Two Natural Health Opportunities

Here are two natural health opportunities.

“The loss of antibiotics due to antimicrobial resistance is potentially one of the most important challenges the medical and animal health communities will face in the 21st century,” says Dr. Cyril Gay, the senior national program leader at the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service.

This is a quote from the article “Essential Oils Might Be the New Antibiotics” in Atlantic Magazine.

essential oil

Essential oils that protect during travel

A new report can help you fined ways to defeat increasingly drug-resistant bacteria with essential oils, especially when you are on the road.

Candace Newman has just released her newest report  “Aromatherapy Healthy Travel Guide”. Candace will conduct  three classes in Mt Dora, Florida this spring.

Get links to information about bacteria killing essential oils, Candace’s report and the Atlantic Magazine article here.

Another Natural Health Opportunity near Mount Dora.

One of our most important natural health care providers is Dr. Bill Koch, DC.   Bill has been a chiropractor for 47 years.  A 1967 Cum Laude Palmer graduate, he practiced for 30 years in the Hamptons on the east end of Long Island, New York, then moved to the Bahamas where he has worked and sailed the Abaco Islands as the “Out Island Chiropractor” for nearly two decades.  He and his wife, Kiana, currently split their time between their home in Mount Dora and their yacht in the Bahamas.

We are grateful that Bill shares his many decades of combined experience in chiropractic, nutrition and natural health care with us and are pleased that he will be doing a talk “Stand Taller – Live Longer” at the YMCA on Tuesday, February 24,  at 9:30 AM.  It is free and open to the public.

The talk will be at the Golden Triangle YMCA, 1465 David Walker Drive, Tavares. The phone number is  352-343-1144.

Merri and I hope to see you there!

Stand Taller Live Longer

Stand Taller Live Longer Outline