Logic Defrocked

You can truly achieve anything you desire because the chains of logic are being unlocked.  Messages at this site often look at how and why you should escape the Tyranny of Reason.  Our era is ruled by logic and reason and a huge chunk of logic has just been unfrocked… by mice and rats.


Image from Telegraph article on rats

Logic is supported by science and the double blind study is a cornerstone of the scientific method.  Our lives are impacted every day by ideas and products derived from blinded research, from medicine, to psychology and the social sciences, to forensics, to marketing.

Despite science’s knowledge of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle asserting a fundamental limit on precision the blinding studies remain one of society’s basic tools to give the appearance of precision.  You could even call double blind studies a foundation of reason.

Now a scientific study has shown a flaw in scientific studies, one more reason to escape the Tyranny of Reason.

An Economist article “Pain perception – Sex, writhes and videotape – Rodents feel less pain when men are around. For scientists, that is worrying” tells the story.

Here is an excerpt:  THOSE who study animal behaviour have long feared that their mere presence might affect the outcomes of their experiments. Few attempts have been made to see if it actually does so—but a study just published in Nature Methods by Jeffrey Mogil of McGill University in Montreal and his colleagues has tried to correct that deficiency.

Dr Mogil’s team injected the ankles of mice with zymosan A, an inflammatory agent, and monitored what happened when, in some cases, an experimenter stayed in the room, sitting about half a metre away, and when in others, he or she did not. They evaluated evidence of murine pain, caught on videotape, using the “mouse grimace scale”. This measures ear and whisker position, eye-squeezing and the bulging of noses and cheeks to gauge an animal’s level of distress.

Both when the mice were left on their own and when they had any of four female researchers in the room with them, the injections induced visible distress. But when any of four male researchers was there, the animals showed significantly fewer signs of pain. The same was true when the team did the experiment on rats, and also when they used a different pain stimulus, formalin.

Nor was the actual presence of a human required. When the team substituted the four men with T-shirts that those men had slept in the night before, the rodents responded in the same way. Women’s T-shirts, like women themselves, did not reduce apparent pain—indeed, when placed in the room next to a man’s shirt, a woman’s shirt was able to abolish its effect. Nor was the phenomenon caused only by the scent of human males. Bedding slept in by male dogs, cats, rats and even guinea pigs all produced a similar response.

We must ask… how much of our life is ruled by double blind studies that are incorrect because of this gender flaw?

Or in other words… if you have a dream, desire or ambition that is unreasonable, no matter how unreasonable your desire… go for it!  The reason it is unreasonable may be flawed!


Economist.com Rodents feel less pain when men are around

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