacy and health.

Because this is a false choice. We can and should enjoy both privacy and health. We can choose to protect our health and stop the coronavirus epidemic not by instituting totalitarian surveillance regimes, but rather by empowering citizens. In recent weeks, some of the most successful efforts to contain the coronavirus epidemic were orchestrated by South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. While these countries have made some use of tracking applications, they have relied far more on extensive testing, on honest reporting, and on the willing co-operation of a well-informed public.

He uses washing our hands with soap as an example.  This is a great advance in hygiene that we take for granted, but only 100 or so years ago this idea was pretty unknown.

Well before the pandemic, we washed our hands because we understand the benefits, not because they are afraid of the soap police.

The key Harari explains is trust.

But to achieve such a level of compliance and co-operation, you need trust. People need to trust science, to trust public authorities, and to trust the media. Over the past few years, irresponsible politicians have deliberately undermined trust in science, in public authorities and in the media. Now these same irresponsible politicians might be tempted to take the high road to authoritarianism, arguing that you just cannot trust the public to do the right thing.

So watch to see how the surveillance issue evolves.

One idea that is being touted as a way out of this pandemic is described as isolate, test, and trace.

This idea of contact tracing, is the bread and butter of outbreak tracking.  The tactic is to find someone who’s sick, ask them where they’ve gone, who they’ve spent time with. Then go find those people, and keep going until you’ve found everyone affected.

Some countries are taking this concept seriously.

India is forcing people to use its Covid-19 app, unlike any other democracy.  Millions of Indians have no choice but to download the country’s tracking technology if they want to keep their jobs or avoid reprisals.

For example the US is testing the idea of checking temperatures of air passengers.  This might seem a small steps, but rarely do we give always our privacy in big steps.

A bill currently proposed in Congress titled “H.R. 6666 — COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone,” or the TRACE Act is even more frightening.

It would provide $100 billion for the Health and Human Service Department for the purpose of “diagnostic testing for COVID–19, to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals and provide, “as necessary, testing [for] individuals and … services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.”

The intention is scary to me that we could be forced into a system that allows the government to monitor the physical contacts between every group and individual for us to accept “services” related to testing and quarantine at our residence.

I hate those two words “as necessary” in the hands of bureaucrats.

Watch for other invasions in our privacy.

We can use this information in many ways.  Take for example forex markets.  Countries that apply strict surveillance are likely to lose productivity and over time the currency of those countries will weaken versus countries that rely on trust and transparent information to empower its workforce.

There will be many ways that the surveillance issue will evolve, so watching for this with the understanding that spying on citizens requires force, but gaining trust and informing citizens creates power.

Power is like gravity and supports all things.  Force,  on the other hand, automatically creates resistance.

Power is complete and requires nothing from outside.  Force is incomplete and expensive as it must continually be fed.

Power consumes nothing and energizes and supports.  Force has an insatiable appetite and constantly consumes, weakens and erodes.

So look for places that use the pandemic to raise the public’s ability to maintain better health in the post COVID-19 era as it will protect against other maladies that might come along and surprise us.

Tomorrow’s message looks at the second step we need to watch, how a global plan to overcome COVID-19 will be important.


Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere

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I invite you to join Merri and me in expecting the world to get better… to live and earn based on that expectation but…  to also prepare for bad times as well as good.

Just in case… the world goes sideways… we will still survive and prosper.

We do not give up anything much.  We can enjoy the good parts of the new economy, as we protect ourselves from what can be bad.

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Dining room tables we worked from (and we also sold the tables for a profit).

You’ll even learn how to turn dining room tables into income and tax deductions as we have with these dining room tables we build out of local wood.

Let me be clear.  I expect that the world will get better, at least for the few who adapt and avoid the dangers that the changes from the COVID pandemic will bring. 

The wealth of the world, albeit with inequality, will continue to grow.  This collapse of the global economy will bring an incredible new opportunity for those who know what to do.  Thes profit making avenues offer enormous income potential and even work well in disaster scenarios.

Let me provide one simple, concrete example.  Ginseng.

This is a great health root.  The demand is growing especially in China.  At times good dried Ginseng sells for $1,000 a pound!  This is an incredible and easy crop to grow.   The less care you give it, the more valuable it can become.  Yet if everything goes south, the health qualities will be good to have and make it an excellent barter item.  Once you know what to do with ginseng, it’s easy to grow in your back yard.

Even better one of the best kept secrets is that ginseng and 125 other medicinal crops that are currently unsustainable but can be grown on land  that is extraordinarily cheap.

goldenseal ginseng

Ginseng we grew in our back yard.  I know about growing ginseng through experience and explain why and how in the report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere”.

Loquats are another example of an easy to grow crop that help promote natural health.


Here I am by one of the many loquat trees at our Florida farm.

Loquats are a great fruit for making jam and such, but the loquat leaf has amazing medicinal qualities.  Its is a registered medicine in China and due to its anti viral and respiratory system enhancing qualities has an especially  growing demand right now.   The images below from show that the leaves sell for about a dollar per leaf!

I have many trees on the farm but started growing loquat seedlings last year.


Loquat leaf tea has become really important during the pandemic due to its respiratory strengthening qualities.

I have been drinking a lot of home made loquat leaf tea during the pandemic.

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Fwd: gary-scott-tipis

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Our North Carolina greenhouse.

gary scott greenhouse

Our Florida greenhouse.

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merrily farms

This pond we created at our farm brought us pleasure but also helped create a safe, healthy food supply, extra income and a tax deduction as well.

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