How to Grab Sequential Profits in China

A Chinese stock and currency distortion is about to begin pushing profits.

There is a sequence that the appreciation or decline of currencies and stock markets always follow.  After 50 years of global business and investing, I have learned to watch for aberrations in this sequence.   Sometimes a rare quirk in the market offers potential for a quick, fast profit, but almost no risk of long term loss.

Two Chinese stock and currency distortions recently came together.  Right now this anomaly has really captured my attention because it offers extra potential for those who act now.

Investors who jump in at the correct breaks in the sequence, such as right now, can make fortunes.  Success is almost guaranteed.  In fact an 89 year study showed a 99% change of success when sequence distortions are worked in a certain way.

Here is how I spotted a current double aberration in the Chinese stock and currency sequence. 

Last year in January 2015 I alerted readers to a report  ”Currency Patterns For 50% Profits or More”.  This report explained a thirty year procession of events that made the US dollar highly over priced.

The report showed good value stock markets, in other currencies that could add an extra 50% profit.  By the beginning of 2016, the dollar sequence had progressed and profits have begun to flow as the US dollar began dropping against major currencies, such as the yen and the euro.

Yet in this case, the sequence of the greenback’s weakening intersected with an entirely different economic sequence in China. This currency/stock market clash creates a special, short term as well as long term opportunity.

The conflict could resolve (and bring profit) so quickly that I have felt it urgent to share what I have spotted right now This profit cycle is so huge I am preparing an additional report that I will release as soon as I can.

This report will go on sale shortly, at a cost of $49, but this anomaly in the sequence has so much potential for acceleration and quick profit, I want to let you know about it even before I complete the report.

To explain this immediate opportunity, I am conducting a webinar “How to Grab Sequential Currency Profits” on Wednesday, June 22, at 8pm Eastern Daylight time.

There is NO fee. This online seminar is FREE, but reservations are limited to 100 participants.

A huge, short-sighted, misunderstanding by big investors in the Chinese stock market is unfolding right now.  This error is interfering with dollar weakness in one specific way.  Eventually big investors will catch on, but before they do, those who invest ahead of them will pick up amazing profits.

The chances of a fast turnaround are high because the global investment community have misread an area of rapid growth. This misunderstood acceleration has real underpinnings but due to one fundamental mental miscalculation, the growth is seen as a gigantic non sustainable bubble.  This is not a bubble. China’s growth is real but there has been a short term, sharp decline.  This market is currently in turmoil, and China’s currency, the yuan, is under attack, not because China is bad, but because it performed so strongly that the downwards shift has temporarily blinded the investing community’s perspective.

This creates a special opportunity for me and my readers because most investors have not been intimately involved in global equity markets and currencies for almost 50 years as I have.  The majority do not understand the importance of sequence and do not understand how slow downs are predictable.  For example,  the United States, Japan and Europe  all had ups in downs in the sequence of their economic growth.  America experienced many financial crises and a civil war in an up and down (but eventually always up) rise to global economic prominence.  The USA  banking system almost collapsed in 1907 after taking on the mantle of the world’s superpower from the United Kingdom.  The U.S. also survived a huge depression in the 1930s not to mention the financial crisis in 2007.   Does all of this mean that the  US  is no longer an economic power?

Some Facts about Sequential Currency Opportunity

My new report and the upcoming FREE webinar shows how to cash in on a distorted cycle in the sequence of China’s stock market and currency that has interfered with the US dollar’s fall.

The economic expansion you’ll learn about may be one of the most important social, economic phenomena since the original Industrial Revolution two and a half centuries ago.

Upon completion the sequence will triple the number of poor who will have been lifted from poverty.  This is such a huge change that Chinese growth is not going away because China has discovered a secret economic recipe.  This recipe will make those who invest in it rich, maybe overnight, certainly over time over time.

The Secret Recipe

What is the recipe, why will it bring such fast profits and what will happen next?

The secret recipe is an accelerated seven step economic sequence that previously made changes in human destiny as important as any socio-economic event in human history—perhaps as significant as the discovery of fire and agriculture.

Only a few countries have succeeded in finding this seven step sequence that starts with proto-industrialization.  Britain began it around 1760. The U.S. began in 1820 and Japan started it in 1868.

The current opportunity comes because a sequence has been compressed.  What normally takes several centuries will unfold in China in just decades.  My upcoming report and the FREE webinar next week explains why.

The “Secret” to Increasing Profit Is Understanding the Sequence

The development of economic success is a sequential process (from the agricultural and artisan stage to the proto-industrial market and so on).  No matter how late a nation starts its development, it must repeat earlier stages to succeed.  We can compare this economic development to learning mathematics.  Mankind discovered math sequentially.  The idea of numbers came first,  then came arithmetic, algebra, calculus, etc.  Each student still has to go entire process to learn math.  We cannot skip numbers and  jump to calculus.  We must start learning numbers and build upon each lesson in its proper sequence.

We’ll discuss in the webinar how China’s fast track currency sequence started correctly and why progression is on track.  The normal flow includes economic slowdowns, such as are taking place.  Short sighted investors who only want to see accelerating growth are currently wrong footed.

The extra currency bump.

The market’s wrong footedness creates amazing opportunity because it comes exactly when another sequence (relating to the US dollar’s weakness) is also unfolding.  This creates two avenues of profit, the  correction of the  market’s undervaluation and a really special currency boost.  The currency boost opportunity is especially out of phase with the correct sequence right now.

Learn how to expand profit and increase safety at the same time  from the webinar, “How to Grab Sequential Currency Profits.”

This opportunity is so special and so imminent that I have created the webinar.  However I want to stress that participation is only available to a few who reserve quickly.

Here is why I have to limit the size of the webinar audience.  The success of my business depends on helping readers catch opportunity on a timely basis.  In most instances there is plenty of time for an opportunity to grow.   In this case, the Chinese-dollar opportunity may not wait for me to complete my report.   I decided to conduct the webinar to speed up the process of getting this information to you.  However since I have never conducted a webinar like this before and because I do not want to charge for this webinar, I am starting with a system that only allows 100 participants to see how it goes.

Therefore reservations will be limited to those who enroll quickly.

The webinar will teach much more than this one Chinese opportunity because I have been cashing in on distorted sequences like this for fifty years.

Subscribers to my reports and courses have picked up fortunes again and again because my 50 years of international investing, experience have helped me learn how to EASILY spot contrasts, distortions and trends that create value.

The aberration in the existing Chinese-dollar currency sequence will create profit.  I am not sure how large or small, but the purpose of the webinar beyond China is to share how to create a systematic routine that EASILY and regularly spots currency and stock market quirks.  The routine creates a continuing stream of profit.

The word EASILY is emphasized because your routine must be repeatable so good value shares and currencies can be found again and again. Simple and easy routines are the most successful and lasting.

The webinar shares the current Chinese opportunity and how to grab it, but also explains how to create your own profit spotting routine that is simple, easy, inexpensive, reliable and that you can begin immediately.

A few items beyond China that are covered in the webinar include:

*  The strategy and tactics I have developed over 50 years  based on personal experience and mathematical analysis.

* How to apply this strategy to your unique circumstance, lifestyle, wants, needs, desires and goals.

*  How to gain reliability in your sources of information by NOT:

  • Relying on economic news.
  • Listening to your banker or broker.
  • Following the masses.
  • Letting emotions overcome logic.
  • Ignoring set time horizons and stop losses.

And by:

  • Having a dual information source of purpose & financial news.
  • Going to the news and not letting it come to you.

* Strategic tactics such as:

  • How to avoid putting too much in one share.
  • How to avoid buying high and selling low.
  • How to select a personal anchor of value that helps determine the value of everything.
  • How to systematically apply this anchor of value.
  • How to not over-diversify.
  • How to invest in trends but choose the time horizon that is best for you.
  • How to use position sizing.
  • How to favor stability over performance.
  • How to create personal entrance & exit tactics.
  • How to stick to your plan.

The webinar will end with an introduction to three valuable sources of information and assistance plus two really easy, reliable but ultra low cost investing platforms you probably do not know.

As mentioned, I’ll release my report as soon as I can and the price will be $49, but to get this first opportunity to you now, this webinar, next Wednesday, June 22 at 8pm Eastern Daylight Time is FREE.

There will also be a question and answer session.  You can ask your questions by email before or during the webinar.  The webinar will be conducted live, participation is limited to 100 on a first reserved basis.

We do not plan to release a recording to the public.  To be sure you are among those who can listen in and share this vital timely information with us, please register now:
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