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The Symptom of Scorn – Micro Business Cure

Scorn… a symptom of social shifts that create one of the biggest… yet almost unrealized… economic dangers we know. London riots. The face of democracy? The voter’s scorn? Entropy is a way of looking at shifts from order to disorder and chaos in social economic systems. Entropy is the quantity within such systems that is sometimes called […] [Read The Symptom of Scorn – Micro Business Cure]

Ecuador Investment Property – San Mateo Manta

Here is an interesting Ecuador investment property in Port of San Mateo, Manta. New port facility at San Mateo. Manta is the major port on Ecuador’s central coast. One of the Ecuador’s governmental goals is to upgrade Manta’s airport to international standards which will increase real estate values in the area when this happens. The […] [Read Ecuador Investment Property – San Mateo Manta]

Natural Danger – Inner Fraud

Natural Danger – Inner Fraud I depend a lot on coincidence in choosing what thoughts to share in these messages so a note from a reader about yesterday’s message on scams and fraud quickly caught my attention. Minkow back in jail. That reader, a retired fraud detective wrote:    Gary,  You need to know that Minkow […] [Read Natural Danger – Inner Fraud]

San Clemente – Ecuador – Our Palmazul Rental Photos

Here are some San Clemente – Ecuador – Palmazul Rental Photos Jean Marie Butterlin sent me this San Clemente Palmazul Update. Renovated Palmazul restaurant looking east. Gary & Merri, Pascale and I met with Cristina the new manager at Palmazul. We toured the hotel and must admit that we were quite impressed with the renovation. […] [Read San Clemente – Ecuador – Our Palmazul Rental Photos]

Avoid Temptation – Avoid Fraud

Here are some tips that can help you avoid fraud. Would you buy a used car from this man?  Bernie Madoff was Wall Street’s hero for years.  Who has replaced his scam?  This is a question you do not want answered in the wrong way. During major economic corrections… like we are living in now, […] [Read Avoid Temptation – Avoid Fraud]

Multi Currency Tip: Sell Australia & Brazil

JGAM has advised me to sell Australian dollars and Brazilian real. I have four logical investment advisers and three who give me out of the box information.   Two of the four logical advisers (Thomas Fischer and Anders Neilsen) work at Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM), so when JGAM sends me advice… I doubly listen. Gary […] [Read Multi Currency Tip: Sell Australia & Brazil]

Health is Wealth

Good health leads to wealth that is hard to maintain when the world seems to be falling apart. Last week, stock markets collapsed once again. The chart above from Bloomberg shows the huge drop in global equity prices since May and how the World Index of shares dropped over 4% in a day. Risk is […] [Read Health is Wealth]

Euro Shakes Create Multi Currency Opportunity

The euro is shaky and creates multi currency investing opportunity. This five year chart of the euro versus the US dollar from shows how the euro has fallen recently against the US dollar. Keep in mind the dollar has been weak itself so a currency that falls versus the greenback is really weak. Many […] [Read Euro Shakes Create Multi Currency Opportunity]

Multi Currency Investing Baker’s Dozen

Here is a multi currency investing baker’s dozen ideas. Every day I get some wisdom from my dad. He’s been gone from this earthly plane for well over 30 years…I wish we had had more time together as grownups.  Yet every day I start with some wisdom from him because I have just one gift […] [Read Multi Currency Investing Baker’s Dozen]

International Investing & Micro Business in the Fourth Dimension

Let’s examine international investing & micro business in the fourth dimension. Here is an excerpt from our upcoming lesson in our Self Publishing 202 – Tidbits on Kindle a real time online course built on how we are developing our publishing business via The Excerpt begins here: Self Publishing 202… Tidbits on Kindle Lesson […] [Read International Investing & Micro Business in the Fourth Dimension]