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Ecuador Property MLS – Oct. 2011

Ecuador Real Estate MLS Ecuador Multiple Listings: October – September – August 2011, plus links to earlier listings. Seller details are available at the password protected Ecuador Living club site. See how to get an Ecuador Living Club password here. Order Fresh Thanksgiving roses now. How to Use the Ecuador Property MLS: The Ecuador Living […] [Read Ecuador Property MLS – Oct. 2011]

Learn Spanish in the Sun – Beat The October Storm

Learn Spanish in the Sun – Beat the October Storm According to this weekend will be a storming mess up north. Here is what the weather site said yesterday. If you live in this area that will be covered in snow.   See how to avoid this below. If you have always wanted to learn […] [Read Learn Spanish in the Sun – Beat The October Storm]

Global Emerging Markets Value Update – October 2011

Look for emerging market value.  Times and conditions are changing.  We cannot count on emerging markets rising as they have in the past. See three stories of change, emerging markets and value below. Talk about change!   Story #1 is about the weather. This last week we were in Wyoming photographing wildlife and playing with grandkids. Sunday and Monday […] [Read Global Emerging Markets Value Update – October 2011]

Emerging Markets Value & Change

See how this shot led to three stories about emerging markets and change. Gary Scott with Sequoia and Teeka. Click here to read the three stories about Emerging markets, value and change. [Read Emerging Markets Value & Change]

Micro Business Opportunity in Ecological Products

Here are micro business opportunity with ecological products from Ted Tidwell who manufactures Purely Green and Bio Wash. Merri and I have used Purely Green in our North Carolina and Florida homes as well as our rental units for almost twenty years.  We even shipped it to the  Ecuador hotel we purchased and ran for […] [Read Micro Business Opportunity in Ecological Products]

Global Major Market Values Updates – October 2011

Here is a Global Major Market Values Update as of October 2011 The euro. Can it survive? Excerpts from a recent article in the Telegraph question the ability of the euro to survive.  The article says: The single currency is close to collapse.  With Europe on the brink of a disaster, the euro must be reconstituted […] [Read Global Major Market Values Updates – October 2011]

Survival of the Euro

Can the Euro Survive? If not, what will are the consequences for you and me?  Is there anything we can do to prosper and thrive during the turbulence these profound questions create? See how to thrive by seeking value in place where other investors flee. Gary [Read Survival of the Euro]

Ecuador Amazon Lodge Update

Ecuador Living Club members get an upgrade on Ecuador Amazon lodge benefits. La Selva Jungle Lodge is one of the best lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon and  we have been pleased to offer Ecuador Living club members several special privileges. I was even more pleased to receive this note from our friend Kjetil Haugan. He wrote:  […] [Read Ecuador Amazon Lodge Update]

One Way to Build Your Own Micro Business

One way to build your own micro business is as an FM teacher. Learn to teach Spanish in an accelerated method.  Plus see how to learn a special way to teach English to Spanish speakers. Replace Merri and me. We have too much to do! See below why our Spanish teachers are forbidden to speak […] [Read One Way to Build Your Own Micro Business]

Important Value Investments Idea

See how to get really important value investments ideas. Now is the time when value is most accessible but also when it is hardest to believe in value. See how something very interesting … an MSCI European Index has collapsed and why I am smiling. Click here. Gary [Read Important Value Investments Idea]