Ecuador Medical Tour

Learn all about Ecuador medical services this November from the bottom up.

Learn below about a bottoms up “Get Together with Ecuadorians Seminar”.  Learn about the real Ecuador.  Then see an optional tour on medical care… plus how to pay for your trip with prescription savings.

“Get Together with Ecuadorians” starting November 7 if you want to really learn all about Ecuador.

The Ateam Ecuador.  The Ateam is a group of English speaking mainly Ecuadorian brokers, doctors, dentists, business people, teachers, builders, attorneys, hotel owners, tour guides, taxi drivers, the people in the street who make the country work.

The coordinator of the Ateam Ecuador created the “Get to Know Ecuador Get Together”. This is a great way to get a kick start on knowing the real Ecuador.

This “get-together” starts in Quito, Ecuador,  Thursday and Friday November 7 and 8, 2013.  The “Get Together”  is followed by three optional tours.

In these two days you will hear and meet English speaking Ecuadorians who will speak about living in Ecuador, Ecuador real estate, Ecuador health care, Ecuador law and visas, Ecuador customs regulations for bring in personal goods,  Ecuador business and Ecuador banking and investing.

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This is followed by an Ecuador Health Care tour:  Meet local doctors and dentists as you learn how to enjoy the benefits of low cost health care in Ecuador.   Find out if you need health insurance.  Learn what health insurance is available at what age and the costs. You’ll get a list of doctors, list of prices on the most common treatments and learn more about Ecuador health tourism.

The Health Care tour:  November 11 & 12 and November 13 & 14.  Meet MDs, dentists and eye doctors.  Have a health check up and complete diagnosis from top doctors in Ecuador.  Get a specific review of where to get the best care and at what price for your personal health requirements. $299.

I will  just attend the two day “Get together” in Quito November 7 and 8, 2013.  Enroll here $699

I will  attend the two day “Get together” in Quito and the Ecuador medical tour.  Enroll here $899.  I  save. $99.

Please indicate which Ecuador Medical tour you will take in the comments section on the order form. Travel Food and Accommodations NOT included.

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