Earn With Roses – Save Tax Cash

The note below from Roberto Ribadneira shows how to earn with roses.

Ecuador Roses – Export Tour with Roberto

We will have an Ecuador Export Tour in Cotacachi and surrounding areas on November 11-13,2015.   You can learn how to earn exporting Ecuador products including Ecuador premium roses.

Ecuador roses are great income producers because people re-order on a regular basis.  Ecuador premium roses last longer so cost less in hotels, restaurants and country clubs who need to regularly order flowers.   Flower Shops, wedding and event planners also order roses every single week.

Roses are especially effective fundraisers.  Learn how roses can raise money for charities on the export tour.  Learn how to get floral orders through events.  For example, recently a Rotary Club in Texas ordered 10,000 roses for a fundraiser.  The cost for the roses, landed in Texas, was $1.25 per head.  The roses sold for $3.00 per head.  Those roses at that event raised a lot of money for a good cause.  This fund raising event was a huge success because everyone loves roses.  They were happy to contribute because they helped a good cause and the roses still cost less than in many flower shops.

This was a huge event, but roses can raise money on any scale.  People are willing to buy if they know that part of the money coming from the sale is going to a good cause.  When you export fund raising roses, you are not just selling a product, you are contributing and helping people.

Learn ways to raise money without holding an event also.  Another Rotary Club recently created an email program that offers Ecuadorian Roses to their members.  A donation is made to the Rotary Club for every box of roses we ship.

ecuador export roses

Roses shipped for Rotary Club in Texas.

We shipped these roses and made contributions on every box.  This is really efficient.  The orders were sent directly to us from the buyer contributors.   We shipped direct to the buyer and passed on the contributions to the Rotary Club.  We did all the accounting and let Rotary know who bought and how much.  Once the club sent the email, we did all the work.

There is even a way for the buyers to contribute additional money to the Rotary Club, when they make the rose purchase.

Learn how to work with the fund raisers and us so once the fund raisers contact the members, we do the rest. All you and the fund raiser have to do is collect your payment.

Here is an example of how Ecuador exports and email fundraising works.  This week, we launched an email fundraiser for the Rotary Club in Quito, Ecuador with a rose promotion.  Here is the email the Rotary Club sent.

Buy Roses and contribute to Rotary Club Quito Norte.

The Rotary Club in Quito helps poor communities around Puerto Quito, Mindo, Puerto Rico and other small towns in the province of Pichincha in Ecuador.  Our Club buys and installs water treatment systems that make water drinkable.  This mainly helps children at school to be able to drink the water without getting sick.

ecuador export roses

The beneficiaries of the last project (which had the help of Rotary Clubs around the USA), helped 8,450 people in 4 different towns and 4 schools. The number of students that benefited were 764 children.  The total investment on the project was USD $54,752.

We would like to help raise funds for the next water treatment project by offering Ecuador premium roses.  For every box of roses that are ordered, there is a $10.00 contribution to the Rotary Club in Ecuador, plus if you wish you can add another $10.00 to the project.

ecuador export roses

Your rose order helps in so many ways. You help Ecuador as a whole by getting FAIR TRADE ROSES, which comply with the highest of international standards.  The farms that grow the roses provide health care, competitive salaries, free meals (breakfast and lunch), sports facilities, technology classes and transportation for the workers.  They are certified by, FAIRTRADE, Global G.A.P., BASC and Flor Ecuador.

You also help Rotary Club Quito Norte in Ecuador to raise funds and can even match the donation.  You help the children of Ecuador in our areas get new water systems that improve their quality of life.

ecuador export roses

Plus you bring the joy of a roses beauty into your life and everyone who visits your office or home.

Help by Ordering 25 Roses for Rotary $89.00

Help by ordering 50 Roses for Rotary $99.00

Help by ordering 100 Roses for Rotary $155.00

Join Roberto for the  Ecuador Export Tour in Cotacachi and surrounding areas on November 11-13.

Enroll now. $799  Couples $999.

Gain Huge Tax Benefits

Learn how to use fund raisers and charity events to save tax cash.   There are innumerable tax benefits that are created by your own micro business.   Business and charity can create even great tax savings as this note from Conrad Oertwig our tax preparer shows.

Conrad wrote:  “Ask yourself this: Could a $300 charitable event ticket produce a bigger tax deduction than a $300 business meal with a client?   In both cases, you spend $300.

“Here’s the answer and it’s a stunner: the charity sporting event produces double the deduction of the business meal. Double!

“Are you capturing your double deductions? Do you have the following line items set out in your chart of accounts?

“1:  100% business entertainment deductions
“2:  Regular 50% business entertainment deductions

“If not, and if you attend or participate in charitable events, you are missing valuable deductions because you are giving your tax preparer only one category for entertainment.  Worse yet, you might be deducting the charity events as charitable deductions. Yikes!

“Example 1. You buy two tickets to the local American Cancer Society chapter’s golf outing. On the day of the golf outing, you collect your business colleague and the two of you have breakfast at the outing. Over breakfast, you and the colleague discuss new ways of getting more prospects for your businesses. This gives you a business meeting, and now the golf outing qualifies as business entertainment associated with the breakfast discussion. With proper documentation of the cost and business discussion, the entertainment cost of this golf outing qualifies for the 100% deduction.

“Example 2. Everything is the same as in example 1—breakfast discussion and all—but you go as a spectator to a PGA TOUR event that gives 100% of its net proceeds to 501(c)(3) charities. Your cost of the PGA TOUR event is 100% deductible.

“Example 3. Everything is the same as in example 1. The charity sends you a note saying that the fair value of your golf, food, etc., is equal to the amount you paid and you have no charity tax deduction. Smile. You have no problem. The fair value limitation does not apply to business entertainment. Thus, like in example 1, you deduct everything.

“You might ask me: Where does the law say that I can do this? Internal Revenue Code Section 274(l)(1)(B) says that the 50% cut in a business entertainment deduction shall not apply to any ticket for any sports event:

1    which is organized for the primary purpose of benefiting an organization which is described in section 501(c)(3) and exempt from tax under section 501(a),

2    all of the net proceeds of which are contributed to such organization, and

3    which utilizes volunteers for substantially all of the work performed in carrying out such event.

“Events that use volunteers for substantially all the work and donate the net proceeds to charity include, among others:
•    Golf
•    Tennis
•    Skeet shoots
•    Pheasant hunts
•    Fishing tournaments
•    Bowling
•    Marathons
•    Triathlons
•    Ski tournaments”

This example from Conrad is another case where tax knowledge produces cash and just one of seven cases outlined in a report that I am sending to all delegates of our Value Investing Seminar.

Gain ideas on how to have your own micro business for extra income and to save cash on taxes at our October Value Investment Seminar.

Learn Fun & Profitable Tax Secrets

Imagine this, micro businesses are such good ways to create wealth and reduce tax that even cruises can be tax deductible.

Small family owned businesses have some of the best tax benefits.

Micro businesses have huge tax savings using really conservative strategies.

conrad oertwig

Conrad Oertwig (far right) after a seminar when delegates visit our North Carolina home.

This is why I am delighted that our tax preparer, Conrad Oertwig, who is a master of tax savings information, has agreed to speak at our October 17-18, 2015 Value Investment Seminar.

Conrad Oertwig can assist you on tax matters.  IN FACT THIS FALL, Conrad will be offering a course and personal service on ways that one-person and family business owners can have more cash via tax savings.   Conrad is offering a report on seven ways to put more cash on the table when you earn and is releasing a course on how to save taxes this fall.

Conrad’s report is “7 Secrets to Paying Less Tax… for the One-Owner Business”.  He sent me this note to share with you about the report.

From: Conrad Oertwig

One hard fact of life is that taxes are cash.  It’s a mistake to think of taxes as taxes.  If you want to create more net worth, you need to think of taxes as cash.

How much tax cash are you leaving on the table? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Here are just three of seven secrets I will share with Gary Scott readers at the October 17-18 Value Investment Seminar and in my report.   Learn how to pay less tax, have more cash, and build your net worth.

Secret # 1: Gain $12,976 by using two vehicles for business.  In the past, your tax adviser likely told you to drive one vehicle for business and the other vehicle for personal purposes. This old advice made it easier to claim the one car as a business car because no business mileage log was required back then. But that’s no longer true.

Today, tax law requires you to keep a mileage log to prove business use. That changes the game. With today’s rules, you gain nothing by using only one car. But the new mileage log rule gives you a possible opportunity to increase your tax deductions.

First, you might ask: Will the IRS allow me to use more than one vehicle for business?

Yes! The IRS official method for computing business use of a single vehicle is to divide business miles by total miles driven. IRS Form 4562, which is filed by proprietorships and corporations, contains spaces for up to six vehicles. In other words, yes, the IRS recognizes that you can drive more than one vehicle.

Here are the two basics that make the two-vehicle strategy work:
1:  You drive more miles than your spouse, and
2:  Both vehicles are somewhat close in adjusted basis.
To see if you can benefit from this two-vehicle strategy, and by how much (the minimum amount, really), apply the arithmetic from the before-and-after example below to your vehicles.

Before. You drive 2,000 personal and 28,000 business miles on your vehicle (93% business). Your spouse drives 8,000 personal miles on vehicle 2. Each vehicle has an adjusted basis of $24,000. Your maximum depreciation and/or Section 179 deduction is $22,400 (93% times $24,000) on the one vehicle you currently drive for business.

After. You switch vehicles with your spouse every week. You now have 73.7% business use of vehicle 1 and 73.7% business use of vehicle 2. This produces $35,376 in maximum depreciation and/or Section 179 deductions (73.7% x 2 x $24,000).

You gain $12,976 in new deductions ($35,376 minus $22,400). You did not have to drive one mile further or spend one additional penny. You simply had to know (as you learned here) that this strategy could work for you.

Secret #2:  Have a second office in the home.

Have you been told that because you have an office outside your home that you may not have an office in the home?  That’s wrong!

IRS publication 463 states, “You can have more than one business location, including your home, for a single trade or business.”  Learn why in the free report due to IRS publication 587 you want your office in the home to qualify as an administrative office.

Secret #3: Travel by cruise ship and deduct up to $680 a day.

When you know the rules, it’s easy to travel to a business meeting by cruise ship rather than by airplane or other mode of transportation.  Tax law provides various ways for you to deduct a cruise.  The free report shows an example of a trip to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands from California or New York.

Learn about IRS Regulation 1.274-4 that gives you two one-owner business friendly rules that you can use to your benefit:

1:  The United States means the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
2: Transportation cost to a foreign destination for seven days or less, excluding the day of departure, is not subject to an allocation between business and personal days.

In the example if you fly to Miami, Florida, board a cruise ship that will take five days to arrive at St. Thomas your deductions will include the cost of:

1 :  Travel to Miami
2:   Cruise ship fare to St. Thomas (not to exceed tax law’s luxury boat limits that range in 2014 from a low of $566 to $680 per day, depending on the dates of travel)
3:   Food and lodging in St. Thomas
4:   Airfare to Miami
5 :  Travel from Miami to home

You have to admit, tax knowledge can be fun which is why I want to send you this free report.

I specialize in “nuts and bolts” tax strategies that bring tax law to life so that business taxpayers and professional tax advisers can put the law to work for them.  In fact, my mission is to clarify taxes so that you take control of your money.

Plucking common sense from the tax law is time consuming and difficult work.  Yet, after more than 25 years, I still get great satisfaction when I can clarify and extract tax dollars from the tax law not only for your pockets but also to add to your net worth.  In fact I have extracted over 400 tax savings tips and would like to share the most important lessons with you so am creating a course that will share seven tax secrets each month for the next year.


Conrad Oertwig

Learn how to have a tax advantaged one person or family owned micro business.

Conrad has dozens of tax savings secrets he will explain at our October 17-18 Value Investment Seminar.   To help you get an early start, we will send you Conrad’s report “7 Secrets to Paying Less Tax… for the One-Owner Business”, when you enroll in the seminar.

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