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Ecuador Real Estate MLS – November 2011

Ecuador real estate MLS 2011- November 2011 Ecuador Real Estate MLS Ecuador Multiple Listings: November – October – September 2011, plus links to earlier listings. Seller details are available at the password protected Ecuador Living club site. See how to get an Ecuador Living Club password here. Ecuador roses make great Christmas gifts.  Two weeks […] [Read Ecuador Real Estate MLS – November 2011]

Multi Currency Portfolio Updates

The latest multi currency  portfolio update was at the International Investing and Business seminar conducted at Jefferson Landing, Jefferson North Carolina. The seminar was conducted by Gary Scott. This first one and a half hour session by Gary has been divided into three sessions of about 30 minutes each. International Club members and Multi Currency […] [Read Multi Currency Portfolio Updates]

More Health Care Savings

We had a huge response to our recent Ecuador dermatologist message about health care savings by Glenn Sterling.    See how to obtain contact details below. Ecuador Living Club members can obtain the dermatologist contact details at the password protected club site. First, let me outline the fact that there are many health services in Imbabura […] [Read More Health Care Savings]

“Masstige” & Funky Micro Business Profits

Learn how to prosper in times of change with a funky micro business in “Masstige”. One way to fight inflation is through inspiration in a micro business.  Here a business tuned to boom during depressed times. being i tune with the times is one of the most powerful motivators in a micro business and can help earn […] [Read “Masstige” & Funky Micro Business Profits]

Health Care Savings Idea

Here is a powerful health care savings idea from Glenn Sterling, one of our Super Thinking Plus Spanish instructors.  Glenn was recently in Ecuador to help teach a Super Thinking course and while there enjoyed the health care savings below. Glenn wrote: To The Ecuador Dermatologist By Glenn Sterling. Here I am on my way […] [Read Health Care Savings Idea]

Thanks for Silence

Thanks for silence. First, the wild turkey that grazes in our front yard asked me to pass along a message. “Eat more kow!” Merri and I and our family thank you for sharing this site with us and hope… if this is a holiday you… or if not that you’ll have the gift of silence […] [Read Thanks for Silence]

Self Publishing Strategy for Success

Here is a self publishing strategy for success. This is an excerpt from our latest lesson of  “Self Fulfilled 202 How to Publish eBooks” Self Publishing 202… Tidbits on Kindle Lesson Seven:  Strategy This lesson deepens our look into strategies for creating a business of publishing and selling eBooks. Here I am working at home […] [Read Self Publishing Strategy for Success]

Ecuador Rental Sample

This sample is a previous Ecuador rental that was advertised. COMPLETELY refurbished and newly done home located in San Alejo—-between San Clemente and San Jacinto. Sunset at an Alejo Downstairs completely furnished with new custom furniture and new custom cabinets. The refurbishing includes new window screens on all windows, though on my three week stay without […] [Read Ecuador Rental Sample]

Self Publishing 202 – Lesson Seven

Lesson Seven of “Self Publishing 202 – Tidbits on Kindle” has been posted. Spread the Word – The Most Simple Idea Learn in lesson seven how to spread the word like a ripple in a pond by expanding a simple idea. Go to your seventh lesson at your password protected site here. Learn how to […] [Read Self Publishing 202 – Lesson Seven]

Bee the World

Bee the World with a bee keeping or honey oriented micro business. Our friend, Blaine Watson, recently sent us this note:  Gary, Watch out for honey.  If I buy honey it is always raw, unpasteurized and ideally from the producer but most health stores sell really raw honey.  There is a huge upsurge of urban beekeeping […] [Read Bee the World]