Magic in Magnesium

Is there health magic in magnesium?

Our readers wrote about how he had enjoyed an incredible health change with food supplements and magnesium.

He recently sent this note.

Hola Merri-  Great to hear form you…and of course I appreciate your offers, on the courses, Product, and ALL.

 I now realize I was also taking the Magnesium supplement you shared with me as well as Dr Gordon’s Beyond Chelation formula.

Initially it was to reduce or eliminate the night-cramps i was getting, but it likely was a partial influence on my dramatic Ttriglycerides improvement as well.

Recently i have been out for awhile, some cramps have returned and my triglycerides raised back up a bit, though I am still taking the Beyond Chelation. You may want to add it to your Health Offerings, as well!?

When I ran out of the magnesium some night leg cramps returned, plus I did go back for some more blood-lab tests and my triglycerides were back up a bit, not extremely, but enough.

I could not identify any other changes in diet which could have caused that and then I read this research article from a really credible resource on Magnesium Miracles,and got an “AHA” type moment!

Not taking the magnesium was the ONLY measurable change I have made…not having & taking it!

Excerpts from the Magnesium Miracles report says:  A Growing Body of Evidence Suggests  that Magnesium Plays a Pivotal Role in Reducing Cardiovascular Risks and may Be Involved in the Pathogenesis of Diabetes itself. (See a link to the full article below).

By Dr. Jerry L. Nadler

Magnesium improves and helps correct insulin sensitivity, which is the fundamental defect that characterizes pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and even full-blown diabetes and heart disease.  An intracellular enzyme called tyrosine kinaserequires magnesium to allow insulin to exert its blood-sugar-lowering effects.  In several studies, daily oral magnesium supplementation substantially improved insulin sensitivity by 10 percent and reduced blood sugar by a huge 37 percent.

Improved insulin sensitivity from magnesium replacement can markedly reduce triglyceride levels.  Reduced triglyceride availability, in turn, reduces triglyceride-rich particles, such as very-low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) and small low-density lipoprotein (small LDL), both of which are powerful contributors to heart disease.  Magnesium supplementation can also raise levels of beneficial high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

The magnesium supplement that Merri and I use is called “Natural Calm” and is available in most health foods stores.

Learn more about magnesium here


Health Matters-Magnesium Plays a Pivotal Role in Reducing Cardiovascular Risks-magnesium replacement can markedly reduce triglyceride levels.


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