How Mighty Might Destroys Wealth

How Mighty Might Destroys Wealth.   Might is a mighty big word that causes many investors to lose-once, twice, thrice and then lose again.

For example, stock markets around the world slumped this week on news that momentum is growing for a vote for Britain to leave the EU this June 23rd.

This global reaction comes from the fact that the U.K. might leave the European Union and that such an exit might create a British economic slowdown.

This is the perfect example of making investment decisions based around economic, (rather than financial) news.   Markets are shaking globally over concerns that a British exit might slow down the world’s economy.

These are a lot of mights.

The reality is that no one knows how the vote will go.  More importantly know one knows whether an exit will be good for the UK economy or not.  And finally no one knows the consequences on the global economy if the British economy slows.

Golden rule of investing #1 is that there is always something we do not know.

One of the safest facts we can depend on is that when most of the market jumps over what might happen, it will be wrong.  Usually jumps like this create value and opportunity in the opposite direction.

In this instance, the concern over Britain’s EU referendum created the biggest losses in Asia.  The Shanghai Index dropped 3.2% and Japan 3.5%.  The S&P 500 dropped 0.8%.  Investors flocked towards U.S. Treasury notes bring yields down to 1.6%.

These Asian setbacks take pace exactly as the Chinese market and yuan are already undervalued.  This builds momentum for higher profits in Chinese equities.


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