LAST CHANCE: Claim Your Free Book Today

Two days ago, our friends at Independence Monthly  told how to get paid to watch TV and how they have created a new, never-before-published book that will teach you 135 tips and tricks to make the year ahead safer, richer, happier… more fulfilled and independent.  They made a special offer that’s about to expire.

LAST CHANCE: Claim Your Free Book Today

Success Is Shutting Us Down

Dear Gary Scott Reader,

As predicted, people are claiming their free books at a whirlwind pace.

It’s not surprising at all.

You don’t often get a chance to grab 135 of the most powerful life hacks out there – the sorts of secrets that show you exactly how your “lucky” neighbors wound up with millions in a bank, even though they don’t work any harder than you (they actually work less).

It’s not everyday you find out how to live a luxury lifestyle on a pauper’s budget…from claiming brand-new cars for free, to getting homes for a buck, to eating at five-star restaurants and getting paid for the privilege.

Most of all – you never see a book that helps you, not just increase your wealth, but takes aim at everything important to your independence and happiness. And tackles the whole kit and caboodle.

But The Secret Book of Free Life Hacks: 135 Easy, Underground Ways to Beat The System does all that, and more.

However, just as I feared – giving these books away free is proving too great a strain.  The demand is simply too high.

That’s why this offer shuts down at midnight Sunday January 21, 2018.

Act now to get your copy, before it’s too late.

Ryan Cole,

Publisher Independence Monthly

P.S. This is a hard deadline. After midnight, this upcoming Sunday, we’re going to have to start charging for these books – if we continue to supply them.  Claim yours today, you may never have another chance.



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