Ecuador Coastal Review

Here is a review of the February coastal tour after the Ecuador Get Together

Your Ecuador experience is vastly improved when you can speak and understand Spanish.

To help delegates gain a richer experience on the Ecuador tour, there are full scholarships to our January 10-11-12, 2014 Super Thinking + Spanish course for all delegates who enroll in the Platinum or Gold program described below.  You save an extra $699 to $899.

Roberto Ribadeneira, head of the Ateam Ecuador, sent this review of the last Get Together and tour.

We get started with our Coastal tours with a two day “Get Together Seminar” in Quito.   The seminar gives you all the fundamental details you need about Ecuador. We start with doctors and then move to lawyers.   We have expats and Ecuador real estate agents. We also have an accountant who explains the SRI (Ecuador’s IRS) tax law.  Other speakers explain security – import and export –  logistics of  moving to Ecuador.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

Delegates at the Get Together at Hotel Finlandia in Quito, November 7 & 8, 2013

Delegates love meeting with these many Ecuadorians but the real fun part starts on the real estate tours.    The Get Together provides theory and contacts.   The tours are field trips that allow delegates to apply what they learned.

The logistics of these tours are complicated, but worth doing.   In February we’ll fly early Saturday March 1st to Manta, our first destination. Manta is a mid-sized city in the Coast and is one of the major entry ports for goods coming to Ecuador.  Manta enjoys healthy growth and stable economy. These factors have attracted a strong volume of  real estate investments.

Manta is a great choice to look for properties.   There are over 200,000 people living in the area  so there is plenty to do.

There are frequent daily flights to Manta.   The port has expanded and is set to be the busiest in Ecuador.  Major cruise lines come to Manta year round.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

New Construction Building in Manta

There are golf courses, tennis courts, restaurants, night life, gated communities and some amazing beach properties in and around the city.

Beyond Manta there are many smaller towns with beautiful beaches and less hustle and bustle.  Bahia de Caraquez is one of the best such small town options.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

The Hotel La Piedra in Bahia

Bahia is a small town close enough to Manta for bigger hospitals, clubs, restaurants and airport.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

Having Lunch on our way to Bahia de Caraquez

So our next stop is Bahia de Caraquez. Bahia is a tourist town for middle upper class people from Quito. It has lots of buildings and a new bridge that crosses the bay and takes you to San Vicente. Bahia is a beautiful town that enjoys an influx of people that no longer want to stay there only on vacation, but also are planning on moving. If you like a more peaceful life then a small town like Bahia is perfect for you. Plus it is close to many other amazing places in the area. You have San Vicente, San Jacinto and Canoa, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Plus the food in the province of Manabi could be the best in Ecuador.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

View of the city from the top floor by La Piedra Hotel

In Bahia we show you apartments on a wide ranges of prices, with many amenities and nice views of the city. But if you like to see more properties like houses by the beach or maybe land where you can build your own place, we head outside Bahia across the bridge and to Canoa.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

Beach Property on the way to Canoa

On these places you can still get land and houses at a very good price.  There is good town to town transportation by “mototaxi”. These  motorcycles have been adapted to carry passengers and normally cost $1 or $2.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

Available land for new projects on the beach

This area has some of the most extraordinary places in Ecuador.   Isolated beaches often run for miles. You can enjoy areas where no one will bother you. Yet there are also pockets of population when you want fine restaurants and the other benefits of more population.

The tour looks at property all along the Ecuador coast.

Enjoying amazing food at Canoa

The next Ecuador coastal tour begins March 1, 2014 when we visit the Manta-Bahia area.  We breakfast in Manta and look at real estate until  lunch and tour again in the afternoon. Depending on the time we spend on each property we  finish the day around 5 to 6pm. Then we all gather together and share our experiences,

On the morning of March 3 we travel by bus to Guayaquil to prepare for our next Real Estate tour in Cuenca.  There are no flights Manta –  Cuenca flights, so we’ll enjoy the view from Manta to Guayaquil by bus as we talk and perhaps take a nap if we need to recharge our batteries.

Ecuador Coastal Tour

On the Tour Bus

February 2014 Ecuador Schedule

#1: Health Care tour.  February 25-26 in Quito.  Meet MDs, dentists and eye doctors.  Have a health check up and complete diagnosis from top doctors in Ecuador.  Get a specific review of where to get the best care and at what price for your personal health requirements. $299 but you save on combined tours.

#2: Real Estate tour to the coast.  March 1-3.  Ecuador real estate from Manta north. A two day tour with locals.  $345 but you save on combined tours..

#3: Real estate tour to Cuenca. March 3-4. A two day tour with locals. $345 but you save on combined tours.

Fees are Low

The fees for the “Get Together Seminar and Tours” are remarkably low because this program is conducted by Ecuadorians.  No high costs to bring outside speakers are incurred by the Ateam Ecuador.

Ecuador tours

Option #1: The two day “Get Together” only $799.  (see below how two come together for the price of one!)

Option #2: Just take a tour.

Option #3: The two day “Get Together” and two optional tours. $1,340.

Option #4: Platinum package: two day “Get Together” and all optional tours  $1,608. Saves $247.

Two for the Price of One. Bring your friend or spouse at no extra charge.  The goal of the “Get Together” seminar is to help visitors and Ecuadorians get together.  We believe this creates a special magic for those who want to know the real Ecuador.  Ecuador has such strong family values… we want to encourage couples and friends to attend.  To make this possible there is no additional fee for a second person who attends.

Learn Spanish FREE

Your Ecuador experience is vastly improved when you can speak and understand Spanish.  To help delegates gain a richer experience on the toured we sponsor we are providing a full scholarship to Gary Scott’s January 10-11-12, 2014 Super thinking + Spanish course for all delegates who enroll in the Platinum program described below.  You can attend the January Spanish course FREE and save an extra $699 to $899.

Platinum Package all activities included for $1,608.  Bring a spouse or guest with you at no extra charge.

Enroll in this Platinum Service that entitles you to all courses and tours.   Attend the “Get Together” February 27 and 28, 2014.   Then take each of the three optional tours… coastal real estate, Cuenca real estate and medical tours.

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Please indicate which tours you will take in the comments section on the order form. Travel, Food and Accommodations NOT included.

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