Opportunities in Change

We don’t have to make America great again because it really is a great place to be.   We don’t have to face a 2010 decade with a 1960s mindset either.  The United States was a big winner in WWII.   The resultant educational system left many not knowing how rich they are even when they felt really poor.

I was lucky, moving abroad (to Hong Kong) and working in many Asian countries at an early age.  This immersed me in what it meant to be really underprivileged, ripped off by the old boys’ network, and poor.  That’s why my first book, “Passport to International Profit” recommended being a citizen of the world.

Baby Boomers were born in a sweet spot.  We were offered the world.  This has changed.  The change has upset many.  Yet change can be good.  Change can open up new avenues of  opportunity.  Yet change can frighten without a global perspective and flexible mindset.

The book, Skygods, written by my friend, Bob Gandt, describes the 1960’s American Dream and inflexible thinking that could lead to ruin.

Bob’s book says: “It began, a ship sailing into the void of space.  On the sound track you heard Strauss’s Blue Danube.  Stars glittered in the background like jewels on black velvet… The ship’s most distinguishing feature was the emblem emblazoned on the hull.  The distinctive round, blue logo made this vehicle instantly recognizable.  You could see that it was a Clipper ship—a commercial space going vessel of Pan American World Airways.

“Every new hire Pan Am pilot went to see the movie.  2001: A Space Odyssey was a fantasy created by writer Arthur C. Clarke and director Stanley Kubrick.  In 1968 no one had yet flown to the moon, nor was anyone seriously thinking about commercial lunar flight.  But it was assumed, even in science fiction, that if anyone were to fly a scheduled lunar service, it would be, of course, Pan Am.”

pan am

Everyone expected opportunity in America to continue to expand to the moon. Even the plastic model making company, Aurora, made models of the Pan Am Clipper that was expected to go into space.

Then like so many American dreams… Pan Am faded and collapsed.

gant-skygods tags:"2012-5-11"

The world is changing quickly.

By the 1980s Pan Am was on a downhill slant and I began my seminars with the idea of a six point command posture, “Live in one country, bank in a second country, earn in a third country with a company formed in a fourth country, with an office in a fifth country  and investments in a sixth and more countries”.

In the 1990s Pan Am, as we knew it was gone.  My wife, Merri, and I led a huge movement of Americans who migrated to Ecuador.

Then in the 2010s Ecuador opportunity had peaked and huge opportunities returned to Smalltown, USA.

Skygods is an interesting book but more… it  is a mirror reflecting the rise and fall of a generational wave.

We can use these mirrors to see crests and troughs as the natural rhythm of things.

Understanding these up and down paths can help us better understand how to be in the right place at exactly the right time.

This is why Merri’s and my business has evolved again and again and now serves increasing numbers of Gen Xrs and Millennials.

Skygods is a great book. An autographed copy sits in my library.   Yet, “Skygods” is much more than a book.

From Skygods: A low pass.  Absolutely. So that’s what he did.  Low.  He brought Clipper Goodwill right down the center line of runway 12, low enough for the folks on the ground to count the rivits.

The line above from “Skygods” describes Flight 219 New York JFK International to Bridgetown, Barbados, on its return… flown by Captain Mark Pyle… Pan Am’s last flight and the end of an era.

I recommend you read Skygods, the fall of Pan Am here

“Skygods” tells the story of a special time and situation that I know especially well… having lived through a big part of it.  This reflection is a more like a partial recording of my life and 60 million others who gained from that special golden era.

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