Hugh Howey Self Publishing Success Tip #5


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Hugh Howey’s important tip for writing success.

There are two reasons to write… when you have something to say or when you have something to sell.

When the two reasons come together… magic happens… especially when you tap into the National Psyche.

Hugh Howey did this and created quite an amazing story you should hear.

You can quit the rat race and fulfill your dreams through writing.   Many don’t because they feel that writing somehow has something to do with education.  This is not true. Many writers have no literary background at all as this short video with Hugh Howey explains.  In 2011 while working at a book store, Hugh typed out a short story “Wool”, during his lunch breaks.  Soon this publication was earning him over $100,000 a month on Amazon.  You’ll see the great inspiration that can help you self publish from Hugh.

Hugh Howey… who has sold almost a million books at Amazon.  I took the offer of his great novel “Wool” free at   I was hooked and ordered and read all his Sci Fi books. 

Hugh is really worth listening to.  His latest book Dust has moved up… yesterday #7 on the New York Times best seller list!

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