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Self Publishing – Writing Tool

The best way to become a better writer is to write… ideally every day.   We have added a Writer’s Review service (free to Self Fulfilled subscribers) to help you write and learn more. To take advantage of our Writer’s Review Service and to begin preparing for your writer’s camp (if you are attending) please go […] [Read Self Publishing – Writing Tool]

New Ecuador Beach Community

Here is a new Ecuador Beach community. Some of Ecuador’s best values are on the beach. A recent article in Bloomberg Business News shows that Miami property is looking like good value at $400 a square foot compared t $700 a square foot in Bogota, $1,100 in Sao Paulo and $1,400 in Rio. Yet we […] [Read New Ecuador Beach Community]

Pension Protection Mathematics – Time Deceit

Pension protection mathematics are filled with deceit because of the essence of time. Last February we began a series on pension protection and the deceits of intervention.  The first article New Program Increases Pension Risk  shared  how new regulations that began in New York City were allowing municipalities to borrow from their pension to fund […] [Read Pension Protection Mathematics – Time Deceit]

More Tax Deductions in a Happier Life

Let’s see how to get more tax deductions in a happier life. Last week’s message Exciting… Tax Deductible Lifestyles looked at ways of using the power created by cultural differences to improve your lifestyle through a micro tour business that has great tax benefits. This concept is worth exploring because a lot of people are […] [Read More Tax Deductions in a Happier Life]

The Importance of Memories

Understanding the importance of memories can help us broaden our horizons in a transformative time. Today I am reading  the book Intrepid by Bill White and Bob Gandt with a forward by John McCain. This is a great book that recollects the history of the men and women who have served their nation about this ship.    […] [Read The Importance of Memories]

Gaining from Cultural Exchange

One of the great ways to expand horizons is through a cultural exchange. One of the most fascinating parts of travel is finding important things in other cultures that do not exist at all in ours.  Even better is seeing how cultures do perfectly well without aspects in life that our culture is uptight about! […] [Read Gaining from Cultural Exchange]

The Business of Natural Health

Business Ideas in Ecuador Does this look like work?  We rode down to this… train station and were met by these lively people.  This is a great benefit of the tour business… so much fun… so many things to see. One can blend tours and natural health and great lifestyle as well. This is why […] [Read The Business of Natural Health]

Exciting… Tax Deductible Lifestyles

You can have exciting… tax deductible lifestyles wherever you choose. Does this look like work?   Playing in the Pacific or… strolling through lush gardens at a European castle. Well those activities were part of my job and each trip was… truly tax deductible… and fun…… exciting and fulfilling. Merri and I  feel we are […] [Read Exciting… Tax Deductible Lifestyles]

Bahia Shrimp Contacts

Our Bahia shrimp contacts could create a good investment and even better lifestyle for you. Where today does one invest?  Our advice remains in good value and essentials… water, food, energy and agriculture. This makes good value agricultural land in Ecuador especially attractive… especially for those who would like a farming lifestyle to lower stress. […] [Read Bahia Shrimp Contacts]

Wisdom in the Secret Valley

There are valleys of longevity in Ecuador actually secret valleys where great natural wisdom remains. The roots of our Super Thinking plus Spanish course were exposed long ago when we entered a supposedly haunted valley looking for something richer than gold. Incan gold. Incan Gold is said to be hidden in the sacred LLanganatis valley… […] [Read Wisdom in the Secret Valley]