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News of the Screws

Lesson. [Read News of the Screws]

Evolution… the Small Guy’s Revenge

in Self Publishing. [Read Evolution… the Small Guy’s Revenge]

Magic in Magnesium

for Natural Health. [Read Magic in Magnesium]

Passion & Longevity

Work Together. [Read Passion & Longevity]

Good News for Your Community

in Publishing. [Read Good News for Your Community]

More Giving

Boxing Day is time for more giving. I love this day because the power of giving is vital to our health and well being.  Merri and I have focused for years on giving and letting the rest fall in place. That’s why the motto on my desk is “Action is Thy Duty. Reward Not They […] [Read More Giving]

Christmas Silence

and Joy. [Read Christmas Silence]

The Power of Anticipation

. [Read The Power of Anticipation]

Natural Health From the Outside In

With Rose Oil. [Read Natural Health From the Outside In]

Latest on Las Palmas Ecuador

Beach Property. [Read Latest on Las Palmas Ecuador]