Last Week for Ecuador Thanksgiving Roses

There are just a few days left to order Ecuador premium roses for Thanksgiving.

Here is a word from our Ecuador rose and export expert, Roberto Ribadeneira.

You can enjoy Premium Ecuador roses this Thanksgiving because prices are even lower than last year.

ecuador roses

We want everyone to enjoy roses so we decided to provide a discount for the Thanksgiving Premium Roses.

Thanksgiving is a special time to get together with family and friends and reunite with those you love.  Enjoy the elegance of special roses from Ecuador. Ecuador’s high mountains on the equator create the best growing conditions in the world and we have sent many tens of thousands of roses to Gary Scott US readers over the years.

You’ll love Ecuador’s roses in your  home for Thanksgiving.  They brighten the room with amazing colors and are a perfect match for a celebration dinner party.

Even if you are away from home for Thanksgiving, you can still send Ecuadorian Roses.

We ship roses to any zip code in the USA.   You can send roses to your house, office, or to your friends and loved ones to say “Happy Holidays”  You can have us include a card with your message.

ecuador roses

When you buy Ecuador Roses you help Ecuador.  We only ship roses from Fair Trade Certified plantations that have the highest of standards.  Workers receive a good salary, transportation, breakfast, lunch, sport facilities, computer labs and medical care.

Save  by receiving roses directly from the source.  Your roses are shipped by FedEX or UPS air so they are only four days from the farm.  Your roses are packed and labeled at the farm and shipped from there direct to you, so no middleman delays their freshness.

ecuador roses

Your Thanksgiving roses will be the most beautiful because Ecuador Premium Roses arrive faster, are fresher and last longer than anything you can purchase at a florist or in a store.

You also receive instructions on how to care for your roses so they last as long as possible.

ecuador roses

Your roses are shipped to arrive on November 24 just in time for Thanksgiving.  If you want them on a different day, please elaborate on the “comment sections” at the end of the checkout.  If you would like to include a note with the Roses, also write the message on the “comment” section.

Order 50 farm choice Thanksgiving Roses: $90.00

Order here, 25 farm choice Thanksgiving Roses: $80.00

Order here, 100 farm choice Thanksgiving Roses: $145

Thank you for your order!  Roberto

ecuador roses