Thanksgiving Ecuador Rose Bouquets

It is time to order Thanksgiving fresh Ecuador roses and bouquets.

Merri and I receive fresh Ecuador roses on a regular basis, and they are beautiful. We immediately place them in fresh water so they can…




By the morning they are fully opened and incredible!

Now our rose supplier is offering Rose Bouquets. we received our first order this week to test them out before Thanksgiving.

ecuador Roses

Here is the first bouquet.  After the first day the roses had opened in a way you never see from super market flowers.

Here is a note about the bouquets from Roberto Ribadeneira, our rose supplier.

ecuador roses

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and being together with family and friends.  On this special day we had contributed by sending beautiful roses for many years.

This year we have some amazing news, not only we will be sending roses, but we are adding Rose Bouquets to the celebration. We have been working for several months trying to get the program for Rose Bouquets ready, and we finally got it right.

We have our list of Premium Ecuadorian Roses for Thanksgiving and also a selection of Bouquets, a mix of roses and summer flowers.

Ecuador hosts every two years one of the biggest Flower Fairs in the Americas.  I was there to see our rose suppliers, farms and logistic service companies.  It was a great experience as always and I like to share a couple of pictures of the event, where every important rose exporter from Ecuador displays the best roses in the market.

ecuador roses

Agriflor 2014.  These were huge bouquets directly from the farms.

You can order from 3 of the bouquets or have fresh Ecuador roses yourself or send them as gifts.

You can have bouquets, 50 or 100 fresh cut (four days) roses from Ecuador delivered to any zip code in the USA…including Hawaii or Alaska.

Merri and I love Ecuador for the warmth and friendliness in the hearts of its people. We also love Ecuador’s beauty.  When an opportunity to send Ecuador roses and raise money for the poor occurred, we grabbed the chance.

I originally wrote about the roses, made a special offer and sold over 15,000 roses that raised $6,000 to help Ecuador’s poor.  The money was used to provide schooling and university for gifted indigenous children and to buy a InFocus projector used in our free English classes for Ecuadorian children that the foundation provides.

So when a chance to offer Ecuador roses regularly, I thought, “Why not?”

There and then I decided to make a special offer.  Here it is.

The cost of roses, and especially delivery, have been rising, but we added the lower cost bouquets and 50 or 100 fresh cut roses to your home at really low rates and help create employment in Ecuador in the process.

I regret that UPS cannot deliver the roses in Canada or elsewhere outside the USA.

UPS will deliver them to you within four days of being cut in Ecuador.  Open them. If you are not satisfied that these are truly remarkable roses, give them back to the UPS driver and let me know.  Our flower supplier will give you a full refund.

To assure the refund you must inspect the flowers with UPS when they are delivered.  If you are not satisfied,  they must be returned at the time of delivery.

During Thanksgiving the flower growers can only send farm choice color combinations.

Unless otherwise arranged, and subject to weather permitting, UPS will deliver your roses to you or your recipient on Tuesday or Wednesday November 26 or 27.


All photos on this page are delivered Ecuador roses to our home.

There is exquisite beauty and pure luxury with 50 (or 100) roses compared to a dozen.

I love roses. Having 50 allows me to make my bouquets purely out of roses. 50 roses allows me really incredible bouquets.


This is just one bouquet of 12 fresh Ecuador roses. 38 (or 88) roses to go!  I put out a few on their own. 36 or 86 more roses to go!

The roses arrive…


tightly packed… 25 per bundle. You get two bundles… unless you want to spend the extra $50 and get 100 Ecuador roses.

Then they open…


full…colorful and…


radiant. This is another 12 roses sitting on my chess table (that I photographed a week after I put them out). This leaves me 24 (or 74) more roses to go for a spectacular two dozen rose bouquet something like this.


Even after the flowers lose some of their oomph I reorganize them and use as table settings.


Here are roses that had drooped after a couple of weeks so I put them in water in a shallow bowl and enjoyed them for another week.

As the roses age, I also hang them up to…


dry and make bouquets of dried roses and feathers.


For the holidays, fresh Ecuador roses… delivered by UPS to your home… offer beauty, longevity and great value.

Order any of these arrangements before  Noon, Friday November 21, 2014 and receive them on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving, November 25 or 26, 2104.

Bouquet #1

ecuador Roses

Elegant View,  40 Flowers. Order here $85.00.

Bouquet #2

ecuador Roses

High Fashion, 40 Flowers. Order here  $85.00.

Bouquet #3

ecuador Roses

Snow White, 40 Flowers. Order here $90.00.

Or order Farm Choice Roses

ecuador roses

50 long stem Ecuador roses,  (the farm will pick the color). Order here  $95.00.

100 long stem Ecuador roses, (the farm will pick the color)  Order here $145.00.

Merri and I send our best wishes for happy holidays ahead and look forward to sharing this special season with you.


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