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Alternative Income Part IV

This is the fourth message in our series on how to have alternative residences and income. In a moment this message will link you to what might be one of the most importance thoughts on these subjects. First, let me say that this series on alternatives has stirred some nice comments and controversy. One reader […] [Read Alternative Income Part IV]

Alternate Income Sources III – Risks of Doom

Expectations of doom create the desire for alternative income sources for many readers. This is the third message in this alternate income series.  See part 1 here. See part II here.   During this series it’s worth remembering some good advice that most Americans began getting as far back as 1955 from the spokesman of one […] [Read Alternate Income Sources III – Risks of Doom]

Alternate Income Part II – Fracturing

Yesterday’s message started a series about ways to create alternative incomes.  The most fulfilling extra sources of revenue are those that come from turning your passion into profit as you help the world become a better place. Yesterday’s message saw how two International Club members are expanding their interest in mules as they go deeper by […] [Read Alternate Income Part II – Fracturing]

Income Alternatives

There is a good reason why we all need income alternatives… so money flows to us wherever we are. This is a time of enormous change and many concepts that have dominated our lives are in turmoil.   This is all part of nature’s evolutionary way but those who do not adjust their templates of […] [Read Income Alternatives]

Earn More this year

See a brand new, exceptional opportunity to earn more in 2012…join our unique Writer’s Camp the year ahead. We can gain an example of how to expand prosperity in 2012 from our International Club members Terry and Susan Aris who have a Canadian ranch.  They specialize in breeding mules.  Their ranch is called the Tired […] [Read Earn More this year]

Happy Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day. The power of giving is vital to our health and well being.  Boxing Day is a good time to review the importance of this thought. Life can be as imbalanced by too much receiving as too much giving. Learning to give early. Boxing Day comes one day after Catholic Christmas holiday, the […] [Read Happy Boxing Day]

An Encompased Christmas

Merry Christmas wherever you are in the world. A reader just sent this note and these photos. Happy Holidays at Inn Land of the Sun. Gary and Merri,   As always I enjoyed my stay at Inn Land of the Sun last week when I went down to view the construction on our house in El […] [Read An Encompased Christmas]

Santa Reinvented

Here is Santa reinvented.   Merri and I wish you a Happy Christmas Eve. The old Santa and… the new… with a new meaning. Santa hasn’t actually traded his sleigh and reindeer for a team of wild horses but this team gave many people a powerful Christmas message that may be of value to you. […] [Read Santa Reinvented]

Holiday Insanity II – On Wings of a Dove

Here is more holiday insanity and wealth lessons sent to us on the wings of a doves (three doves actually). We looked at holiday insanity in yesterday’s message about Gotham Baseball collectibles.   December can be such a flighty time…schedules  strewn… diet promises shredded…increased pressures and demands….added expectations… and so many more things to do. So […] [Read Holiday Insanity II – On Wings of a Dove]

Holiday Insanity

What a glorious time…. these holidays… such a time for joy!   Holiday joy can inspire investing and business ideas as well as you’ll see below. For those who are celebrating this joy in the festival of lights, Happy Hanukkah.  For those who celebrate Christmas… we send our hopes that you will find happiness and joy […] [Read Holiday Insanity]