Sandalwood Investment Up 81%

The sandalwood investment we reviewed in our Sandalwood Investing Report has risen 81% since December 27, 2013 when a Wall Street Journal article on illegal sandalwood tree harvesting captured my attention.  Because I have great interest in helping the environment, in forestry and in sandalwood oil, I began researching investing in sandalwood.

sandal wood share chart

Yesterday’s TFS Corp. share chart from Australian stock exchange.

Our Sandalwood Investing Report was published January 26, 2014 and I let you know about this right away.  Since then, as of yesterday,  the price of the TFS Corp. sandalwood shares reviewed in that report have risen from A$1.19 to A$1.71, a 43% rise.

Those who invested $10,000 in this at Jyske Bank on that initial date have earned about A$4,300 in just over one month. (See details below)

Yet there are three reasons why we can expect these shares to rise even further, short term and why they can rise up to $10 a shares over the next ten years.

One reason we can expect another short term burst in the TFS Corp share price is the value of the Australian dollar.

The chart below shows that the AUD has dropped over 12% versus the US dollar.  There are no fundamental reasons for this drop and the Crimean tension could cause a shift from the Greenback to the Aussie as a commodity currency.

Yahoo AUD chart Australian dollar to US dollar chart (see link to current chart below)

Sandalwood Investing Report Updates. 

This post updates our continual review and research on sandalwood investments that we share with our readers of the Sandalwood Investing Report.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 5.28.13 PM

You can learn all about the TFS sandalwood share investment in the $2.99 Sandalwood Investing Report at


Wall Street Journal article on sandalwood smuggling

AUD USD Yahoo Chart 

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