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Business Relaxation Session

Business Relaxation Session Gary Scott Relaxation Meditation read by David Cross Image from Click here to enjoy the Super Thinking Business relaxation session.     [Read Business Relaxation Session]

“Quicker” in Writing & Selling

Here is an excerpt from Lesson #22 of our online course “Self Fulfilled – How to be a Self Publisher”.   This can help you learn how to be quicker in writing to sell. Self Publishing 202 Lesson #22:  “Quicker” provides a lesson in the algorithms…  getting readers  and bringing them back again and again. We […] [Read “Quicker” in Writing & Selling]

Ecuador Amazon Home With B&B or Small Farm Potential

. [Read Ecuador Amazon Home With B&B or Small Farm Potential]

Power of Positive Part #2 – Amazon Adventure

. [Read Power of Positive Part #2 – Amazon Adventure]

The Power of Positive Part #1

. [Read The Power of Positive Part #1]

Ecuador Roses & Flu

Here are some thoughts about Ecuador Roses & Flu. It is time to order your fresh Ecuador Valentine roses.  See how to order and a report on how I kept these Ecuador roses beautiful for over two weeks! Flu Recently our long time friend and health care adviser Dr. Joe Spano  sent me this note.  […] [Read Ecuador Roses & Flu]

Buena Vista Ecuador Discovery Weekend

Enjoy a Buena Vista Ecuador discovery weekend. See this paid advertisement below.  Then see below a reader’s Ecuador driving experience. Buena Vista Ecuador advertisement. Come explore Ecuador’s coast and the Buena Vista project!  The long weekend’s on us. You’ve read about it.  Now you can see it for yourself. If you’ve considered exploring all the opportunities […] [Read Buena Vista Ecuador Discovery Weekend]

Canoa Ecuador Ocean Front Condominiums

. [Read Canoa Ecuador Ocean Front Condominiums]

You Can Write… Right?

First-time writer success stories. [Read You Can Write… Right?]

Positive Earning Comments

From a Small Community. [Read Positive Earning Comments]