Ecuador Beach Condos – Los Ranchos

Los Ranchos Townhouses are two unit, two story Ecuador beach condos.

ecuador beach condo

Click on images to enlarge.

These Ecuador condos can be your full or part time home overlooking the Pacific.

ecuador beach condo

Entrance to Los Ranchos, Manabi, Ecuador.

ecuador beach condo

Your garden.

ecuador beach condo

Downstairs are two bedrooms.

ecuador beach condos

Each bedroom has a wardrobe closet and full bath.  There is a laundry area for installation of a washer and dryer.

ecuador beach condos

The stairs take you to the living area with, Dining Room, Kitchen and half “Social” Bathroom.

ecuador beach condo

There is substantial closet space.

ecuador beach condos

This second story affords gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean to the West.

ecuador beach condo

East and West side second story balconies overlook both ocean and river.

ecuador beach condo

Second story balcony.

ecuador beach condo

A small river that flows through the property to the East.  Each Town House property fronts the river.

Roof garden

ecuador beach condo

A roof-top entertainment area, accessed via an inside masonry stairway, features a built-in space for a Refrigerator, and BBQ, and affords an even more spectacular view of the ocean and river.

ecuador beach condo

From the entertainment area, an additional ladder leads upward to a third-story “observation” deck for an absolutely fantastic viewing of river, ocean and surrounding hills.

ecuador beach condo

The back yard abuts the river to the East, and has room for a pool, garden, garage and/or other such add-ons.

The 6-1/2 acre Los Ranchos area of Las Gilces is enclosed with masonry walls on the North and South sides of the development, and wooden fences along the main road and beachfront areas to the East and West.  A private gate  provide Town House residents with direct access to the beach, while a live-in caretaker controls both vehicle and foot traffic gates to the main road that runs by the area.

Pre-Construction Pricing for each of the two side-by-side units is $129,950. Once fully constructed, the unit price increases to $134,950.  Construction is now completed for Town House Unit #1.

This Town House unit is the first of five such structures that are planned for Los Ranchos.  In addition, two oceanfront homes have been built to date, and seven additional oceanfront lots are for sale, or have been sold.

When completely built out, the Los Ranchos complex is designed to contain five Town House structures (ten Town House living units), together with up to nine beachfront homes.

For more information contact Floridalva Zambrano at FLORIFLORI58@YAHOO.ES

We DO NOT investigate properties when they are advertised so be sure to complete your due diligence. Always use an independent Ecuador attorney who represents you (not the seller) when you buy real estate in Ecuador. We also recommend that you rent, become familiar with Ecuador before you buy.

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