Three Gifts of Nature

Here are three unique, natural gifts from nature. 

  • Essential Oil
  • Pure Water
  • The Galapagos

Unique Natural Gift #1: Organic Frankincense Essential Oil Gift Set that contains:

Organic Frankincense Essential Oil (10 ml) for inhaling directly from the bottle or use drop by drop on a cotton ball for your pocket, use in a room diffuser, steam tent, bath, or combine in base oil to rub on skin.

  • Organic Frankincense Hydrosol (4oz) for misting head, face and back of neck anytime to refresh and restore. This is a great facial toner-mist.
  • Organic Frankincense resin crystals.
  • Olive Wood Teardrop Dish.  Each piece is a Size: 3” x 5”, hand-carved from the wood of Mediterranean Olive Trees and hand-rubbed with Organic Olive Oil.  Each is one of a kind due to the hues & designs of the natural grain.

An entire Tunisian village is supported by the wood bowl carving activity. 

The Frankincense Boswellia Frereana species is believed to be the species of frankincense carried by the Wise Men.  This is special organic frankincense from Somaliland, where Frankincense trees are a highly prized heritage.  Only the families inheriting the trees are permitted to go through the holy ritual of “farming” the resin for essential oil.  Due to the growing world demand and diminishing supply of many precious oils, these families are paid a bit extra not to over-farm their trees.  Thus these trees are sustainable and honored.  Happy people make the right incision in the bark at the right time, and gather the amber crystals of resin for distillation.

The resin heals the trees making the process sustainable as it provides essential oil medicine for people.

What a wonderful gift, so precious it’s what the wise men brought Jesus.  This is a gift of good health.  Frankincense is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, astringent, an expectorant, respiratory aid that is also good for skin care.  This is a fair trade gift that helps support workers in Tunisia and Somalia with an organic, sustainable, fair trade, hand crafted product.

Candace only has 50 sets of the Organic Frankincense & Olive Wood Gift Set so this limited edition is only available while the supply lasts.


Get more details on the Organic Frankincense gift set here.

Unique Natural Gift #2: Pure Water

Little in life is as important as water.


One of numerous spring fed creeks on our farm. Merri and I are really lucky in North Carolina. We have dozens of springs from which water bubbles forth-cool, fresh and clean.

In Florida and in Ecuador we’re not so blessed and use extensive filtering and purification systems for our water.  See a complete report on Ecuador water here.

There are a lot of harmful contaminants in the drinking water in many parts of the US as well as Ecuador.  Municipal drinking water can be downright dangerous.

The “Water Quality Testing Results” from a Florida municipality shows the types of contaminants to be concerned about.  This is verbatim from the report showing the inorganic contaminants and likely source of contamination.

Arsenic – Erosion of natural deposits; runoff from orchards; runoff from glass and electronics production waste

Barium – Discharge of drilling wastes; discharge from metal refineries; erosion of natural deposits

Fluoride – Erosion of natural deposits; discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories. Water additive which promotes strong teeth.

Lead – Residue from man-made pollution such as auto emissions and paint; lead pipe, casing, and solder.

Nitrate – Runoff from fertilizer use; leaching from septic tanks, sewage; erosion of natural deposits

Stage 1 Disinfectant

Chlorine – Water additive to control microbes

The President’s Cancer Panel states, “Filtering home tap or well water can decrease exposure to numerous known or suspected carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals”. It’s a known fact that the water we drink today is not the same as our ancestors drank due to the seepage of smoke, bacteria, acid rains, phosphates, animal wastes, herbicides and other contaminants we have placed on the earth and into the air over generations recently. All of this has seeped into the aquifer causing contaminants to enter our water supply.

One way to purify water is with the Alkaway Ultrastream Water System.

water filter

The Alkaway Ultrastream Water System is far beyond just a regular water filter, it’s a complete health system. The eight step filtration process naturally filters bacteria, fluoride and heavy metals while alkalizing, ionizing, and hydrogenating water.

The system purifies water just like our North Carolina mountains returning it to a pure clean state. It works like a natural aquifer. No power or high voltage is required and it is very easy to install and use.  The Ultrastream costs about 20 percent of more expensive machines but does much more.

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To learn more click here.

Gift #3:  A Unique Natural Galapagos Cruise

Our friend Kjetil Haugan of Haugan Cruises announced that there brand new yacht the M/C Petrel has arrived made the journey safely to Galapagos and is now providing Galapagos cruises.

galapagos cruises

Petrel is Galapagos’ newest and finest luxury catamaran to date. Named after a common sea bird in the Galapagos, the slogan Genuine, Swift & Timeless, stands true to its namesake. Elegant, swift and silent at sea, the motorized catamaran is designed for ultimate comfort and stability. Throughout the vessel’s quarters are spacious cabins.

galapagos cruises

The lounge and dining hall with modern and modest designs, are the first of their kind.

galapagos cruises

With an emphasis on the remarkable Natural History of the Galapagos, the Petrel has carefully selected guides who are knowledgeable in all aspects of biology, geography, and ecology. And of course each guide has excellent language skills and many years of experience.

Ecuador Living club members receive a 10% to 15% discount.  If you would like more details please send me a note at