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Better Retirement in Ecuador

Here are thoughts on a better retirement in Ecuador. Thousands of our readers readers have visited Ecuador. Many have stayed and found a better retirement. Those who have the best retirement are the ones who have not retired… but developed a Pinnacle career. Cuenca Ecuador at dawn. Roberto Ribadeniera the head of the Ateam Ecuador […] [Read Better Retirement in Ecuador]

Cuenca Ecuador Apartment for Sale

Because Cuenca is the most popular city in Ecuador for our readers, this Cuenca apartment for sale may be of interest. This condo is listed at the Discovery Ecuador website of our attorney Floridalva Zambrano. There is 24 hour security in the building and the Cuenca apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. There is […] [Read Cuenca Ecuador Apartment for Sale]

Better Retirement Evolution – Writing & Publishing

Apple’s new push is one of three new evolutions that creates better retirement possibilities for you… at any age. Since Johannes Gutenberg refined the movable type mechanical printing press in 1450, writing and publishing have evolved again and again.  Each evolution created previously unimaginable opportunity. Now, Apple’s new program can bring a better retirement through […] [Read Better Retirement Evolution – Writing & Publishing]

Better Retirement by Eating Better

Better retirement comes from better health, greater satisfaction and more income from a pinnacle career. Pinnacle careers are often multi dimensional careers that integrate the process of health, wealth and service.   Read more about having a better retirement at “Multi Dimensional Cool“. Over the holiday weekend, Merri and I worked.   Holidays for Merri and me […] [Read Better Retirement by Eating Better]

Cotacachi Rental Units For Sale Multi Dimensional Opportunity

Live in one of these Cotacachi rental units.  Rent the other two! Ecuador apartment rental units in Cotacachi. This is a 4,000 square foot building in the center of Cotacachi, next to Inn Land of the Sun (formerly Meson de las Flores) and the main Cathedral with three rental units. Unit #1 is on the […] [Read Cotacachi Rental Units For Sale Multi Dimensional Opportunity]

Better Retirement: Writing Memories

Here is a thought on how to create a better retirement and make every day a memorable day. First, Happy Holiday! Merri and I give thanks to our friends, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, grandparents and forefathers for the sacrifices they made to help make a better world.   I am truly thankful as explained […] [Read Better Retirement: Writing Memories]

Better Retirement Longevity Tip

Here’s a better retirement longevity tip because some Andeans live to be 100… and beyond. There are many natural ways to enjoy better retirement longevity.  We can live to be 100. The tips here can help improve longevity and enhance the health of your years. A message at this site, “Meet the 130 Year Old”  […] [Read Better Retirement Longevity Tip]

Better Retirement Reduces Overseas Retirement Tax

To have a better retirement, it’s important to avoid retirement tax as much as possible. Many Americans and Canadians leave their homeland and move abroad because they are fed up with tax. Retirement is better when accompanied by a pinnacle career that creates fulfillment, fun, income and tax deductions.  Lesson 1 of our course Everlasting […] [Read Better Retirement Reduces Overseas Retirement Tax]

Global Retirement Freedom

One of the biggest benefits of retirement is freedom to do what you love and go where you choose.   When you know how to write to sell, you can earn income doing what you love from the place you love most. You gain global retirement freedom… even though you really do not retire. Since the […] [Read Global Retirement Freedom]

Success Stories in Ecuador

Here are some success stories in Ecuador. Our mantra for decades and the core of creating a pinnacle career is to “Turn your passion into profit”.  Here are some success stories shared by Roberto Ribadeneira that show how Ecuadorians in all walks of life are following this ideal. Gary What is Really Important By Roberto Ribadeniera […] [Read Success Stories in Ecuador]