A Value Trend Emerges

Here is a quote from the introduction of our Purposeful investing Course.

Recent news about Social Security, pensions and health care shows that the US government has excessive debt.  We, as individuals, need tactics to make sure when governments, pensions and insurers weasel out of their promises, so that we can take care of ourselves.

One way to take care of our financial future is to seek value investments.  There is now extra value in Emerging Markets, and a value trend has emerged from this fact.

Our course on value investing, The Purposeful investing Course (Pi)  is a continual education program that learns by tracking model three mathematically based asset management systems to spot and understand value:  Keppler Asset Management, ENR Asset Management and Tradestops.com.

When two or three of these systems tell the same story, I pay special attention.

This is the case with emerging market valuations now.

Last week’s message Keppler’s Emerging Perspectives showed how China and India are pulling ahead of the Western World, in education for the future.

Tradestops.com’s latest review shows that emerging market stock markets are trending upwards in the here and now.

Richard Smith CEO of Tradestops.com (1) wrote:

Another Bullish Sign for Emerging Markets:

We’ve been bullish on emerging markets all year long. Now we’ve got another reason to be bullish, a reason with a 100% positive track record over the last 14 years.

Last December, we presented our bullish thesis on the emerging markets and EEM, the iShares Emerging Markets ETF.

Five weeks ago we wrote our latest article revealing why we believe the path of least resistance is to the upside – even with EEM trading at all-time highs.

EEM triggered a Stock State Indicator (SSI) Entry signal in August 2016. It twice touched just barely into the SSI Yellow Zone. The last brush was in December, but it has remained in the SSI Green Zone since then.


EEM Looks good but there is something better.

Keppler Asset Management’s October 2017 quarterly update showed that emerging markets offer better value than developed market at this time.


This chart from the Keppler Asset Management for October  2017 Emerging Market Value Analysis, shows how much better the MSCI emerging index is versus the MSCI developed market index.

EEM tracks the MSCI Emerging Markets, and we can see in the same chart that the “Top Value Portfolio” (currently 11 top value emerging markets) have an even better value than the emerging MSCI index.

Pi’s philosophy is to invest in these best value markets.  Investing equally in 11 iShare ETFs that each tracks one of the good value emerging markets which offers a better chance of the highest  long term growth than the MSCI Index for all emerging markets.

Here are the Keppler best value emerging markets.  We should note that due to political risk Keppler has reduced weighting in some emerging markets.


Here is the Emerging Market Pifolio we have tracked at Tradestops.com for the past two years.


The Pifolio is up 23.61% since we began tracking it.  There was no position in Russia or Poland as there were no ETFs to cover these positions when we began.  New ETFs for these markets have been added in 2017.

The emerging Pifolio was equally weighted in shares-not dollar amount-so it has grown lopsided and we have created a new more equally weighted portfolio to track and learn from in 2018.

You can gain from this new Equally Weighted Emerging market Pifolio as a subscriber to the Purposeful investing Course which in this special offer the subscription is FREE.

Whether you subscribe or not, when investing, always look for value and remember that you can create special opportunity when you spot trends as they emerge.


Join The International Club for all of 2018 NOW.  Save $418.78.

Club members participate in an intensive program called the Purposeful investing Course (Pi).  The purpose of Pi is finding value investments that increase safety and profit.  Learn Slow, Worry Free, Good Value Investing.

Stress, worry and fear are three of an investor’s worst enemies.  These destroyers of wealth can create a Behavior Gap, that causes investors to underperform in any market good or bad.  The behavior gap is created by natural human responses to fear.  Pi helps create profitable strategies that avoid losses from this gap.

Lessons from Pi are based on the creation and management of numerous Model Portfolios, called Pifolio.

We combine the research of several brilliant mathematicians and money managers with my years of investing experience.

There are no secrets about this portfolio except that these mathematicians  ignore the stories from economic news (often created by someone with vested interests) and is based mainly on good math that reveals the truth through financial news.

The Pifolio is a theoretical portfolio of MSCI Country Benchmark Index ETFs that cover all the good value markets using my 50 years of global experience and my study of the analysis of four mathematical investing geniuses (and friends).

This is a complete and continual study of what to do about the movement of international major and emerging stock markets.  I want to share this study throughout the next year with you.

This analysis forms the basis of a Good Value Stock Market Strategy.  The analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short term ups and downs.  This strategy is easy for anyone to follow and use.  Pi reveals the best value markets and provides contacts to managers and analysts and Country Index ETFs so almost anyone can create and follow their own strategy.

The costs are low and this type of ETF is one of the hardest for institutions to cheat.  Expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund.  Little knowledge, time, management or guesswork are required.  The investment is simply a diversified portfolio of good value indices.  Investments in an index are like investments in all the shares of a good value market.

Pi opens insights to numerous long term cycles that most investors miss because they have not been investing long enough to see them.

The Pi subscription is normally $299 per annum but as a club member you receive Pi at no charge and save $299.

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(1)  You can learn how to use Tradestops.com to improve investing discipline.

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