Become Our Neighbor in Smalltown USA

Be our neighbor in Smalltown USA. 

Merrily Farms is our summer home, an isolated haven but with access to every convenience of the modern world.

Merrily Farms sits in the heart of this historical area graced by Little Horse Creek as the finest private estate in the area.

The farm reflects the modern nature of it storied history, remote, accessible, completely natural and independent, but connected in every way.  The farm estate is positioned deep in the Blue Ridge, near Whitetop Mountain, the Virginia Creeper Trail, Grayson Highlands State Park and the Appalachian Trail.

Complete with numerous springs, we have all our own pure water.

Fiber optics broadband, (a low cost 45 mbs is standard but up to to a gigabyte of bandwidth is available), allows the farm to be firmly connected with the modern world.

Little Horse Trail is part of the seven miles of road and trail that meander though the farm.




Little Horse Creek runs through the farm.

little horse creek

Trout our daughter caught in the creek

gary scott farm


Wild turkey in front yard

Little Horse Creek Autumn

A flock of wild turkey.


Deer in front yard

gary scott deer

Little Horse Creek

merrily farms

Entrance to farm



Picnic on deck for guests at the Creek Cabin


King bed in Creek Cabin


Kitchen in Creek Cabin


Creek below Creek Cabin



littlehorse creek farm

Building site included in 10 acres with Creek Cabin

littlehorse creek farm

Waterfall on building site included with Creek Cabin

Gary scott farm

Road on second creek on 10 acres with Creek Cabin

littlehorse creek farm

View of Creek Cabin from Little Horse Creek


These buildings make the farm perfect for family get togethers or a haven during natural disasters.

The farm sits on Little Horse Creek.  There trails, waterfalls, abundant wildlife and 17 minutes away is the Virgina Creeper Bike Path.  It is 30 minutes to the Appalachian Trail and 30 minutes to Grayson State park.

The farm is a short drive to Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail – The Crooked Road famous for the plaintive strains of the mountain ballads and toe-tapping, old-time dance music that echo across this region’s sharp ridges and deep valleys.

This is Norm Henderson – Doc Watson country and you can see the signs along the Trail as you explore the musical soul of these country connections and experience a unique and unforgettable experience.

The nearby town of West Jefferson is a perfect reflection of oldtime Smalltown USA with many popular attractions.

West Jefferson North Carolina

west jefferson coffee house

west jefferson

Free summer concerts are conducted on the backstreet. The Art’s council promotes the Old Time Musicians and Fiddler’s Convention.  There is a weekly Saturday and Wednesday farmers’ market, monthly gallery crawls, one of the biggest arts & crafts festivals in the high country, an antique festival, little theater performances, annual holiday events.

Farmers market

Back Street West Jefferson


West Jefferson has coffee houses, art galleries, studios featuring local and regional artists’.

Free summer Bluegrass concerts in West Jefferson

west jefferson

Farmers Market

North Carolina’s only cheese factory

west jefferson

Coffee shops

west jefferson coffee house

The Ashe County Arts Council showcases local artists with rotating exhibits and special events.  West Jefferson hosts a Christmas in July festival, attended by tens of thousands, and has 15 murals that create a walking tour throughout downtown.

This area is quiet and pollution free.  The stars are brilliant at night.  Crickets, katydids and frogs serenade every evening.  There are numerous picnics sites in the meadows and on the creek and the farmhouse has a huge front porch overlooking the creek.

Though it is known as the “Lost Province” Ashe county North Carolina is the cradle of one of America’s important historical events.

Tucked in along the North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee border the farm offers freedom from the “Madding Crowd” but is connected with the world in the most technological ways.

The farm is completely rural but in the middle of the Eastern USA, an equidistant drive to Orlando, New York, Chicago, St Louis and closer to cities such as Washington DC, Jacksonville, Memphis and Atlanta.   New four and six lane highways make Charlotte and the North Carolina Piedmont less than two hours away.  An expanded West Jefferson community airport now accepts private jets and an easy to use, regional airport is an hour and 30 minutes from the farm.  Numerous meadows are suited for conversion into helicopter landing pads.

Little Horse Creek is a tributary of Big Horse Creek, that runs into the New River and then flows into the Ohio, Mississippi and finally the Gulf of Mexico.  But it all begins here, in innumerable springs, each running though mountain hollows into an ever increasing flow.

This is New River Country, the oldest river in America and this provides added safety to the farm.  There is a general lack of seismic activity in the Southern Appalachians because they were formed over a billion years ago.  This created a stability that is well recorded in the rocks.  These rocks are at the core of our mountains formed when there was just one continent surrounded by one ocean.  Remnants of the super continent make up much of the Blue Ridge core and fragments of this billion-year old mass are still found at the surface in many places near our farm.

North Carolina had its earthquakes millennia ago.  In recent centuries damaging earthquakes have been rare, most are under a 3.0 magnitude.  All known faults in North Carolina are ancient and remain inactive.  Volcanic activity in the Blue Ridge occurred 300 to 400 million years ago, and all volcanoes have been extinct for at least 100 million years.

The county began in the mid 1700s as part of the Watauga Settlement now an area that composes Ashe, Watauga and Wilkes counties. Three main settlements were created by settlers who mostly came down the Great Valley through Virginia.

During the Revolutionary War, on September 25, 1780, a group called the Overmountain Men or Watauga Boys assembled on the Watauga River and began a march to Kings Mountain. The Battle of Kings Mountain began when the 900 Patriots (including John Crockett, father of Davy Crockett), approached the British supporters led by British Major Patrick Ferguson.

The battle lasted just 65 minutes but was a pivotal moment as the British rout forced British commander Lord Cornwallis to abandon his plan to invade North Carolina.

In his book, “The Winning of the West”, Theodore Roosevelt wrote: “This brilliant victory marked the turning point of the American Revolution.” Thomas Jefferson called it, “The turn of the tide of success.” President Herbert Hoover at Kings Mountain said, “This is a place of inspiring memories.  It’s significance, should place it beside Lexington, Bunker Hill, Trenton and Yorktown.”

A FIRMETTE is available that shows how the farm at 3,000 feet and rising is away from low laying areas and traditional storm and flood paths.

The altitude adds to comfort as well.  There are few biting insects and no poisonous snakes in the area.

This 200 acre Blue Ridge farm offers a one of a kind blend of nature integrated with modern world convenience, immersion in nature, away from the stresses of urban living, a pure, secluded  place to enjoy Smalltown USA.