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ICP Schedule

The next Independent Community Publisher training in Eustis Florida is scheduled March 18, 2013 and all ICPs even if you have attended before, are welcome. If you plan to attend could you please make a reservation so we’ll be sure to have a table for you.  Please contact Sherry Johnson at Also we have a […] [Read ICP Schedule]

Strong FTR Risks

We are our language. [Read Strong FTR Risks]

Music in Success

Music teaches language. [Read Music in Success]

Earn From Life of Pie

There are so many ways to earn… even from the life of Pie.   We can gain extra income and freedom when we understand the basics of micro marketing. The digital world brings us great freedom and earning power.  When you understand micro marketing… you can reach almost any type of niche so you can truly […] [Read Earn From Life of Pie]

Live Everywhere – Earn Everywhere by Writing to Sell

Earn With Writing Three Ways. [Read Live Everywhere – Earn Everywhere by Writing to Sell]

Rosy Health With Roses

Roses promote good health. [Read Rosy Health With Roses]

Positive Small – Can Do Communities

The best way a nation can adapt  is through  many small – can do positive communities.  Solutions rising from the roots outweigh those that start from the top down. Photo from Weed’s fractal gallery The fractal reality of our universe is that all things grow from the small to the large… not the opposite way… […] [Read Positive Small – Can Do Communities]

Federal Brain Mapping

Brain mapping could bring huge innovative change. [Read Federal Brain Mapping]

Power in the Young Trend

Getting in at the beginning can enhance wealth. [Read Power in the Young Trend]

Three Reasons to Write for Fulfillement & Profit

. [Read Three Reasons to Write for Fulfillement & Profit]