How Social Networks Erode Our Freedom

Self reinforced feedback of news is a great risk to freedom because it can control our thoughts.   The danger does not come from current political evolution but from the businesses we choose that create and control the information we receive.  In a way, excessive information feedback is like acoustic feedback.  When a microphone picks up its own signal, it amplifies it and and sends it back out.  The microphone receives and amplifies the sound again and again until it becomes a loud screech.  The feedback hurts rather than helps.

Feedback danger exists because we lose our privacy when we use modern communication.  Here is an recent real life example.  Recently a friend sent me a note sharing information about the health risks of sitting too much.  He included the fact that he bought a Varidesk brand standing desk.  He included the website URL for Varidesks.

I replied that I had written about this health risk some time back and mentioned the Uptrak standing desk.

The next day as I viewed the New York Times, the online advertising  was about this standing desk.


I had not opened any website for standing desks.  I had no history in my internet searches or my emails (other than in our two emails) that suggested I had an interest in a standing desk.  That one communication to and from my personal, private email address caused me to be listed as someone interested in a standing desk.

If we use the internet, the use of a single word or phrase can put us on a list.

That’s scary enough, but let’s take this further.  What if who we called and words we said on the phone were also tracked and could cause us to be put on lists?   Even worse, what if our internet and email use was collated and coordinated with our phone calls?  What if writing a word or phrase on the internet and speaking that same word or phrase on the phone even further defined us?

The concern grows because we also watch TV.   What might happen if someone could collate the TV shows we watch, the words we speak on the phone with what we write on the internet and add all this in a mix that brackets us into lists.

If I wrote (or received) an email using the word “standing desk”, then called an office supply store and spoke the words “standing desk” and watched a TV show on organizing an office, what would happen to my ability to learn about all types of desks?

When I use search engines, would the algorithms always lead me to data on standing desks?

Once our privacy is lost, others using algorithms decide what we like, what we want, who we are, what we might do and direct our lives without giving us any choice.

A second risk, is a hindrance to our evolution of thought.

A huge population sleep with their iPhones next to their bed.  Their first contact with the world are the headlines the moment they get up.  All day, they are fed news from social media like Twitter and Facebook.  That news is curated by news feeds that send them only what the algorithms decide is their interests and likes.  They only get the viewpoints that the algorithms want to fed them again and again in a self reinforcing loop.

There is a danger when all we hear are the beliefs that we already have.  When the news only reinforces our beliefs, this creates mental and emotional inflexibility and deters any evolution in our thinking and stunts or even stops our growth.  We lose our ability to see and learn and adapt from alternative views.

Here is where the loss of freedom really gets worse.  What if the owner of the internet portal, internet provider, TV and phone service who use the algorithms to define who we are decide also which products and services we should buy?

In my desk example what if the communications company also makes desks?  Would that business, if it controlled my TV, phone and internet try to influence me to buy a desk that was best for them, rather than me?

What if that company was also a producer of TV and internet content?   And what if that company also specialized in influencing social media so they could even direct what stories that were trending got passed through to me?

How many ways could this disrupt our lives?

Our report “Live Anywhere – Earn Everywhere” investigates exactly such a scenario, and shows how our freedom is increasingly at the risk.  The report shows how the Bayer-Monsanto merger is a small reflection of  this huge concern.

Bayer and Monsanto have a working relationship with AT&T.   AT&T  has been creating a web of information control.  They have been taking control over internet portals, our phones, our TV systems and content production plus they are working with social media gaming companies so they can have an impact on almost every aspect of everything that some of their customers see, hear, read and write.  The social gaming company can even use the addicting elements of social media to influence our thought… a lot.

What to do?

There are a number of steps we can take to reduce this problem, without giving up the internet, talking on cell phones or turning off the TV.

First, be aware that this is a problem.  Understand that many of the sources of information you use have agendas that are not interested in your best interest.

Second, fool the algorithms.  Do some searches every day for things that you are not remotely interested in.  This will break patterns. Turn on TV programs you hate or would never watch.   Algorithms will still define you, but the process will expose you to different types of news and views, maybe even some you do not want to hear.

Third, expand your information sources so they offer conflicting views.  If you use Western media, as I do, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and BBC, also read sources with opposing views such as Russia Today or Al Jazeera.  Throw in a scientific journal (I use MIT Technology) and some news from spiritual sources.  I pick up data from one who channels with a religious theme.  I also get articles from an astrologer and a business psychic.  The information you read should not be the last word.  Look for the truths in differing views.   Connect dots and look for underlying realities where conflicting views agree.  Check facts.  Think!

We are committed to an electronic digital world.  This brings us incredible benefits in mobility, convenience and access to information.  The price we pay includes risks to our freedom and our evolution of thought.  The tips above are three simple steps we can take to keep control of our sources of data.  These tactics can help us make our lives simpler, better and more free.


See below how to use mathematical analysis to avoid hidden agendas in the stock market.

“If I Live Long Enough, I’ll Really Cash In Next Time”

Periods of good investing performance are always followed by periods that are bad.

Think about this…

The US dollar has risen over 50% above its lows of 2011.   The greenback is at its highest level versus the Chinese yuan since 2008.  India’s rupee is at an all-time low against the buck.  Other Asian currencies, the Singapore dollar and Malaysian ringgit have plunged to depths not seen since the financial crisis of 1997-98.  The euro, Mexican peso and Canadian dollar have crashed.  In other words, the US dollar is in a period of high performance.

What happens is the greenback is in a free fall.  Smart investors can cash in huge profits.

Yet there is a bigger economic problem that can ruin the purchasing power of your cash faster than you can imagine.

While the dollar was rising non US governments and businesses accumulated almost ten trillion dollars of debt denominated in US dollars.

The terror in this debt is that it acts as a destructive and very rapid financial amplifier.  Dollar debt is like a short position.  When the dollar rises, borrowers scramble to short-cover their position by selling their own currency.  This defeats the purpose of their hedging as it increases the strength of the dollar.  So they short even more.  Those short sales create an upward dollar spiral.  The buck rises higher and higher, based entirely on fear and speculation.

When that leverage energy is spent the currency stalls and plummets out of control… like now.

The last time we saw such a upwards spiral was from 1980 to 1985.  The dollar rose 50% in those five years.

Guess what?

Then it collapsed 50% in just two years.

The US dollar is in a similar position as at the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s first term in the 1970s.  This was a time of widening budget deficits, rising interest rates and a US dollar surge.  This created a problem then, as it does now, and creates huge opportunity for those in the know.

The rise of the dollar, the debt and the US stock market creates an especially dangerous conflict because Donald Trump wants to balance America’s trade.  A stronger dollar makes this impossible because it pushes up the cost of US material, US labor and US exports.

The overpriced dollar, the poor value of the US stock market (compared to other markets) create a dollar crisis and a special opportunity for you and me as investors.

“If I Live Long Enough, I’ll really cash in next time”.    I made this promise to myself in the 1980s.   A remarkable set of economic circumstances helped anyone who spotted them become remarkably rich.  Some of my readers made enough to retire.  Others picked up 50% currency gains.  I invested as much as I could handle then as the profits rolled in for about 17 years.  I had wished I could have invested more.

Now those circumstances are here again.

And I have…

invested more… a lot more… betting again the dollar.

The swollen stock market prices, huge dollar denominated debt and weakening dollar are three patterns that can create a fast 50% profit.

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