Ecuador Beach Venture

Here is an Ecuador beach venture.

Ecuador beach

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The Ecuador beach venture is offered by Dr. Andres Cordova who has been a friend and an Ecuador attorney who has helped many readers over the years.

ecuaor beach

Andrés has a passion for real estate and development. For the past three years he has been working on Punta Carnero, a coastal area that, according to Andrés, “has a vision to it with many initiatives that will make it into an example for Ecuador and surely one of the most interesting coastal addresses in Ecuador”.

Years ago he launched a project in the Galapagos which, although was a statement for sustainability and won an award for its contributions, hit too many brick walls due to unexpected restrictions. Based on this experience, he launched a project for Mindo, a wonderful natural area 50 miles northwest of Quito. This project did not take off as intended either.

“A lot of hard, passionate work was put into this but I soon came to realize that the project was underfunded on the one hand and that it did not address the wants and needs of its projected target market on the other. This is when a decision was made to put it on hold. These experiences have been difficult but they have left valuable lessons too.” says Andrés.
Beyond the need for better structuring, another lesson Andrés learned is to focus on products that people actually want and need, in products with a strong market.

This is why he decided to create a project at Punta Carnero.  He believes the product, the location and the timing are great and provides his reasons for this.

He states that the President of Ecuador recently mentioned Punta Carnero in a public address as a place where positive initiatives are taking place.

Andres is looking for an investor or two as venture partners. He indicates that there has been substantial work so far and things are coming together in a positive way.

His endeavor deals with the launch of a residential ocean-view building in Punta Carnero and, especially, setting the stage for years of quality growth and opportunity in the area.

Andres writes:

Punta Carnero is a remarkable area that has extraordinary potential for rapid quality growth amidst a vision that can very well be an example for the rest of Ecuador. This generates tremendous opportunity for investors and for condo buyers.

The raw investor can see great returns and growth over time and the condo buyer can see major improvements that will give him appreciation, better quality of life and feel-good at many levels.

The elements that are shaping up Punta Carnero to become the most interesting coastal address in Ecuador are many and quite real and coalescing now in many ways.

Let me give you a brief overview of this for Punta Carnero and then one for Aqualina. I will try to be more specific now.

ecuador beach


–       For starters, Punta Carnero is a beautiful beach that while just minutes away from the services, conveniences and attractions most people will want to take for granted, and while having fairly good infrastructure, remains natural and charming.

–       There is a vision with many initiatives that will make of Punta Carnero an example for the rest of Ecuador. It is called the Punta Carnero Vision and it’s quite official and ongoing. It is being forwarded by the committed and influential Punta Carnero Association of which I am a Director. I can share the documents, provide specifics, appointments, names, etc.

–       The initiatives stemming from the Vision are varied. Some are being implemented already and., while there is a major road ahead and many challenges, they are starting to show and to create significant enthusiasm.

–       I can give you several examples. Let me share one.

–       President Rafael Correa, in his last address to the nation in 2012 (on December 29) mentioned Punta Carnero in a most positive way, as a place where the community is taking care of things and that has good initiatives. 

–       President Correa is quite fond of the general Salinas area. He spent New Year’s in Salinas and bicycled through Punta Carnero (as he often does). What we are doing in Punta Carnero conceptually resonates very well with the President and his government. We are getting a letter about the Vision hand delivered to him.

–       On other things, the new passenger terminal for the Salinas Airport will start construction early this year, as funds have been earmarked and awarded for this. There is an official report on this stemming from the Public Woks Ministry.  Construction will supposedly take 210 days. This will be a major boost for the area.

–       Also, there are advanced talks to place the Punta Carnero Hotel with a major player.

–       The waters of Punta Carnero have been declared a Marine Reserve. While this is not really that substantial for the development of Punta Carnero, it does contribute to the feel-good aura that is taking place and growing in it. I can share the link(s) where this designation can be evidenced.

–       Punta Carnero is already starting to be in the news. Not only the President is making references to it but two very nice articles have appeared recently. One in ABORDO, the monthly magazine of TAME, Ecuador’s largest air carrier. And the other in Bienes Raices Magazine, a coastal real estate magazine in Ecuador for higher-end readers.

–       For the ABORDO article, please follow the link below and see the March/April 2012 edition.

–       Punta Carnero is bound to receive very good coverage (magazines, newspapers, tv shows). There are many reasons for this. Not only is there a very good story to tell but also I am making this part of the PR campaign.

–       Local, provincial (estate) and national authorities are quite enthused at the perspectives for Punta Carnero becoming a major happening place, an example of initiatives and a beacon for investments and quality growth. This is opening many doors for significant collaboration with them; which enhances the potential in a great measure.

–       For example, top authorities in the all-powerful Production Ministry of Ecuador, which oversees the Public Works and the Tourism ministries and is in charge of fostering development, has established Punta Carnero in its map for tourism investments in Ecuador.

–       There are already several expats in Punta Carnero and they are really excited and ready to put in the good word. They have nice stories to tell. One of them is a lovely couple setting up a boutique hotel. Many things happening, many things coming together.

–       There is a major campaign headed by the Punta Carnero Association to get underground cabling and the design and implementation of beautiful sidewalks that will go for the 1.5 mile length of Punta Carnero. This will be a major contribution to the aesthetics and functionality of Punta Carnero and will be complemented by many more positive things.

–       This underground cabling and sidewalk initiative needs to be coordinated with authorities (it’s clear to see, in cases like these, why their enthusiasm can help us in so many ways).

–       Also, there is a program to place beautiful carved wood signs at the entrance to the beach and to protect the beach vegetation with “rope corrals” as can be seen in some areas in Fort Lauderdale. This improves awareness, helps with control and contributes to the functionality of the area. Things like this add meaningfully, especially if complemented. I can share images of the design ideas for the cartels and corrals. The first signs are being commissioned and should be placed in a relatively short time. One of the signs, a big one at the start of the beach, will reference the Punta Carnero Vision and will provide the link for the Punta Carnero webpage that will have a lot of information (and some design tweaks) in the next few days.


See many more photos at

–       In the next several days we will be launching a new Façade and Landscaping Campaign for Punta Carnero.

There are a lot of things to share. I am leaving out a ton of interesting elements for the sake of time and space.

Many people are improving their houses and doing or planning good things in Punta Carnero. Somebody I know wants to do a beautiful spa.

Aqualina, for one, will be a major statement in Punta Carnero and will set the stage. All these positive things will bring-in more positive things and so on.

Many people, many investors, will especially like knowing that there is a Vision with deep planning for Punta Carnero. Planning can make a world of a difference and Punta Carnero lends itself beautifully for this. I see layers upon layers of value being created.


Ecuador beach

Aqualina will be a statement to great design. Our coastline lacks good offerings of beautifully designed, high-end residential buildings catering to the niche of real estate investors; those looking for a summer home and aspiring expats that want top-end condos.

–       It has been designed by one of Ecuador’s top architects. It is Humberto Plaza Arguello, based in Guayaquil. He has an impressive resume. His experience and capacity are a great contribution to the design, the soundness, efficiency and execution of Aqualina.

–       The construction company for Aqualina is CONBAQUERIZO S.A.. It is a fairly sizeable and very good standing construction company from Guayaquil. It has won multiple awards including several for residential buildings in the Salinas area. This makes them quite adequate for Aqualina. A large and experienced construction company is a guarantee of soundness at many levels. Not only in solid and efficient execution but also in correct budgeting. You can see their website here.

They have done top-end residential buildings, large shopping malls and so much more.

Ecuador beach

I am dealing directly with the top-brass of the construction company. The budget, construction schedule and cash-flow needs have been assessed by their experts and by independent parties and we are being very conservative here, including with pricing. Pricewise we are not asking for what we need to sell fast, we are asking for what we need to be sound and successful.

–       The Construction (as well as all pre-construction sales funds) will be managed and overseen by Morgan and Morgan, a trust company approved and regulated in Ecuador and with international experience and credentials. We are structuring a tailor made trust with them.

–       The land for Aqualina is owned by the project. The design is ready and it has been pre-approved by the Municipality of Salinas. The Mayor, Vide-Mayor and Planning Director are quite enthused about Aqualina and have expressed their wish to see it start construction at soonest. I can share with you the pre-approval document. The approval will be ready in the next several weeks.  We are timing all this. This is a very well structured endeavor.


I believe Aqualina will sell quite well; the international and local market is very good for us. This, as well as all what I am doing for and what is happening in Punta Carnero is creating an ever increasing opportunity for growth in the area.

The PR efforts, the campaigns, the coordination, they all require funds.  All pre-construction sales funds will go to the Aqualina Trust Account and to Aqualina construction. I will see my pay-day last in line, at the end of the day. So funds can certainly help right now.

Please note that I am not really seeking a venture partner for the funding of the construction of Aqualina. This will be dealt by pre-construction sales, a few condo exchanges with pre-screened top suppliers and by bank financing if needed, after we reach a certain sales threshold.

I would, however, very much welcome a venture partner (or a few) to make the most out of the opportunity at hand, to be able to take advantage of the biggest picture.

While investment funds are not essential right now for the launch of Aqualina sales and to keep the campaign going and to get Punta Carnero into the spotlight (I believe to have those bases covered), they can certainly enhance the perspectives allowing me to reach farther in a better way and, of course, relieve important weight off from my shoulders.

I am working on the Punta Carnero webpage, working on the beach signs, coordinating with residents, contractors and authorities, coming and going between Quito, Guayaquil and Salinas. I am preparing posters and ads. I am securing some of the very best lots in Punta Carnero (for growth) signing documents with their owners, some of whom are my friends. I am commissioning designs for many elements. I am doing many things and capital will sure help me achieve more, faster, better and with less strain.

I would prefer seasoned investors that can bring smart money, understand the challenges and potential and look into the longer term. We can have results in a fairly short time but a relaxed investor who can stay for the longer term will be better.

I pretty much have all bases covered to launch. But funds will really help me reach better and farther, not to mention lifting some weight off my shoulders.

I am looking to raise $100,000 for one or a couple of investors.

Interested parties will receive an information package under non-disclosure, non-circumvention terms. Use and allocation of the funds will be clear, as well as ROI and perspectives, and all due formalities.

Investors would profit share in Aqualina and in Punta Carnero growth. I will provide the specific opportunities and plan. I can send you an overview of this.

ecuador beach

For more details contact me at

Meet Dr. Cordova in Mt. Dora February 1-2-3, 2013.

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(1) Dollar chart from

(2) Grandfather Economic Report