Micro Business Product Launch

You can use product launches to find ways to start or enhance a micro business.

Product launching is a new form of play that can help you invest… have a better business that is profitable, fulling and fun.

Play, is a vital part of life, even in the often silly process of making money.

Fun is a key element in learning and successful action.

Fun is nature’s motivator that helps us think out of the box so we can grow, evolve and be more than the norm.

Have you ever noticed how young…


animals are so curious and always want to…


play?  (This photo is from www.cutecutepics.com)

Regretfully in the Western world… our culture tends to drive the play and fun out of life. Everything has to be serious.

Serious Stifles and Kills

If we accept too many of the nonsense assumptions that bombard daily Western life our actions can lose spontaneity. Nothing is natural and certainly isn’t fun!

The Western mindset separates work from play. This is an error.  Play is nature’s way of helping us learn. Joy is the most powerful motivational force. Fun and games are great teachers!

Society can beat the playfulness out of us.  Makes us serious.  This can create stagnation, rigidity and fear of change at a time at a time when embracing change can be our most valuable asset!

Reverse the process.  If youth encourages play…. then play encourages youthfulness.

One interesting game that can lead to greater success in investing and business is called Product Launch.

We introduced Product Launch at our our recent International Investing and Business Course because this game led me to an investing idea that offers great opportunity now based on the likelihood of a Euro split.


Delegates on coffee break with Gary & Merri at the historic Lakeside Inn, Mt. Dora Florida

Here is what I shared at this last seminar.

The original investing idea is simple… there are some strong, fiscally sound economies (Germany… Netherlands… Austria… Nordic…) in Europe and some weak fiscally impossible economies in Europe…. Portugal… Ireland… Italy…. Greece… Spain.

Many of these countries share the same currency… the euro and this does not make economic sense.  This means that the effort of the strong, hardworking disciplined economies is being drained by the ill disciplined…  disorganized… less efficient countries.

This means that there is a chance that the euro will split.  We’ll call the new currencies the Euro Mark (strong) and Euro Pigs (weak). When the split comes, the Euro mark is likely to rise 20% to 30% over the Euro Pigs.

One of my investment advisers started me thinking about the facts above and how German domestic companies who earned most of their income in Germany would profit, if there was a split.

This is when I created the Product Launch game.

I started playing on the internet… searching for German domestic companies and discovered that health and wellness food and beverages in Germany have been experiencing strong growth. Since 2007 the highest growth has been seen in fortified/functional and better-for-you food and beverages.

I came across a product launch site that says: The health-consciousness of Germans is increasing due to the aging population and the growing threat of diet-related illnesses such as obesity and diabetes. Campaigns conducted by the government, health levels and extensive media coverage created high consumer awareness.

Health and wellness food and beverages have shown strong polarization in terms of brands. At the upper end, the premium brands of multinationals were strong in 2007, while at the lower end private label won share. To maintain a premium position for their brands, multinationals spent large sums on marketing activities, including high profile advertising campaigns and promotions. Private label products on the other hand based their competitive edge on low prices and high quality. These won share from the leading domestic companies, as many of the national brands are middle-of-the-road products without strong unique selling points and also feature higher prices.

Many analysts believe that a key factor in the long-term stagnation in consumer consumption is the ageing population, with the average age being over 40. Not only is Germany’s population aging, it is also declining in terms of overall number and the key age group of 25-49 is falling. The German statistical office predicts that around 30% of German women will decide not to have children in the future.

Similar to all regions of the industrial world, Germans suffer hugely from stress, as well as lifestyle-related illnesses. Very few people eat a wholesome meal every day due to the lack of time for food preparation from scratch

Consumers are now looking for tasty products that can offer solutions to their health problems without much effort being required on their part.

This gave rise to strong demand for health and wellness packaged food and beverages.

Between now and 2012 private label lines will experience strong growth especially in organic, naturally healthy and better-for-you food and beverages, as retailers continue to expand their economy-priced product ranges.

The ideas from that product launch site started me looking for domestic or regional food companies in Germany.

Top German Food Companies

1 ThyssenKrupp Services AG in Düsseldorf
2 Würth – Gruppe in Künzelsau
3 Südzucker AG in Mannheim
4 Oetker-Gruppe in Bielefeld
5 Südzucker AG in Mannheim
6 Nordzucker AG (Zuckerverbund Nord AG) in Braunschweig
7 Coca-Cola AG in Ochtrup
8 Nestlé Deutschland AG in Frankfurt am Main
9 Tchibo Frisch-Röst-Kaffee GmbH in Hamburg
10 Unilever Deutschland GmbH in Hamburg
11 Wacker-Chemie GmbH in München
12 August Oetker KG in Hamburg

I immediately eliminated big companies like ThyssenKrup, Coca Cola, Nestle and Unilver.

This left me with numerous other companies I could ask my investment advisers about.  Any small domestic or regional company listed on a stock exchange might offer an investing opportunity.

I also looked for business ideas if any of these firms are having great success. For example, I started looking for new product launches in Germany.

I found seasoning for Pork Roast with Crust  offered by Knorr Fix Zart & Saftig in Germany called  “Knorr Fix Zart & Saftig Saftiger Krustenbraten”.  There is actually a health angle to this product. It is free from flavor enhancers, preservatives, colourants and added fat. It can be quickly and easily prepared and retails in a 30g sachet.

This company became a “maybe for further research”… though Knorr is a multinational firm… so it’s probably not what I am looking for.

This search led me to other business ideas near Germany.

One idea in Sweden is the Thai Soup in a cup – Kelda Soup in a Cup Thai Soup can be heated in the microwave in two minutes.

Another is Farmer-Style Dried Sausage in the Netherlands offered by Huls and called “Huls Boeren Metworst” (Farmer-Style Dried Sausage). This is sausage available in a 240g pack containing two dried sausages and a knife for slicing them. The product is free from lactose and gluten.

Ecuador Business Idea

The Product Launch Game gives me business ideas I might be able to adapt in Ecuador. If I see a successful product launch in Germany or Sweden the Netherlands or anywhere… I might find seeds of a product that will do well where I live. 

Investing Out of the Box

Here is the point about investing.  I gained the original idea from my investment adviser and articles in the Economist (the split of the euro).  If the Economist is covering the idea, then every stock broker worth his or her salt already knows.  The idea has become  global news, and the herd is likely to crowd into a few German domestic shares… just in case the euro splits.

By playing the Product Launch Game, I was able to expand that idea way beyond the box.  This game led to numerous new ideas that FEW OTHER INVESTORS or ADVISERS would have.   I started creating my own valid intelligent research rather than following the herd and investing in news that everyone had.

You can do this too!

Playing Product Launch allows you to follow a non linear path that opens you to all types of investing and business information that could unveil value before the establishment begin to spread rumors.  Playing this game is a fun way to spot value so one can invest intelligently in the rumor and profit when the winning shares become the news.


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