How Smart Phones Make Us Dumb

Smart phones can stifle accurate thinking, emotional growth and their use can be addictive and dangerous to our health.

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Image from the Good Housekeeping article “Smartphone health problems (1) shows how smart phones can add weight on the spinal column as we alter our posture.”

Recently a friend and chiropractor explained to me that a number of new diseases have been created by overuse of smart phones.  Some problems result from the added weight on the spinal column created by continually reading a smart phone.

Another is called “Nomophobia” or “no-mobile-phone phobia”.   For example, a study suggests that over half of the U.K., population fears losing or being without their phones at any given time.  Problems with repetitive use on the elbows and fingers have also grown.

A Wall Street Journal article “Take back your brain from social media (2)” examines how we can use the smart phone to become addicted  to information feedback that makes us dumb.

The article says: “Mindlessly checking Facebook makes you an awful lot like a lab rat.  When you check your phone, your brain gets its own little zing.   Are Facebook or Twitter “addictions”?  Though the emerging scientific research on social media doesn’t agree on that term, the evidence that we aren’t coping well is on display at dinner tables where everyone is staring at screens—and even at crosswalks, where distracted pedestrians walk into traffic.  Don’t just blame the millennials.  A new Nielsen study found Americans age 35 to 49 spend nearly seven hours a week on social media, more than younger generations.

A large part of the population wakes up every day with their iPhones next to the bed.  The first thing they see are the headlines.  All day they are fed data on social media like Twitter and Facebook.  These feeds are structured by algorithms to send only the interests and likes of each unique reader.  They only get the viewpoints they’re expecting.  There is a danger at a personal as well as national level when the news only shows us what we want to hear and see.

When the news only reinforces our beliefs, this creates mental and emotional inflexibility and deters any evolution in our thinking.  And stunts even stops our growth.

I resolved this problem by getting rid of my iPhone.   I still have a flip top but I only use it  as a telephone when away from home.  I seem to stay in touch with the world just fine.   I know a growing number of readers won’t take that option so here are some more tips on how to create “smart phone information temperance”.

Here are three tips that can help stop smart phone addiction.

#1: Limit the Triggers.  It’s easier to control bad habits if we simply don’t get started.   This is why I do not keep chocolate ice cream in our fridge!  Our brains are wired to voraciously feed on information so turn off any app notifications on your phone and computer.  Regain control by setting limits on when you will and won’t tune in.

#2: Separate Work and Play.  Don’t install Facebook or any social media app on your work devices.  Set times of the day when you will not look at social media.

#3: Stop algorithm click through expansion.  When you’re on Twitter or Facebook, it’s easy to read one article, then another, then another.  I do not use Twitter or Facebook, but do read the news online.  I limit my clicking on additional algorithm driven articles while reading an article to one click, one time a day.   Everyone should set their own limit but the more you decide what information to use, instead of the algorithms,  the more control over your thinking and freedom of thought you’ll have.

Realize that addiction is a chronic brain disorder, not simply a behavior problem.  Addiction is commonly associated with substance abuse, but behavioral addictions like gambling can be just as serious.

Though social media is still a socially accepted behavior, evidence is stacking up that it can be so habit forming that it is an addiction.  When a person is unable to consistently abstain from a behavior or substance, it is an addiction and there is usually a cost of mental and physical health.

Our report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere” investigates how our freedom is increasingly at the risk due to the Bayer-Monsanto merger and the way these firms will use social media in conjunction with AT&T.

Bayer and Monsanto have a working relationship with AT&T.   AT&T  has been creating a web of information control.  They have been taking control over internet portals, our phones, our TV system and content production plus they are working with social media gaming companies.  They control almost every aspect of everything that some of their customers see, hear, read and write.  The social gaming company can even use the addicting elements of social media to influence our thought… a lot.

Don’t let businesses that have their own agenda control yours.  Break the social media habit.  Control the destiny of your thought.


(1) Smartphone health problems

(2) Wall Street Journal: Take back your brain from social media

“If I Live Long Enough, I’ll Really Cash In Next Time”

Periods of good investing performance are always followed by periods that are bad.

Think about this…

The US dollar has risen over 50% above its lows of 2011.   The greenback is at its highest level versus the Chinese yuan since 2008.  India’s rupee is at an all-time low against the buck.  Other Asian currencies, the Singapore dollar and Malaysian ringgit have plunged to depths not seen since the financial crisis of 1997-98.  The euro, Mexican peso and Canadian dollar have crashed.  In other words, the US dollar is in a period of high performance.

What happens is the greenback is in a free fall.  Smart investors can cash in huge profits.

Yet there is a bigger economic problem that can ruin the purchasing power of your cash faster than you can imagine.

While the dollar was rising non US governments and businesses accumulated almost ten trillion dollars of debt denominated in US dollars.

The terror in this debt is that it acts as a destructive and very rapid financial amplifier.  Dollar debt is like a short position.  When the dollar rises, borrowers scramble to short-cover their position by selling their own currency.  This defeats the purpose of their hedging as it increases the strength of the dollar.  So they short even more.  Those short sales create an upward dollar spiral.  The buck rises higher and higher, based entirely on fear and speculation.

When that leverage energy is spent the currency stalls and plummets out of control… like now.

The last time we saw such a upwards spiral was from 1980 to 1985.  The dollar rose 50% in those five years.

Guess what?

Then it collapsed 50% in just two years.

The US dollar is in a similar position as at the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s first term in the 1970s.  This was a time of widening budget deficits, rising interest rates and a US dollar surge.  This created a problem then, as it does now, and creates huge opportunity for those in the know.

The rise of the dollar, the debt and the US stock market creates an especially dangerous conflict because Donald Trump wants to balance America’s trade.  A stronger dollar makes this impossible because it pushes up the cost of US material, US labor and US exports.

The overpriced dollar, the poor value of the US stock market (compared to other markets) create a dollar crisis and a special opportunity for you and me as investors.

“If I Live Long Enough, I’ll really cash in next time”.    I made this promise to myself in the 1980s.   A remarkable set of economic circumstances helped anyone who spotted them become remarkably rich.  Some of my readers made enough to retire.  Others picked up 50% currency gains.  I invested as much as I could handle then as the profits rolled in for about 17 years.  I had wished I could have invested more.

Now those circumstances are here again.

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invested more… a lot more… betting again the dollar.

The swollen stock market prices, huge dollar denominated debt and weakening dollar are three patterns that can create a fast 50% profit.

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