Better than Survival

We live in an era of broken promises.   Defaults could ruin most average retirees and even investors.   Fewer will financially survive.  Those who use the three part strategy we share can do better than survival.

This three step plan has suddenly become more important because recent news about Social Security, pensions and health care shows that we need tactics to make sure, when governments, pensions and insurers weasel out of their promises,  we can take care of ourselves.

The big broken promise is Social Security and Medicare.  The most recent Social Security trustee report shows that the programs will begin to spend more than they earn within just three or four years.   The Medicare hospital-insurance trust fund, could use all its reserves by 2028. They face insolvency over the next 20 years because Social Security runs totally out of money by 2034.

This is a bigger problem then it may seem because it creates an even bigger broken promise concerning the US dollar.

Medicare and Social Security already account for 41% of federal spending.  That was the expenditure last year.  This is not a static problem.  Each year that percentage is growing worse.  This creates a special risk for the dollar because Social Security’s reserves are not really assets at all.  The purported assets are simply IOUs from the US government.

Social Security assets are a liability of the government, so eventually the money comes from the same place as all other government expenditure, taxes or federal debt.  This means that if Social Security has to sell an asset, then the government, already overburdened by debt, will have to borrow the money from somewhere else.

If the Fed cannot raise enough money to pay Social Security only two options are left, devalue the greenback or don’t pay.

If Medicare stops working then all that’s left for backup is Obamacare and the private insurers in the plan.

This is another broken promise.  When United Health Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, recently announced that it was pulling out of Obamacare insurance the public learned that it will face higher premiums.  Many will need to choose a new plan, change doctors and hospitals as well.  United Health is not the first or only insurer to quite.  A dozen nonprofit health insurance cooperatives shut down just last year. The giants Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield are even considering a drop out.

If Social Security and health care promises are broken that just leaves our pensions. Right?

Yet if we look at the website (1) we see hundreds of corporations that have reduced pension benefits including the likes of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Allstate Corp., Coca Cola, Boeing, Caterpillar, Kraft Foods, Hewlett Packard, Fedex GM and GE to name a few of over a hundred.

This problem is not limited to corporate pension.  An Economic Budget Issue Brief (2) issued to Congress from the CBO (Congressional Budget office”) says:

“By any measure, nearly all state and local pension plans are underfunded, which means that the value of the plans’ assets is less than their accrued pension liabilities for current workers and retirees” CBO.

The report shows that even five years ago the short fall of State and Local Pensions was over 3 trillion dollars , more than all other state and local debt

That leaves the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)  as a safety net.  In the 2o15 PBGC’s annual report the Director’s message says:  “One of the most important functions of PBGC is assuming responsibility for pension plans when their sponsors can no longer keep them going. We insure the benefits of more than 40 million workers and retirees. Currently, we pay more than 800,000 people each month. An additional 585,000 workers are scheduled to receive benefits from PBGC when they retire.”

But if you look at the first paragraph of the Financial Report (3) in that annual report you see:

“PBGC’s combined financial position decreased by $14,577 million, increasing the Corporation’s  combined deficit (net position) to $76,349 million as of September 30, 2015 an all time record high from  $61,772 million as of September 30, 2014”.

Every step along the way we see shortfalls, debt with little hope of repayment and an economic overhang that will eventually create broken promises at every level from the pensions, healthcare, Social Security and most from a falling US dollar.

These facts will ruin the life styles of millions, but not all.  I invite you to spend a long weekend with Merri and me to share a strategy that will protect and improve our standards of living even after these important social and economic promises are not kept.

Join us for a three day retreat where we’ll share ideas on how to add value to everything and make 2016 -2017 our best years yet.

For the next year, Merri’s, David’s and my mission is to share our 50 years of experience in international business, investing and living to make ourselves happier, healthier and wealthier.

To reach a wider audience we have shifted our seminars from in person to online.

We are only conducting one in person seminar this year.   This is a special retreat at our farm where we examine How to Secure Our Future With Value.   (August 12-13-14 2016).   Attendance is strictly limited to International Club members.  Members are invited to stay with us at the farm on a first reserved, first served basis.

We’ll delve into all three parts of a plan that Merri and I use to adapt to change.  Broken promises improve the way we live rather than detract from our golden years.

The bulk of the retreat looks at how to use a building-blocks-value- investing-plan. Here are a few subjects we cover:

  • How to look for short term problems that create long term value.
  • Update on the best ten markets for safety and profit.
  • How to diversify in value with Country ETFs.
  • The value of time in investing and life.
  • The economics in cyber wars. How to look back at the economics of war to see ahead.
  • Great new innovations that will ignite a 16 year bull market from 2016 to 2032.
  • The next great fuel.
  • Timing long cycles, economic cycles and seasonality.
  • Investing in Demographics.
  • Trading Down, the biggest global trend ahead.
  • Hidden Inflation .
  • How to protect against pension loss.
  • The Silver Dip 2016. When and how to invest in gold and silver. How to double your position with loans.
  • How to spot currency distortions and borrow low to deposit high.
  • How, Why When & Where to bank abroad.
  • Three common sense ideas:   Avoid lines.  Go where you are a name not a number.  Decide who you are and what matters to you.
  • Why three economic trends that have make smart investors rich every 30 years are ready for cashing in now.

During the retreat, we’ll also look at three elements of wealth including the chicken and egg relationship between health and affluence.

Good health is one of the most important assets of all and our environment affects our health.  This is one reason why Merri and I spend so much time up here on our farm in Ashe County, North Carolina. This area is in the top 20% of clean environments of the U.S.  Only 4% of the county’s water supply is at any risk (compared to 91% in Collier County, Florida, Naples, where we used to live).

I grew up in Multnomah County Oregon (Portland) which is (along with Collier County) is in the bottom 20% of healthy environment.  This is one reason I believe that more and more people will move out of the cities into places like Ashe County.

I have bet my money on this fact and recommend that you do as well.  We’ll examine the benefits at the retreat.

Merri and I have been cashing in on real estate without even trying.  We have accidentally made millions, just buying what we like over the years. Currently we have settled on two places, Smalltown USA in Mount Dora and the High Country of North Carolina.

During the three days together we’ll cover both how to cash in on healthy real estate and 21 main points on how to maintain natural health.

#1: Quantum mechanics & frequency how they all connect.

#2: Three aspects of being:  air – fire – water… how to balance and integrate them.

#3: Three ways to integrate brain waves and be in the zone… 60 cycle sound… L- theanine and meditation.

#4: The Andean – Indian Connection. How Ayurved and Andean relate.  Three fundamentals of longevity. Eat right, work hard and sleep well. Nutrition, exercise and purpose.

#5: How dis-ease develops and is stopped.

#6: Nutritional goals: Improve digestion, avoid dis-ease here first.

#7: How to use cleansings. Melon, pineapple, apples-grapes, vareshna, chelating, cinnamon-sweet pepper tea, steam and mists.

#8: Teas. How and when to use cedron, chamomile, lemon verbena, peppermint.

#9: Relaxers. How to use chamomile, valerian, lettuce and milk, hot water, vata press.

#10: Fire reducers. How to use peppermint tea, aloe, cream massage, frozen grapes.

#11: Water reducers. How to use cinnamon tea, paprika, cloves, ginger, ginger-black salt and lemon juice.

#12: The power of ritual & routine. When to eat, think, exercise.

#13: How to spot imbalances. Moods, physical signs, pulse testing.

#14: Quantum leap. How energy, colors, organs, glands work together and change every seven years.

#15: Shamanic exercises-yoga, llama walk, lizard, sun salute, crab and mouth release, ring chew, etc.

#16: Deeper Digestion.

#17: How to use the senses, taste, six flavors.

#18: How to use color.

#19: How to use sound.

#2o: How to use essential oils.

Finally part of the retreat will focus on how to create multi dimensional income that protects against broken promises.

A look at government, social and currency breakdown at its worst can help us see ways to create pinnacle careers in turbulent times.

Germany is an example when it borrowed heavily to pay WWI costs.  Such borrowing almost always leads to currency and social erosion and this did then.  In the USA and UK too.  Right after the war there was some stability, before government spending began to run wild.  By 1923, it reached the worst in history.  This caused prices to sometimes double in hours. In Germany by late 1923 it took 200 billion marks to buy a loaf of bread.

Hard-working people with modest spending habits could not even buy a postage stamp with their life savings.  All debt was wiped out but so too were all savings.

Businessmen quit and speculated in stocks and goods instead.  Small businesses survived by holding material things such as clothing, food, anything people could consume.  Salaries were paid three times a day yet shops were empty.  Food riots raged. Businesses closed down, unemployment soared.  The economy collapsed.

Anyone on a fixed income was destitute.  They sold everything just to buy food.

This is why multi dimensional business opportunities make sense.  You can profit from expanding utility.  You can profit tax wise from adding income production.  You can gain from having a source of income in a place where you have the best chances of control.  This is why for centuries… small business have had a home upstairs and business below.

Those who profit most in changing times are those who add new dimensions to old time proven ways.  Modern technology offers many exciting ways to create multi dimensional profit…. and can earn income at home.

Multi dimensional lifestyles have expanded first because they can.  20 years ago I could not have lived between three countries on farms and run a small three person self publishing business.  Today modern transportation, communications and the internet make it easy.

These new abilities are intricately connected with the evolution of productivity that grows from the everchanging human platform and has great impact on our lifestyles.

One way to be multi dimensional is by learning how to use writing to sell your product or service.

Writing has always been the starting point in Merri’s and my multi dimensional activity.  Whether we have been creating a seminar, a course, finding or selling real estate, or an investment or business opportunity, we have reached our clients with the written word.

Engagement is a key to a pinnacle career. Our “Write to Sell” theory looks at three steps for starting a pinnacle career.

Pinnacle Career Step #1: Define the community you wish to serve. This can be a community based on geography or on like minded souls who are spread around the world.

Pinnacle Career Step #2: Refine the community. If you understand the root of the service you provide, then you’ll see how to give the greatest value to your customers.

Pinnacle Career Step #3: Engage the community. This can be in person, via the mail, via email, Facebook, Twitter, ebooks, tours, seminars or whatever best way YOU choose to engage your customer or client.

We live in a fortunate era. Throughout most of history, life expectancies and requirements of work meant that the most experienced sector of the work force was no longer physically able to continue.  In our high tech environment we have a chance to create their most important pinnacle career at a time when previously we would have retired.

Learn how to have a global income with a micro-business abroad, run from your current home or in Smalltown USA.

Merri became involved in self publishing over 40 years ago… first helping a veterinarian publish a book on a very specific market… animal acupuncture. Then she showed a needle point artist how to sell more books to an even more specific audience… “needle point enthusiasts” about her needle point work to an audience larger than the population of the city she lived in.  This led Merri to eventually become Executive Editor of two award winning magazines in Florida.

My writing allowed me to work and live from Hong Kong to London to Europe to Eastern Europe, then the Caribbean and then Ecuador… making millions in the process of following my adventures and having fun… while helping a large readership adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Self Publishing has created exactly the lifestyle we desire with a farm in North Carolina, orange groves and home in Florida… and a hacienda in Ecuador and the ability to work at what we love and enjoy.  We want to share how you can create this type of lifestyle too.

Club membership is for an entire year and the seminar is just one high point.

In 2016 and 2017 we are conducting online seminars about value investing, natural health and how to write to sell.

International Club members receive all the online seminars free plus can attend the August 2016 Value Investing retreat which is exclusive to club members.

In addition club membership includes:

  • Personal investing Course (Pi), normally $297, FREE
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  • Report “Three Economic Conditions for 50% or More Profit,” normally $29.95, FREE
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  • One online Natural Health Seminar, normally $119, FREE
  • One online Writers Camp, normally $299, FREE
  • Exclusive Value Investing Retreat in North Carolina, normally $799, FREE
  • Three night’s accommodations at Merrily Farms, normally $315, FREE

This is every offer in our catalog.  To purchase everything would cost $3,509.95.  Club membership for 2016 is $1,199 so you save up to $2,310.95.


Club members meeting at out home.

I invite you to be a member of the International Club which allows you and a guest of your choice to join us for all seminars including our exclusive August 2016 High Mountain retreat.

Let’s prosper in these times of change. Won’t you join us in this exciting club and share Merri’s and my lifestyle for the next year?  Join us at our farm and online. We look forward to being with you.

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