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Surviving Shifts Part III

Surviving Shifts Part III – Frequency in the Range of Smell Learn below how frequencies in the range of our sense of smell can enhance our health, wealth as they help us survive and prosper during shifts. See part two of this report here. Navigating new worlds with old maps does… not work.  Imagine trying […] [Read Surviving Shifts Part III]

Surviving International Investing Shifts Part II

Surviving International Investing Shifts Part II – Frequency in the Range of Light. See how to get a free digital workshop on frequency modulation below. Frequency modulation for quantum thinking is vital because one of the biggest shifts we can gain from is the following:   Turbulence has replaced calm as the norm in our daily lives.  […] [Read Surviving International Investing Shifts Part II]

Spotting Trends to Survive Shifts Part I

Surviving shifts by spotting trends has grown in importance in many ways. Real money. What can happen during economic shifts. One huge trend… that has been covered in our seminars, newsletters and websites for 40 years… is the shift from the Old World to the New. Emerging markets are viewed as those as the ones […] [Read Spotting Trends to Survive Shifts Part I]

Prosper from Change

Prosper from change by spotting trends. See report written by survivors of Chernobyl radiation “7 steps to protect against radiation exposure“ As the world’s faster and faster pace is stimulated by the introduction and advancement of new technologies, we are swamped by many types of inflation that we will be looking at in a series […] [Read Prosper from Change]

Vilcabamba, Ecuador Real Estate for Rent & Sale

Here are several unique Vilcabamba Ecuador properties for rent and for sale. Vilcabamba is one of the five most popular Ecuador destinations for North American expats and the “El Atillo, Club Hacienda, Resort & Spa” has appealed beyond this to both expats and residents of Ecuador. Vilcabamba house for rent. Tennis courts with a view at […] [Read Vilcabamba, Ecuador Real Estate for Rent & Sale]

Fixer Upper Smalltown USA

Our last real estate project has been a Fixer Upper in Smalltown USA. Real estate prices continue to fall giving us a chance to get fixer upper real estate while the bargains last. This was the fixer upper. Real estate… imagination… research for value… creativity… and a bit of elbow grease create five powerful profitable […] [Read Fixer Upper Smalltown USA]

Protected: Micro Business Adjustments

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [Read Protected: Micro Business Adjustments]

Agricultural Investing Support

Recent articles at this site support the idea of  investing in agriculture. Others agree. See why below. Ecuador agricultural land is rich!  This photo was taken by a recent reader who was traveling in Ecuador. See more Ecuador food photos below. Recent articles at this site entitled “Japan’s Earthquake Fortifies Investing Globally in Water” and “Invest […] [Read Agricultural Investing Support]

New Ecuador Real Estate Tours

Ecuador Beach Real Estate Price Distortions Jean Marie Butterlin has added more Ecuador beach tours because right now the best bargains in Ecuador are on the beach. Delegates look at a unit for sale at half price. See why below. Ecuador beach property buyers can get even better bargains if they look for price in […] [Read New Ecuador Real Estate Tours]

Invest in Agriculture

There have been many good reasons to invest in agriculture and agricultural land. Events in Japan increase the opportunity. We have put in eight miles of roads/trails (in blue) on our 252 acre North Carolina farm. Merri and I have slowly been increasing our agricultural land bank… 962 acres in Ecuador… 252 acres in North […] [Read Invest in Agriculture]