Ashe County Farm for Sale

This Ashe county farm is for sale.

Ashe County Farm

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View of our next door neighbor’s farm.

Friend of ours for the past 25 years, Ed and Phyllis Sabo lived just 5 blocks from us in London when we were there.

When Ed retired from Shell Oil 11 years ago he and Phyllis visited us and fell in love with the countryside up here.

They decided to stay on and look for a farm themselves.  After a month of fruitless search, the day they were ready to go our next door neighbor called and said… “we are selling our farm”.   Ed and Phyllis visited and bought that farm the same day… 34 acres with a nice farmhouse on Little Horse Creek, a garage and barn.

Sadly Ed passed last year and his son just called me to say that Phyllis has decided to sell the farm.   Their property line stretches up to the top of the mountain and meets our land… so we have for years walked back and forth through the woods.

ashe county farm

County WebGIS map Click on map to enlarge

You can see the position of the farm relative to ours at the county’s GIS map.  Our farm is inside the purple lines with the words LITTLE HORSE TRL running through the middle of it.  Phyllis’s farm is upper left with the words JOHN ALLEY RD running into it. The three dots above the words RD represent the position of the farmhouse, garage and barn.

Your can see the creek (blue line) running in front of the farm house.

Here are some shots to help you understand the lay of the land.

Driving along John Alley Rd., you see the farm on the left. The horse is is the neighbors pasture.

Ashe County Farm

Coming off John Alley Road the driveway rides through the center of the farm.  The pastures to the right view and about all the land up the hill are part of the farm.

Ashe County Farm

Coming up the drive the barn is on the right and garage left. The farm house is just a bot further left.

Ashe County Farm

This is the farmhouse and garage seen through the front meadow.  The white boards in the driveway on the right are the bridge over Little Horse Creek which flows along the front of the house.

Our property line starts at the top of the hill behind the house.

Ashe County Farm

Here is a better shot of the house.

Ashe County Farm

Phyllis has not yet put it on the market and would just like to get back what was put in… about $179,000. The house is a fully furnished (except couch) Johnny Appleseed built in the 1940s about 1,200 square feet but with a basement.  If that house is  worth $69,000 or so, that leaves the property price working out around $3,200 an acre.  Considering that the farm has a creek flowing through it and two large meadows, this is a pretty good value.

For more details contact Ed Sabo Jr. at