Independence of the List

There is independence in a list.

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Lincoln City

Merri and I are getting our fireworks from sunsets on a calm and pacific sea.

This is the day that the USA celebrates independence even though the government uses a lot of technology to reduce independence now.

Fortunately every cloud has a silver lining, and this same technology creates a new form of independence.

Merri and I can work anywhere because we have a list of over 30,000 wonderful readers who invite us into their homes every day.  Technology makes building such lists possible, enjoyable and easy.

We can see an example of how lists can bring great independence in a USA Today article entitled “390,000 Instagram followers give Mississippi mom a job” by Elizabeth Weise (1).   The article says:   MAUN, Botswana — The insatiable desire of advertisers to follow potential customers wherever they’re headed means that for some people, doing what they love — if they do it well — which can result in a pretty awesome career.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought it would work out this way,” Melissa Vincent, 37, says as she takes a shot of a bug in her tent on the Okavango Delta in Botswana. “But it’s pretty cool.”  Vincent started out just exchanging photos with her sister back in 2011. But Instagram allowed this stay-at-home mom in Hernando, Miss., to tap into a creative side that she hadn’t been able to give voice to before.  She fell in love with the possibilities and honed her craft until she had 390,000 followers who loved the photos she posted as “Misvincent.” That in turn caused companies like National Geographic and Dos Equis to come calling, asking her to tag along on trips and post photos of what she saw.

The article explains how Vincent was recently in Botswana because a National Geographic editor liked her Instagram photos and invited her to join a National Geographic team in Botswana to meet a couple who make documentaries that helps preserve African wildlife.

Building lists are easier than you think. They can create income, great lifestyles and wonderful independence!


Learn how to write to create lists.

(1) 390,000 Instagram followers give Mississippi mom a job