Beat the Blues With Blue Zones

Learn how to gain inner sunshine when feeling blue.

I’m an expert on beating the blues…

Self taught.

The family has a history of depression.  I suffered from SAD… might even be a carrier!

Autumn at our farm is glorious.


Everything about the Fall is uplifting to me.

Sunny, brisk days.

Blue skies.

Gold, crimson forests.

Katydid songs.

There is a sinister undertone though.  Winter’s coming!

We had our first freeze of the season yesterday.

The icy morning hastened this thought.  “Beat the blues!”

Our front yard becomes this.


Cold. Bleak. Windy. Grey.

My spirits sink at just the thought.

So we head south… winter nomads escaping the blues.

I also use numerous bits of ancient health wisdom to escape the blues, maintain high spirits and good natural health.

If you have any tendency towards this is why I recommend reading John Douillard’s article “Blue Zones Meet Ayurvedic Wisdom” (1).

The article says:  In the best-selling book, The Blue Zones of Happiness, Dan Buettner discovered 9 commonalities shared by centenarian cultures around the world.

In places like Loma Linda, California, Costa Rica, the islands of Okinawa, Sardinia and Greece’s Ikaria, people are living healthier, happier and longer than anywhere else in the world.

Dan Buettner and his team of medical researchers, anthropologists, demographers, and epidemiologists studied these diverse cultures and came up with the Power 9® Principles – the collective lifestyle characteristics employed by centenarian cultures.

When we compare the lifestyles of centenarians with ancient Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, we find some strong similarities:

Blue Zone:  Move naturally! None of them belong to gyms, compete in triathlons or work out, but they all move naturally throughout the day.

Ayurveda:  Ayurveda suggests exercising to only 50 percent of your capacity.  Nose breathing exercise and yoga, as written in my book, “Body, Mind and Sport”, are two strategies to infuse modern workouts with ancient longevity wisdom.

This Blue Zone research shows that “New Age” practices are not new at all but have been known and used for thousands of years.

The principles that have been reexamined in Blue Zones an help improve natural health, increase longevity and help eliminate the blues.

You can order “The Blue Zones of Happiness” at

blue zone

Get details at Click here.

During the years Merri and I lived with an Andean Shaman.  He taught us how to attain the best value in our exercise.

He never talked much about it… just led us by example. When we were hiking in mountains… at high altitude and the incline was steep… he would simply take smaller more frequent steps.  There is a sweet spot he told us where minimal effort brings maximum return.  This is simple value investing with your time for your natural health.

He always stressed not to be excessive.  After the sweet spot each extra effort brings less return until too much effort has the reverse effect and begins to deteriorate our natural health.

For example Jim Fixx the grandfather of jogging wrote this book and then died at age 52 while on a run.  Being extremely fit has little to do with having great health.

The April 28 edition of New York Times Sunday Magazine entitled “The Fitness Oracle” asked Dr. Michael Joyner, a physiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and an expert on exercise, what was the best exercise and how much was optimal.

He replied:   Walking is the simplest exercise, physiologically and logistically.

Just wear comfortable sneakers — they don’t need to be new or expensive — and set off.  Try to walk for half an hour. “Thirty minutes of moderately vigorous physical activity most days is really the sweet spot in terms of time versus benefit from an epidemiological perspective,” Joyner says. “Moderately vigorous” means that your heart pumps at 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate (which is broadly 220 minus your age for men, slightly less for women), or a pace at which you can talk to a companion but you’re puffing too much to sing.

These 30 minutes do not need to be completed in one chunk, either. “It is O.K. to break it up during the day into smaller bites,” Joyner says. And in fact, for certain groups of people, it’s probably more effective. In one 2012 study, adults at high risk of developing hypertension improved their blood pressure more effectively if they walked briskly three times a day for 10 minutes than if they did so once a day for half an hour.

There is another aspect of exercise that Joyner did not address… how to enjoy the process.

John Douillard’s book “Body, Mind, Sport” shows a simple way to make exercise easy and fun and how to get the best value in your exercise. His book teaches how to exercise just enough to get you to the sweet spot he calls the “Effortless Zone”.

Body Mind Sport

John shows how to understand your own unique mind-body type and then work on a continue routine of personal bests without stress or strain.

The books explains how each individual constitution changes during Winter, Spring and Summer so you can determine what exercises or sports are best suited to your mind-body type and what foods you should eat for optimum results.

The Body, Mind, and Sport approach helps decrease heart and breath rates while improving both fitness and performance. Dozens of world-class athletes, including Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King, have used John Douillard’s expert breathing techniques, dietary recommendations, and seasonally balanced workouts.

Learn about Body Mind & Sport at

“The Blue Zone of Happiness” and “Body, Mind, and Sport” examine wisdom we should all be familiar with.

Live longer.

Living happily,

Live in peace.

Live your dream.


(1) Blue Zones Meet Ayurvedic Wisdom

Beyond Chelation

Vitality Force provides a simple (and incredibly low cost) amino acid that can help improve cardiovascular systems, increase memory, improve vision, enhance vitality, expand energy and extend lifespan.

A delegate at one of our courses was a doctor in his eighties but who had the energy and looks of a much, much younger man.  When asked about his secret of youth he said his vitality was based on several factors.  A few of them you would expect, such as good diet, sufficient exercise and plenty of activity in a strong, purposeful life.  Then he explained another secret of his youth and energy: chelation.

This youthful doctor told us he had been running the largest I.V. chelation center in the United States from Hawaii. Hardening of the arteries is such a huge problem in our modern world that he was making a fortune.

Then, he said, he had learned about a vitamin-mineral formula that was so effective that he shut down his clinics and exclusively used this simple formula which he felt had better results than I.V. chelation therapy.

Years of research are behind this comprehensive cardiovascular nutritional supplement, designed to maintain and promote vascular health, mental and physical well being.

That client and doctor friend gave us a month’s supply of this formula.  He thought it would be excellent for us and would help us with traveling also.  Merri and I tried this product ourselves and felt better and better.

We have made it a point to take heart healthy supplements since.  We love the savings we enjoy with the mixed supplement we use.   It is so much less expensive than all the numerous other vitamins and minerals that we had been taking.  We actually were spending less!

The system we use is so convenient.  Everything is in one simple scoop of powder we take daily.  Especially when we travel we just bring along a packet for each day we are on the road.  No more loading up pill boxes or bringing bottles (or suitcases full of bottles) of vitamins and stuff.

As is so often the case when we like something we start talking about it and pretty soon, a batch of friends were taking Vitality Force and telling us great things about their experiences.  They reordered so much of it through that I decided to make it available to all my readers.

Let me begin by saying that Vitality Force has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease and should only be taken as a food supplement.  Having said this, I share information about Vitality Force below.

This supplement combines over two dozen ingredients, known to have beneficial effects, into one total cardiovascular support program.

Vitality Force’s main ingredient is L-arginine.  Studies have shown that L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, an important cardiovascular signaling molecule.

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is the biological precursor of nitric oxide.

The medical establishment has known about the benefits of nitric oxide as nitroglycerine and amyl nitrite which creates a flood of nitric oxide have been used in medicine for over a century.

Nitric oxide is an important signal and effector molecule made by the blood vessels’ lining. The endothelium is exquisitely sensitive to the physical and chemical conditions inside our blood vessels. When the endothelium senses heart-healthy conditions, such as physical activity and low cholesterol, it releases more nitric oxide.  That’s good because nitric oxide expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and decreasing plaque growth and blood clotting.

In 1998, three research scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine when they discovered the natural nitric oxide cycle in our cells.  Nitric oxide is essential to a vital natural cycle at the cellular level.  It is so  important in neuroscience, physiology, and immunology, that one year it was named “Molecule of the Year”.   Research into its function led to a Nobel Prize for discovering its importance as a cardiovascular signalling molecule. The nitric oxide cycle especially helps the heart.

Nitric oxide is the simple molecule that improves the flow of blood to the heart body and brain, It also increases energy and stamina, relieve  stress, strengthens the immune and digestive system, plus improves clarity of mind.  Nitric oxide improves the health of the inner wall of a blood vessel, keeps vessels pliable and elastic, dilates blood vessels keeping blood flowing smoothly, relax blood vessels, keep platelets and white blood cells calm and prevent them from sticking to the vessel wall, prevent oxidation, slow plaque growth, suppress atherosclerosis and melt away plaque that already exists.

There are many benefits from removing plaque from the body:

  1. Helps to prevent arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries)
  2. Helps to rejuvenate your cardiovascular system
  3. Helps to improve conduction in all degrees of A-V heart block
  4. Helps increase American life expectancy
  5. Reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Improves vision and hearing
  8. Improves liver function
  9. Improves skin texture and tone
  10. Helps prevent abnormal cross linking of molecules that age tissue
  11. Helps to relieve symptoms of senility by increasing circulation to the brain
  12. Helps to relieve pain, hypoglycemia, phlebitis and scleroderma
  13. Dissolves fats in plaque lined arteries
  14. Helps make blood slippery and prevents abnormal blood clotting
  15. Helps to increase tissue oxygenation

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Preventative Medicine are the Future!

With our knowledge of alternative medicine doubling every three years and our technology advancing exponentially, we are entering an age where we are able to probably turn our biological clock backwards!  Instruments are now in use that can measure the functioning of each of our physical organs and new high potency nutritional supplements, hormonal balancing, and advanced oral chelation products have become available which can enhance the functioning of our organs and help prevent heart attacks and fight many of the auto-immune and degenerative diseases that are plaguing modern society.

There is one more benefit.  That is the savings and convenience.  Vitality Force is much more than just an all natural solution for cardiovascular health.

The formula includes the highest quality arginine, vitamins, minerals, and other immune boosting ingredients. It works by dilating the blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to flow freely throughout the body.  This helps improve the  bio-availability of all nutrients and helps enhance your other supplements that you may already be taking.

I like the powdered form because research suggests that consuming liquid nutritional products provides significantly improved absorption, (80% vs. 20% from tablets).

Vitality Force supports:

* Cardiovascular health

* Healthy immune function

* Anti-aging properties

* Improved energy levels

*  Dilated blood vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and the cardiovascular system

* Increased efficiency of oxygen utilization for energy production

* Enhanced numbers of mitochondria to actually produce energy

The Vitality Force formula includes:

  • L-Citrulline
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • B1 (thiamine)
  • B2 (riboflavin)
  • B3
  • B5 (pantothenic acid)
  • B6 (pyridoxine)
  • B12 (methylcobalamin)
  • Folate
  • CoQ10
  • Omega 3
  • Resveratrol
  • Potassium
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Fulvic Minerals
  • AstraGin™
  • Fructooligo Saccharide
  • Stevia


(Click on image to read the label.)

I get all these ingredients in Vitality Force from one daily scoop of powder!  I take mine first thing each morning and can feel a big positive difference in my vitality.

The Ultimate Key to Vitality

Taking Vitality Force provides almost every vitamin and mineral that we were previously taking in separate form.

Merri and I have actually reduced our spending on vitamins and minerals.  The powder is tasty, easy to use and one container has a month’s supply, which at $44.95 makes this a very inexpensive way to get most of the vitamins and minerals you already take as you gain the chelation benefits.

Vitality begins with activity including physical activity.  Many factors in modern living inhibit our physical activity.  There is a lot of stress to maintain a lifestyle.  Modern conveniences like the computer, electricity and car make it easier not to exercise.  There is also a difficulty in obtaining vitamin filled and rich, healthy food.  All of this saps vitality and can lead to a negative health spiral.  We feel badly so we eat comfort food and sit.  This makes us feel worse and the negative spiral deepens.

One way to break bad habits and a negative health spiral is to generate more nitric oxide.

One way to generate more nitric oxide is simply by taking a scoop of Vitality Force each day!


Learn more or order the food supplement Vitality Force.  The price is $44.95 when you order one container.  I recommend ordering two. The price drops to $37.95 and two months’ supply will give your vitality kick start a better chance.

This special offer provides a 10% discount for our readers.  Simply add the code SAVE10GS

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