Jobs Evaporate in AIR

Here’s a lesson on how to use problems to get ahead… in just two thoughts:  “Do what you love” & “See the future in the here and now”.

Current shifts in business and politics show problems that we can turn into opportunity.

The Wall Street Journal article, “This Hotel is an AIRBNB Killer” provides an example.

We can see a huge earning problem for most people which creates some incredible opportunities for you and me.

The article reviews a new New York hotel called, “PUBLIC”.

AIRBNB has taken the hotel industry by storm.  The article explains.

Airbnb is a mortal threat to the U.S. hotel industry. The only way you can compete with a strong idea is by having another strong idea.

A study last year from Morgan Stanley projected that 25% of leisure travelers and 23% of business travelers will have used Airbnb by the end of 2017, up from 12% for both groups of travelers in 2015.  The report found Airbnb was a common substitute for hotels: 49% of Airbnb users said they had substituted Airbnb for a traditional hotel stay in the past year.

That’s a problem for hotels.

But how does it affect you and me?

Well… part of the PUBLIC business plan eliminates jobs.  The article says.

But in the lobby, an escalator ride up from the market, there’s no front desk, no concierge, no luggage attendant.  Guests check in via a series of self-service tablets along a wall, where they can find their reservations, create their own room keys and proceed up an elevator to their rooms. If questions arise, they’re answered by a handful of roving, jack-of-all-trades staffers known as “Public advisors.”

Normally at checkout at a traditional full-service hotel, where a bellhop brings a guest’s bags to the lobby and hands them to a front-desk attendant, who then brings them out to a parking employee.

“Three people, three trips. It’s ridiculous,” he said. “That’s what we cut out.”

In other words, the hotel cuts out a lot of jobs.

A recent message at this site, “A million lost jobs”  reviewed how truck drivers are at risk from self driving trucks.  Artificial intelligence will replace staff at retail stores.  Autonomous robots will plant, tend, and harvest entire farm crops.

All types of jobs that support the middle class are being eliminated.

That article also shows us an opportunity in this shift.

This hotel wants to create cost efficiency, but not by stripping everything out.  The hotel has created a food and beverage concept that reverses the traditional role of food and beverage in hotels.  Public has five bars: Two on the second floor, one on the rooftop with 360-degree views of Manhattan, one in a lower-level music venue and one connected to Public Kitchen, the hotel’s ground-floor “world food” restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  Food is a big profit center.  The hotel has  35% to 45% of its revenue from the food and beverage business, compared with a national average of about 24%,

Public’s food-and-beverage facilities are aimed at increasing room occupancy,

The business model is one of incremental profitability where the beverage business leads to food business which leads to room occupancy.

The driving force behind this business model is “creativity efficiency, quality and genuineness”.

These are the three skills that automation cannot replace.  In fact automation makes these skills even more valuable because machines make these qualities increasingly rare.  Put these qualities to work and you will prosper:

  • Genuineness
  • Creativity
  • Caring

Here is one way Merri and I are doing this?

Genuineness begins  by doing something you love.  There is no substitute for real enthusiasm.  Even when you are weakest, even when you are tired or fed up or troubled… enthusiasm shines through if you are turning your passion into profit.

You don’t have to fake it!

Take for example our North Carolina cabin rental business.  From Memorial Day to mid October, each year we have hundreds of guests stay with us.  We have had quite a success.

Not only do we get a lot of guests, we get a lot of very satisfied guests, who come again and again.

You can see that the last 53 reviews have all been Five Star… for everything.


Here is a typical review.

Wow! Where do I start? This was the absolute best AirBnb experience for our family (we have stayed in over 25 Airbnb properties in 20 countries). We spent 4 memorable nights at the cabin. We were surrounded by woods, nature and next to a running mountain stream. It was very tranquil as we slept listening to the water flowing freely and smoothly between rocks. First of all, Gary and Merri are amazing hosts: ~ Fresh cut flowers on table upon arrival. ~ Home made Peach, Orange and Locust jams left in our fridge. ~ Local farm eggs delivered for us. ~ Gary showed the kids how to fish at his beautiful Trout pond. ~ Gary gave us a Trout from his pond which was the best we have ever eaten. ~ Gary and Merri invited us to their magnificent house at the top of the hill where we had tea and discussed traveling. Then Gary took our entire family on his truck and gave us a tour of the 250 plus acre of the farm. It was amazing!

Gary and Merri checked up on us and made sure we were comfortable. The kids played with the 2 rescue dogs, 2 horses, as they roam freely on the farm. We went hiking on one of the 3 designated trails on the property. The kids swam and played on the creek. Merri and Gary are very caring hosts and they made our stay absolutely amazing! They even gave us a framed photo of the covered bridge at the farm as a parting gift. We loved this cabin so much that will make this an annual gateway for our family.

You can read all 53 reviews if you like at AIRBNB to see that this is not some one off example.

If that’s not enough, look up the reviews for the  other two cabins we rent through AIRBNB…  The Blackberry… 35 Reviews… all five star.  The Blue Ridge Farmhouse… 48 reviews… all five star… for everything!

I am not writing this to brag.

Nor am I trying to entice you to visit the farm.  Weekends are fully booked till the end of our season.

I am trying to share a point… that Merri and I, while well into our 70s tried something new and are excelling.

I want you to understand that you can excel, earn more, gain more joy, freedom and fulfillment… at any age.

All you need,  the one biggest reason for our success… joy and enthusiasm.

The main factor behind this success is our passion for maintaining the farm.  We love the place and love sharing it.  Picking the flowers, arranging them, making the jellies and jams, decorating the cabins, raising the fish is not work.  Being a host, and sharing the beauty of the farm is fun and fulfilling for us.  Our guest’s joy is a great reward.  The excellent income is a welcome benefit, but not our main concern.

We get to meet interesting people from all over the world.  This year we have had the privilege of hosting Americans from across the country, Dutch, Canadians, Moroccans,  Indians, Germans, French, Chinese, Colombians and Puerto Ricans.

This is not only profitable but gratifying and interesting.

Turn your passion into profit.  Use modern technology, that will replace millions of jobs, to create your business doing what you love.


Over 30 years ago I wrote a book, “Passport to International Profit” showing how to become a citizen of the world.

That book helped me become involved with a small “network” of people who wanted greater freedom, to move around freely… find the best places for each individually… and to find ways to live that suit each of us.

We were barely a dozen when we began that “network” but it has has grown. Now it pays more than 1,000 people, all over the globe, to keep sifting out ideas on how to be wealthy and free.

They have uncovered opportunities everywhere… and can help you join a new class of super-wealthy, independent people.

You can be among them, and I’d like to invite you to join this “network” of like-minded folks in the “escape” in a journey to a better, more independent life.

My book 30 years ago pointed out that we are not all Americans or Asians or Republicans, rich, or poor.  We are all individuals.  We can gain a free life wherever we choose.  So there are no special requirements you have to meet to qualify for membership.

What this group has in common is that we all want to “opt out” of the debt-laden mainstream and create better, freer, more prosperous lives for ourselves and our families.

See below the problem, how a McDonald’s is run entirely by machine—with robots taking orders, cooking food, and delivering it. No humans needed.

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