Ultimate Financial Security

The ultimate financial security is opportunity.

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Recently I took over the care of our decades of family photo albums from my mom. While trying to organize said photos I spotted this old shot of me working on the first house I bought at age 19.  I thought that was a pretty young age to be investing in real estate until I read an NPR,org  article entitled “This 14-Year-Old Girl Just Bought A House In Florida” by Chana Joffe-Walt.

The article says: Meet Willow Tufano, age 14: Lady Gaga fan, animal lover, landlord.  In 2005, when Willow was 7, the housing market was booming. Home prices in some Florida neighborhoods nearly doubled from one month to the next. Her family moved into a big house; her mom became a real estate agent.
But as Willow moved from childhood to adolescence, the market turned, and the neighborhood emptied out. “Everyone is getting foreclosed on here,” she says.
After the collapse, Willow’s mom started working with investors who wanted to bid on cheap, foreclosed homes. Sometimes Willow tagged along.

One day, she went to a house that an investor wanted to flip. “It was filled with all kinds of stuff!” Willow says. “I was like, ‘I can sell this stuff if he’d want to let me have it.’ “

That was fine with the investor. So Willow sold the furniture and appliances from the house on Craigslist. She did the same thing with a bunch more houses. After a while, she was clearing about $500 a month, and saving a lot of it.

One day, Willow’s mom, Shannon, saw a two-bedroom, concrete-block home on auction for $12,000 — down from $100,000 at the peak of the bubble. Shannon was telling her husband about the house, when Willow piped up.

“I was like, ‘What if I bought a house? That would be crazy,’ ” Willow says.

Willow wound up splitting the house with her mom. Willow plans to buy her mom out in the next few years, and put her name on the title when she turns 18.

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If my ten year old grandson was half a decade older I would urge him “Marry this Girl”!

What a great start and what an inspriation for us all to see the upcoming generations blending new technology with that good old entrepreneurial spirit!

That article was on my mind when a reader sent this note.  Hi Gary, I have enjoyed your newsletters for a long time. Also as you may know, bought some of your courses and watching for more in Ecuador, thinking I might just splurge and go, particularly if it has to do with Internet based or international business. Or even publishing since I am an editor and writer by trade.

In fact, I am currently on a factfinding trip through central Uruguay (farming territory). What a wonderful country–relative to the quality of the people of Uruguay. I will be posting our findings in coming weeks.

There is something I wonder about. My friend who is with me believes that we are going to be reduced to communities and whatever we produce ourselves. She has established a self’sufficient 50-acre farm in the south of Uruguay. Others have done the same, and are now looking for other farmland to the north of the country.

Do you really have unshakable faith in the internet businesses that we are seeking to build–and which you have already built? This is a private question. I have long wondered about this myself and I suspect that you have considered it also. I know that you established yourselves back when America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now I see signs in the U.S. of doors closing insofar as people leaving is concerned, just as they did for Germany years ago.

If you either don´t want to answer, or even don´t really know, just feel free to ignore this. But since you are doing what has long been my interest, I just wonder how you REALLY see it.

I replied immediately.  Here is my reply:  I see both views… opportunities in technology and opportunities in agriculture.  No one can see the future so I try to work within the Isle of Man’s… (a place where we took many of our delegates on real estate tours for many years) motto “Wherever you throw me, I land on my feet”.

More importantly I believe that the biggest opportunity is in blending the two opportunities and technology allows us to do this.

However this process of blending sometimes requires some thinking outside the box.  Like the young lady above who at such a young age began using technology to turn trash into profit.  Doing something like this that no one else is doing often requires courage.

This is why I always keep General George Patton’s quote… “There is no security… only opportunity” in mind.

Change brings opportunity yet human history is filled with majorities viewing change as if the sky is falling despite the fact that 90% of the time change has brought good for those who adapt.

I have had a publishing business for 40 years and have published on the internet for 16 years. Publishing has always been good to me.  I expect this to continue.

So too real estate.

In fact as you saw in the photo above I started in real estate before publishing and I am always buying some beat up old place (but with good bones) and fixing them up.

Restoring the order from the chaos works for us regardless if we are using words or wood.  Each… the article or the building brings a beauty into our lives and those of others when it stands fixed and fresh ready to serve.  Plus the profits have also been good.

However the types of run down places we buy and fix have changed to blend technology and agriculture with our publishing/seminar business with real estate and agriculture. 

We have two isolated farms… one in Ecuador and one in the Blue Ridge where we could live off the land.  Yet I do not think this will happen. At least I hope not.

Due to changes in utilities I have been able to use this land in our business for our seminars and camps… yet we have the agriculture as a backup should society disintegrate.

I do believe in the internet and in business and the benefits that the internet brings to small family businesses which is why we continue to offer our seminars, camps and online courses to share what we have learned in these last four decades.

Technology makes this possible. For example here in this remote corner of North Carolina the phone company has just installed fiber optics and I can have 50 Mbps!

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This fast internet speed makes any type of publishing business possible and allows us to blend real estate, agriculture and our seminar business.

When you feel a need for security, look for opportunity with blending. Look for ways to combine the old with the new to create unique new services that were previously impossible with old technology.


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Creek below the seminar hall.


The leaf change will have begun…(Saturday, Sept. 22 is the first day of Fall)…enjoy the beauty of golden leaves.

Enjoy sunrise views.


and crisp mountain morns… maybe even a little frost.


Yet afternoons are sunny so we can visit the views from the woods and even…


take a little relaxation in the sun… since we use relaxation techniques in the teaching of Spanish.


We’ll have picked plenty of mountain blackberries by then so I expect Merri will have a pie or two (maybe four) cooked up for us when we…


come up to our house for afternoon tea.

The Super Thinking + Spanish course is the same as always but seriously limited to the number of delegates due to the nature of our seminar hall.


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A recent group at the camp.

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Mt. Dora.


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Merri and I are in our 44th year of organizing courses, seminars and newsletters about international and quantum lifestyles. The importance of this sharing…by like minded souls…was reinforced when a delegate from a course sent an email that said:

My Dearest Merri and Gary, Thank you for your most gracious hospitality last weekend. I am just thrilled at being a part of your group. You and Gary were exactly as I imagined you to be, warm friendly, kind, considerate, genuine, helpful, fun, sincere, what else can I say……I felt so comfortable in your presence and learned so much in your course. I was sad to leave the farm that Sunday afternoon. You made us all feel so welcome and cared about. You were so kind to make arrangements for a ride with the other delegates from the Charlotte Airport. They were so nice to me and so helpful, by the time the weekend was over I felt like they were my long lost brothers. Monday morning we all had breakfast at the airport together and I was so sad to see them go, I was sad the weekend was over, perhaps sad is not the right word for how I was feeling perhaps Gratitude is a better way to describe it. Grateful for having the opportunity to share the weekend with such wonderful, like minded Human Beings, in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Thank you Merri and Gary.

Thanks to you I now have new hope and a new direction to move forward in my life.

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What impressed Merri and me was that no one asked the delegates to help this man.

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You gain $8,258 of seminars and courses or more.  Club membership is $1,799.    You save $6,459.  Become a Member here.

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Read 14-year-old girl just bought a house in Florida NPR Article