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The Freedom of the Press

Earn From Freedom of the Press One of the greatest concerns readers express is the growing restriction of freedom.  This is why we urge those looking for a new or second career to consider a micro publishing  business. Publishing is one of the most freedom creating businesses one can have. Publishing can even be international […] [Read The Freedom of the Press]

No One Knows

No one knows what the future will bring… but glimpses can help us prepare for profit in business and investing. Photo from National Geographic article “The Calm Before the Wave”. I took extra note of this February 2012 National Geographic article… “The Calm Before the Wave” because the house above is at Canon Beach, Oregon […] [Read No One Knows]

Go Try Things

Here’s a phrase that can make your life better with everlasting wealth … Go Try Things! This phrase can help you grow richer, feel better and be healthier… beginning right now. Here I am working at home trying to explain the importance of this phrase “Go try things”… which sums up why you not only […] [Read Go Try Things]

Common Sense Investments in a Common Thought World

We need common sense investments in this Common Thought World that has been turned upside down by accelerating technology and change. What 44 years of living, investing and doing business around the globe has taught me though is that common sense is never common thought! Common Thought is what the thundering herd believes…based on what […] [Read Common Sense Investments in a Common Thought World]

Health is Wealth

Good health is the underlying fundamental to all wealth especially in time of stressful change. A USA today article entitled “Health takes a hit as economy creates more stress” by Sharon Jayson says: “Economic stress is taking its toll on the USA’s emotional and physical health, new survey data show: More than half of Americans […] [Read Health is Wealth]

Are We 52 Days From Disaster?

Are most investors 52 days from disaster? The peak in this chart… shows a risk that could come this year… by March 20, 2012… 52 days from now. This chart shows how in May 2009 global banking liquidity provisions rose to such a high level that they created an unintended consequence that has the potential […] [Read Are We 52 Days From Disaster?]

Generic Hate – Your Choice Should be…

“Your choice”. That’s correct, Your choice… should be your choice… not a choice imposed by someone else upon you. We all know the downside of choices being removed by the penal system.  We all hate the thoughts of jail. Yet the majority allow themselves (even pay for the privilege) to be mentally jailed through a […] [Read Generic Hate – Your Choice Should be…]

Ecuador Beach Condo Rental Opportunity

One way to earn income and diversify assets is with an Ecuador beach condo rental.  Merri and I have found a huge demand for our rentals on the beach. See more about how to diversify assets globally for greater safety and earnings below. Here is a rare San Clemente Ecuador beach condo for sale.  This […] [Read Ecuador Beach Condo Rental Opportunity]

Valentine’s Roses from Ecuador

Valentine’s Roses from Ecuador can now be ordered for Valentine’s Day delivery on February 14, 2012. This year you can grab your Valentine’s heart by having Ecuador roses delivered on the special day. Help a child in Ecuador gain a university education. (Available to ALL USA zip codes.  Sorry not available in Canada.) Merri and I […] [Read Valentine’s Roses from Ecuador]

Amazon Spanish Camp International Club Discount

See details on how to receive a $100 discount on the Amazon Spanish Camp. International Club members gain an extra discount on the special opportunity to learn Spanish in four days in an  Amazon Spanish Camp at La Selva Lodge, Ecuador. La Selva Jungle Lodge is one of the best lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon and owner, […] [Read Amazon Spanish Camp International Club Discount]