A Purely Green WOW25

Purely Green is a bio degradable cleaner that Merri and I have used and written about for almost two decades.   This is an economical product that is good for the environment and healthy.  The use of this product eliminates poisons from the body, home and surroundings.

Purely Green WOW25 is especially good for washing hands.

We started using it as our hand soap because though it is totally organic and readily biodegradable, it is a potent germ killer and due to a Health scam that most soap makers use to trick the public.

I have a copy of a lab report from Davis Analytical Laboratories in Sarasota, Florida which shows that two to three drops of Ted’s stuff has the same effect as one drop of clorox.  We began using it wash our dishes, floors, windows, to remove spots and all our cleaning chores.


However over the years it has been discovered that Purely Green and Bio Wash have an amazing capacity to enhance plant growth… clean oil off birds and even fight fungus in the toes!

The manufacturer Ted Tidwell, a friend for decades, cannot make claims in the US… but we and our multitude of readers who love the stuff can… and as you will see below do.


Our orange groves are like producers of green gold… that fight inflation.   We saw the yield of our grove double the first year we applied Bio Wash.

Somewhere around 15 years ago, I first wrote about Purely Green which I then called “Ted’s Stuff”.

Ted Tidwell had been a friend and reader for decades and he gave me a bottle of this organic, biodegradable degreaser he manufactured and called “1st enviro safety organic colloidal degreaser.” (This is why I called it Ted’s Stuff and am very happy he has changed the name!)

I had been trimming a large outdoor live tree with lights and my hands were covered with pitch.  I thought, “Let’s try Ted’s Stuff.”  The pitch melted away and I was hooked!

Then we began to discover other uses for Ted’s stuff.  For example it degreases ants and they leave. Then when we discovered the Wooly Adelgid Blight on the hemlocks at our North Carolina farm… we brought out an arborist and tested it on these terrible aphids that are killing hemlocks up and down the US East Coast.

He was amazed, incorporated Ted’s Stuff into his business and has since treated thousands of hemlocks for this disease with Ted’s Stuff.  Ours and others are looking very good including one giant beautiful hemlock which was heavily infected when we bought the farm 12 years ago….now this old giant is green again!

Then Ted created opportunity in Ecuador and other emerging countries.

Over the years, Ted discovered that this degreaser and some derivative formulas make excellent bio washes, fertilizers and even pesticides (though they cannot be sold as such in some countries).

These solutions are certified free of all carcinogens.

One of the world’s largest retailers did an intensive study of all “green” and “environmental” cleaning products and discovered that these cleaners of Ted’s are the only truly green ones.

Many other “safe” cleaning products contain ethylene oxide and dioxane, both known to cause cancer.

Yet the uses of Purely Green are so much more than just for cleaning and growing.

Here is a letter that a Ph. D Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology sent to Ted Tidwell.

“I actually tried some of this for treatment of athlete’s foot (don’t laugh too hard.) But I figured if it killed all of the stuff that you said it did it would probably work on this fungus as well. Not to mention that my foot was driving me crazy and I had forgot to get some medicine for it. Anyway, I did a 1:15 dilution and sprayed it on. A couple of applications later, by the next day it was gone. I was amazed. Granted this is not a scientific study, but thought that you would want to know. If it works on that it should also work on jock itch (same fungus just different location). Not sure what the market is for athletes foot/jock itch medicine, but the stuff seems to work. Will keep you informed of any other strange uses.”

We currently cannot claim that Ted’s Stuff is a cure for Athlete’s foot or for many of the uses that readers tell us that work. This is where the business opportunity comes in…. the many ways this product seems to work.

Here is another use for Purely Green that amazed me.  Here is what one user wrote:  Ted, how’s this for a Purely Green commercial? I caught the most fish both days with spraying my bait with heavy duty mix we sure had alot of laughs about the bio wash fish lure. I told the Captain he could charge a buck a squirt on his charter.   All kidding aside I think it really worked and the captain says to me this goes against everything he ever learned about fishing.  I made a believer out of him he’s going to clean the haul tomorrow with the product.

Another uses it on horses and wrote: Gary,  Ted’s cleaner is also wonderful for injuries on our horses.  I think just a smooth swab with a q-tip of his cleaner is incredible.  I once had a horse that was in training for the Tevis 100 mile race.  Three weeks prior she got a serious cut on the bulb of her foot.  I cleaned it with Ted’s cleaner put on a sterile wrap to keep it clean and three days later she was ready to ride.  That would normally have taken weeks and she would have been out of contention for the Tevis.  I think that Ted’s Cleaner removes all the bad pathogens and that facilitates the fast healing.  Thanks again for “turning me on” to Ted he is a great guy!  I have shared his products with many people and the testimonials are terrific.

I think you get the idea.  This product seems to work in so many ways.  Below if you choose to read them, you’ll see another two dozen + endorsements from users.

There is also a huge financial savings.  Three quarts of 409 household cleaner delivered by Amazon.com is $16.98 or about $5.66 per quart before shipping.  You then have shipping costs or have to pay to be an Amazon Prime customer for free shipping.  But $5.66 per quart is about the best you’ll get.

Four gallons of Purely Green WOW 25 is $168.  This is a concentrate that is mixed 25 to 1 (1 ounce per appx. quart).  Each gallon creates 64 quarts of ready to use at $2.00 per quart.

You get the best price of all with the 4 gallon case WOW 25.

Ted offers two order sizes 12 quarts for $150, including shipping, that makes 60 quarts ($2.50 a quart)

The 4 gallons for $168, including shipping, that makes 84 quarts ($2.00 a quart).

If you were to purchase the same amount of a traditional non organic house cleaner (such as Clorex 409) from Amazon.com,  you would pay $1,108 or more.  

You can order 12 quarts or a four gallon case here.

12 quarts $150   makes 60 quarts  $2.50 a quart

Buy WOW25 12 quarts, makes 60 quarts

4 gallons  $168   makes 84 quarts  $2.00 a quart

Purely Green

We are bombarded daily with toxicities of every sort.  We see toxic news.  We are sold and served toxic food.  Much of our water supply contains poisons.  There are chemicals in the air.  Anything we can do to reduce the pollution that gets in our bodies can help us get and maintain natural health.  I hope that sharing this program for WOW25 will help create a cleaner world.